2022 : M8 #3

When I’m dropping off my friends Dog home, he messages “It was good hanging out with yah today haha you are hilarious” I smile like a wanker… Why do I do that?! We chat a bit & I say thanks again for lunch when he says we can eat something else if I like, then asks what I like eating. At the time I thought he was asking me out on a date, a proper date, so I mentioned that I like steak when I go out for dinner. Then he says if I’m up for it we can do something different than a burger. So perhaps he is asking me out on a date… Like a proper, lets go out date… I don’t know why that excites me so much… I guess because I wouldn’t be the weirdo that I seem to be on dates because he’s already seen me on my worst outfits & he has gotten past my awkward stage. In fact he’s still not even seen me looking good yet!

I end up going into work for the morning & wait for him to message me because the reno has been postponed till Wednesday, which is so annoying but we didn’t make a time, so I don’t want to work from home if I don’t have too, my boss has already been kind enough to let me stay home with the dogs. In the morning, I dress so carefully for work, even putting on makeup so when I come back home & he’s comes over, I can look good – in a corporate sort of way – a grey skirt, a shirt & tights. But he’s already at my house when I get there, how did he beat me?! So we walk inside together, I let in the dogs & we chat for a few minutes, but he gets started straight on working – it’s sort of raining so he keeps whining about having to get on my roof while it’s raining. I go to my room & get changed, not sure if I should close the door or not but I get into my standard Hurley track pants & my LSKD jumper then I sit down with my work laptop.

He finds ways to chat to me & sits down to look over my shoulder, to show interest, he gets close to me when there is no need, that I think that this isn’t just him actually wanting to touch me… I help him by being a sparky apprentice by pulling cords through the wall, as I had to yesterday too… He pulls too much cord though so I poke it back into the walls when he’s not looking! Hahaha.

He looks at my work emails quickly over my shoulder & talks about how fast I type, asking if I can look at him while typing me email, which I do but I have to look away because looking him in the eye, does something to me & my clit tingles. I haven’t had that since Noodle looked at me the first time. This isn’t the same. I don’t like to think any situation is comparable, but it gave me a similar -albeit less because I was in love with Noodle when I met him – feeling.

Around lunchtime M8 is hungry & so I suggest we just get something delivered but he says that we should just go get lunch again at a place of his suggestion, Vietnamese. I wonder if this the the ‘other food’ he was talking about last night over text or is he still thinking of a proper date? He walks in to the restaurant after saying just as we get out the car that his friend works here. But he’s so familiar with her, doesn’t introduce me, let’s me pay for it – or makes it obvious I am paying, I was going to try anyway but he doesn’t even pretend that he’s going to pay, so I just stand back & let them catch up. They talk about his birthday next weekend & other general shit. She hugs him goodbye & we leave.

Eating lunch back at my house, he sends hideous snapchat filter pics to our mutual friend of me eating but also those ones with your tongue out but it’s not your tongue & she sends them to me. I laugh & don’t really care, it’s pretty funny. He heads to the shops for something else but I stay at home cos I’m supposed to be working. He sends me snapchats from whatever store he’s in & he also sends shapchats while driving – not good I know but it’s an important fact to know.

He’s done on Monday about 2:30 pmish I guess, knowing I have clients tonight so need him to wrap this up, even though he’s still not finished – putting up 6 cameras shouldn’t take this long, surely! He’s only put up 4 so far on each corner of the outside of the house but still have two more to do, so he says he’ll come back tomorrow, but he has to go home for a shower & get a cable extension or something & a plug cover. As he’s leaving, almost at the front door, I remind him to cover my man hole again because he left the cover off yesterday & it freaked me out having it open all night. I start to walk out to get the ladder & he rests his arms on my shoulders sort of pushing me (not is a rude way, in a flirty way) against his body to go out & get the ladder. Once he puts the ladder back outside, he goes to my front door again, I stand the awkwardly & turn back to the lounge room & he rests his arms on my shoulders again, I put my hand up to feel his arms & he pulls me in close, so my back moulds to the front of his body…

He turns me around after a minute or two standing there, him still chatting & we proper hug, he’s so tall, I am on a weird angle, it really hurts my back & neck so I have to squirm out of it but I don’t want to stop it, however I’m getting a sharp pain in my neck. I pull away & stand away from him but he pulls me back for another excruciating hug before we stare at each other knowing we’re about to kiss…

Fuck no.

We’re looking at each other as we move into kiss…. We kiss for so long at my front door. The only thing going through my mind right now is how much I want this but I don’t want to lose my electrician! I try to push that thought out of my mind, why does this mean I lose an electrician, maybe I’ll gain a free electrician instead! I kiss him back & finally allow my hands to roam… He’s so tall, taller than any guy I’ve ever kissed before – I think even taller than Marvel. We kiss for so long, not wanting to take this further but also I do… He slips my jumper off & fumbles with my bra for ages, bending down to take each one of my nipples into his mouth… Fuck I want this, but fuck I don’t.

He walks me into my bedroom but as soon as we lay on the bed, the dogs break though the baby gate & jump on the bed, I put them out but they break though again, so I put them outside with a treat & return to him, straddling him & kissing him with my tits out saying that we shouldn’t do this… He asks why & I say because I still have electrical work I want done, but he says he’ll still do it… Of course he’ll say he’ll do it, he’s about to get lucky so like any guy, they’d say anything to make that happen. We kiss more, it’s hot & heavy kissing… He asks if I have a condom, I say yes & he takes off both our pants but I still am in my head. This is not a good idea… If I fuck this guy & he disappears, I’ll be not only pissed I don’t have an electrician again – like Daizy but I also somehow in a short amount of time I have started having a tingle of feelings for this guy, a fucking crush… Something I haven’t had in a long time or ever.

I mean there have been guys I’ve liked of course, guys I’ve started thinking about a future with them, planning in my head, but this guy, I felt like I was living my future with him the last few days… OMG that sounds dumb but there is something more here than there has been with any other guy I’ve dated, with the exception of you know who. There is more chemistry, more spark, more banter, I am more myself because I never thought this would be anything. He sees the real me… I don’t want to fuck this up… This will fuck this up…

I’m resisting so much… He’s on top of me, kissing every inch of me… I keep saying we shouldn’t be doing this & he asks if I want him to stop. I ask if he can stop & he stops & looks me in the eyes & says if you want me to stop then yes, I’ll stop. Do you want me to stop? I moan & turn my head, he kisses my neck & I grab his dick in my hand… He moans as I stroke it. He says he really wants to fuck me & asks if I want him too… I make a noise that says yes but no. Hahaha. When he lays next to me, sliding his fingers inside me, I am so surprised that he makes me squirt so much, 4 times in fact. I normally don’t squirt with someone new, I hold it in, but I couldn’t… Fuck!

He seems pretty happy with himself & rubs my clit this time, I beg him not to stop cos he’s about to make me cum again… Which I do. He says he really wants to fuck me but I joke & say I got what I wanted & laugh sitting up to get a condom. He says something about my jar of condoms – which to be honest are probably all out of date because they’ve been there so long but I stupidly say to him that they’re there because this is how I pay all the tradies. Which is not even close to true. I have never fucked a random tradie doing work at my house before…

He puts on the condom without there being too much who-ha about it, then kisses me as he slides inside me, grabs my neck & puts my hands above my head. Fuck it’s sexy when a guy hold your hands above your head. I don’t get much time to get into the actual sex before he says that he’s cum… He lays inside me for a while, not heaps long but enough for me to think just get off & lay next to me. While he’s lying there he says something about how quick he came & I reassure him that it’s all good, I’d cum so I’m not complaining. But he jumps up & puts the condom in the bin – in my kitchen, I assume he’ll come back to bed to lay down for a minute or two, just a short time – till I regain my composure. I can’t move, my legs are still shaking but he’s getting dressed. I realise he’s leaving. No quick cuddle as we come down from cumming. Wham bamn thank you mam.


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