Marvel #10

Another instalment of the worlds most boring story! Hahaha… Well it’s not boring but you know it’s been going on for about a year at this point, during this time I have been fired from my job – a job you all know I was dedicated too which I also think was part of the reason it didn’t work out with some people int his blog, all the travel I had to do and extra hours. I have almost a year off while I figure things out, this has also given me time to keep seeing Marvel.

I know this is toxic, so I try to date but if you have read this blog ever & seen what I have been though in my life the calibre of men that I meet, you can see why I am still seeing Marvel. I am able to be a stone about it, I know I will always have feelings for him, especially while seeing him on a regular basis.

I will admit that I put in a lot of effort to make sure the sex never gets boring, though it’s been just over 4 years since I met Marvel & the sex is has always been as good as it was at the beginning, but there are probably a few reasons for this, I do put in a lot of effort with outfits, scenarios to tease him via text & I make sure that we don’t ever do the same thing too often, like I said it takes a lot of effort from me. But this effort just isn’t for him, it’s for me too… I don’t want it to get stale, to get into a couple routine, to do the same sexual position, I want the excitement, I want the fun… I want the passion & lust & desire. I want the fireworks we have when we have sex. I want to feel the electricity spark between us right before we kiss… I make the effort to make sure that this is what happens when we touch – he doesn’t make such an effort, I know he thinks that I am madly in love with him & I can’t get enough of him, I could walk away but why? Lets think about this, I mean I want to walk away & find someone who loves me like I deserve, but have a read of some blogs here – see why & how I have tried to meet men & have them love me even a little bit, even half of what Noodle did then I will be happy. But to be honest, new job, new puppies, new renovations at my house, I am a strong women who doesn’t need a man to be happy – remember, I want one though. I don’t want any more notches on my bed post, I want to find someone that loves me, so why give up the amazing sex while I keep getting stuffed around?

There was a time where he talked to me more, showed me pictures of himself & acted like we were still friendly, but it dwindles off, he logs of for days – even 2 weeks sometimes right after we have sex, it bothered me to beginning with but then I start to not care. He sometimes logs off without reading my last message which I can tell that he hasn’t, then I see him online in a chat group & think what the fuck, why isn’t he talking to me… But I lose this anxiety about him not chatting to me – I will admit it wasn’t overnight, I do obsess over it for months & months but I do end up giving in & just accepting that this is how it is. I used to write to him twice when I notice that he hadn’t read the message & I knew he would be offiline. So I would double up on the messages & send them a 2nd time when I knew she was offline knowing he wouldn’t get the first copy. So he never knew the effort I went to to keep the conversation going, however I stop this kind of behaviour. It’s a step forward & a step for me to remember that this isn’t want I want forever. He tells me that he doesn’t always get to look at his phone if he gets out of work late & he has to get home within 15 minutes or his wife thinks he’s cheating… OMG. I couldn’t imagine living with someone, being committed to someone, being married to someone that I don’t trust. Every time he logs off & doesn’t talk to me or I wait, I realise I am not going to do that so I stop writing back instantly, he tells me that he’s not going to let it take over his life this time, that he does 90% of the cooking & cleaning, that he has to look after the kids as she works full time & he’s part time & closer. He tells me that he was addicted to chatting on the app & even his wife got addicted for the short time she was on the app too, though she was never in groups so don’t get the appeal if you’re just using it like a text message.

As I see Marvel more & more he becomes less & less appealing, the only time we have a proper conversation is when we’re face to face. Every time I am there now he brings out a mattress & we have sex on it, don’t get me wrong I love fucking him lying down but I did like the mix of places & positions we used to do. However this little mattress gives us the opportunity to do to 69’s which I haven’t done for a long time. In fact, I ride his cock reverse cowgirl style & he pulls me back against him lying down, then fucks me from underneath me. OMG, I don’t even know how he does it but fuck it feels good… Always outside the lines with this man!!

So I know these posts about Marvel are shorter, but mainly because I am behind with reading the chats & only have notes on the dates we fucked, but I think the other stories in this blog are more important at the moment! Have a read of the fiction Fleaz, so weird that I wrote that years before I met Noodle/Silverlining/Marvel & yet it’s a lot like the sex I have with him, it’s almost like I write the type of man I want & I sort of got it! Hahaha…

Anyway Fleaz is much more exciting than the third version of this story, that I have been posting it twice a week, I hope you are enjoying it!


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