When I decide in 2021 to date properly, no having sex with the guy on the first date, I am actually going to date them. I’m going to put in some serious effort to date & look for a proper partner, a partner I deserve!

This guy while not 100% my type, he’s cute, brown curly hair, brown eyes, tall. He lives in Lameroo – now this is about 3 hours away from Adelaide so I think that there is no point this guy – but then sometimes I have days of thinking about what would happen if I moved to a small town, what if I did move out of Adelaide. I could finally give up Marvel, I could move on with my life. But with a brand new job I honestly don’t know how this would work but he says that he can live anywhere with his work. His parents apparently live in Mt Barker, one day when I’m driving through there he tells me that he stays with them often & we could catch up closer to me, that he doesn’t mind driving. OMG if I had a dollar for every time a dude said that to me “I like driving” or “I don’t mind driving” & then when it comes to catching up they use that as an excuse.

Anyway we decide to meet for dinner. We decide to meet in a country town between his parents & my house, I consider catching an uber & having a few drinks to let my hair down a bit but decide that I will drive. He’s there when I get there & it’s freezing but he’s waiting outside for me. He’s just like his pictures, he’s wearing a casual outfit, more casual than mine & a hat. We go inside & the fucking country pub is packed, during a peak covid time before we had to wear masks 24/7 but we can’t get a table. We have to wait. As we are waiting I see a family friend sitting in the corner with a lady I don’t know, but without thinking, I say hello & walk back to my date. I’m pretty sure I’ve just sprung him cheating on his wife! Hahaha…

As we get a table I spy a woman from work, I have been in my job only a few weeks, it’s Friday night & she sees me, waves & comes over. She’s got the red wine lip – you know the joker lip when you’ve had too much red wine. I don’t introduce the dude I am with but she leaves us alone.  

We order dinner & eat, he pays for dinner – I get steak so I’m always impressed when they offer to pay for my $40 dinner, Hahaha. He also pays for a drink as well. We wat 7 the conversation flows, not insanely easily but similar to how it did on our text, so it’s easy & a nice night. After we finish dinner, the bar crowd is thinning out, so he suggests we have another drink & go sit by the fire. It’s nice that he’s suggested to stay when we clearly could go home at this point. We sit & chat some more, the conversation flowing. I find myself finding him more attractive as we talk – sometimes I think that happens when you talk to someone more & more. I don’t think there is a full on chemistry, but there is something I think might be worth pursuing here.

He goes to the bathroom & the woman from work says they’re going home & they live across the road that she asks if we want to go back to her house. I say that I’m on a first date & she asks if I’m having fun, I say yes but she says that if I want to ditch him & go back to hers for some fun, I could. I still don’t know what type of “fun” she meant.

Shortly after Lameroo & I leave the pub, it’s a small country town in a valley so it’s icy outside & I am dreading the stand at our car awkwardness, we get to mine & his is further away so we stand at mine, it’s too cold for me to fart ass around being awkward, so I hug him, he doesn’t go in for a kiss so we kiss on the cheek & I get in my car & crank the heater to head home.

What do you know, as I’m walking in the door I get a long message from Lameroo – because we didn’t kiss goodbye I don’t even know what he will say but I get a whole message about how he likes me, would really like to see me again & understands if I am not interested but he would like to catch up again. I say sure that I am open to that etc. I go to sleep with a little smile on my face.

A few days later the messaging with him has come to a halt, so try to keep messaging but he’s making it too difficult, I stop & it stops altogether. This is coming from a guy who works in a tractor that apparently messages all the time while working & now he can’t message? I decide I deserve to know happened so I ask him why he would message me after the date asking to see me again but never actually trying to see me again. He says “yeah sorry I’ve been busy with work.”

I never write back, I never hear from him again… I honestly do not get it!


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