2022 : Mixed Bag #8 – Pharmacy, Work mum’s friend & Big Red.

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s a busy day for everyone, this is a scheduled post day, so I post! I have posted a mixed bag for you because it’s too busy to settle down with your morning coffee, so here is a quick read for you if you have time. If not, read tomorrow when you’re laying on the couch recovering from too much food & alcohol!

These are really really old stories, I had written them ages ago before I ended my blog but for some reason I never posted them, I guess because my plan was to elaborate on them eventually & make the a proper post but I never did, so here they are… Some more random stories.

Pharmacy guy

I met this guy online way back in 2016 before Noodle. His wife had just cheated on him & was with the guy, which oddly they were all living together for the sake of the kid… I saw him a few times but to be honest he was so skinny & weird that I struggled to want to meet him. He has been to my house & had slept over so he could get away from the wife & her new partner, but I didn’t want to be used for my bed – however the sex I recall was pretty good even though he was skin & bones.

One other thing about this guy that always turned me off was his drug taking, he would apparently open up duromine (legal speed used for weight loss) capsules & take some out then seal them back up. Not only do I not believe him as duromine comes in blister packs but who would even do that?!

Once night he’s coming over but he’s taking so long to get to my house that I go to bed & tell him not to come, but he says that he’s in my driveway… I reluctantly let him in & I think that the first night he sleeps over.

I stop seeing him, I don’t really remember why or what happens but it’s done pretty abruptly, I think perhaps he reconciled with his wife. I never asked!

Work Mum’s friend

I think at every work place we have a work family, I guess she’s my work mum though she’s too young to really be my mum so I should say she’s my older work sister. He has an electrician who she talks too about me & he says to her that I have a sexy name, I think perhaps this could be my love story… Again before Noodle. He’d just broken up with someone though so I don’t want to get involved.

A few years later, I need some electrical work done & forgetting the sexy name comment, she recommends him & I give him a call. It takes him ages to come to my house for a quote & even longer to do the job. He was cute & I would’ve gone on a date with him, so I text him afterwards to say thanks & we did chat a tiny bit but then it dwindled out… Another romantic comedy scenario bites the dust… 

Big Red

Minding my on business one night I get a random text from a guy who keeps insisting he knows me. Saying that he is sorry that when big red & I stopped each other that he lost contact with me… I have no idea who big red is, but this guy messaging me seems to know tings about me, so either he has me mixed up or some one is sitting opposite me in the pub having a good old laugh! What the fuck… This is so long ago I don’t really remember it, but it was so funny, this guy knew my name but everything else was off… Now if you know my name, you’d see why this is so weird, my name is pretty rare – especially for people my age, so not like he could have guessed it. Also he had my number, but all the other facts were so incorrect that I have no idea how this guy got it so wrong… I had to just stop replying, it was getting too weird for me & I was starting to think I had a stalker, but he stopped.



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