2022 : Marvel #13

So I have to reveal since I haven’t mentioned him much throughout the posts, that yes I am still seeing Marvel. Once a month, we get together for a hour of passion, an hour of screaming orgasms & a little chit chat, before we go about our lives.

I know said that I wasn’t going to date in my 40’s & while that was 100% accurate information, a few of the guys in the stories this year have not been from a dating site… But yeah I guess I’ve dated Daizy, I’ve been speed dating twice, I’ve dated Eastwood – if you can call it that, I tried to date Concreter, I’ve guess you could say I dated M8.

I officially stop online dating after matching with Eastwood & haven’t been back on since. Yet somehow, people still come along when I’m not looking for someone. I get that people say that stupid cliche to me all the time, but fuck it’s never usually right… I also didn’t stop seeing men as a tactic to find someone either.

So I’m still seeing Marvel without fail, every month. It’s also like he knows too because when it’s been close to the end of the month & we haven’t caught up, he’s a bit more accommodating, saying the days he’s free, not just giving one option. He’s got a new phone, so he’s been able to come to my house, which he has done most months this year. I don’t think that I’ve been to his house once. I do wish we could go to his house sometimes, but it’s probably better at mine, much more safer.

It’s interesting how I don’t have the same feelings that I once did for him, when I see him, I now see the flaws, they’re not flaws as such but I now see past the rose coloured glasses, I guess. I no longer see the hottest man that I’ve ever seen in front of me, I see a guy who is super attractive to me, makes me cum & gives me the best sex I’ve ever had, but that’s it really… I can now differentiate between this man & the man I loved. I know they’re the same human, but we are not the same as we were. We keep our distance & that’s just how it is. That’s how it works.

Marvel often doesn’t write back to me for weeks on end & then will talk to me for a couple of messages, to dangle the carrot to so speak. I don’t know if he’s online or not during that time, but it doesn’t mess with my head anymore. I care, but I don’t care if that makes sense. Like I want it how it was but this is better without talking about our feelings. I guess my vagina gets upset & I get super grumpy, but at least I am not upset about him messaging me back or catching up with me, because I know he can’t stay away.

At one point a friend, who’s related to the one who introduced me to Concreter says to me one day “Can you please not can you please not see Marvel while you’re dating Concreter?” This was an interesting conversation for me. I said of course, because of course I would stop seeing Marvel if I became exclusive with someone, but I am not giving him up before I’ve even meet a guy or before he asks me to be his girlfriend. However, in this case, I felt it a little premature, I didn’t even get to meet this “wonderful” guy before he ghosted me for what seemed at the time, no good reason…

I’ve tried cutting Marvel out of my life, as you know if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog. It didn’t work. I didn’t have any better success at dating when I wasn’t talking to him, in fact it was worse. So for those of you that think that if I got rid of Marvel, I would find the love of my life. I didn’t speak to him for an entire year, we then were together 5 months, then didn’t talk for 5 months & during those breaks, the same thing happens to me over & over again.

So regardless of whether I’m seeing Marvel or not, at least I know what I getting from him, it’s chatting when he can – which isn’t too often & not about about thing of significance. We come together for hot passionate, steamy sex. It’s not perfect, it’s not exactly what I want but at least it’s consistent & I’m not increasing my number with another random boy. I have slept with so many people which I’m not entirely proud of the fact that my number is so fucking high. I hate that about me & I don’t want that number to go up, so I think that I am making better choices about which met I let into my vagina, yet I have the same result!

At least what I have with him is honest & at least its passionate & I know I’m going to cum multiple times that it’s going to get me through to the next time I see this guy again. I’m not saying I’m proud of what I’m doing with Marvel either but why would I give it up if he’s willing to do it. He gets sex but he still talks to me. Guys that I meet put in so much effort, get sex once & then they disappear. Almost every single guy in this blog has basically done that to me.

This year has been a dating year where I genuinely could see myself with some of the guys that are actually dated. If I didn’t have Marvel, I’m not sure I would have survived these guys this year. The heartaches (not really a break, I wasn’t that invested, but I was invested enough to be hurt!) I don’t think I would have sailed though some of this year without knowing that I didn’t have to try hard to get sex, I know that I will see Marvel, he won’t be spinning me bullshit to get me into bed & making me feel like shit.

So, if I had of cut Marvel out of my life years ago, like I probably should have, he would have always been on this pedestal. He would have always been this untouchable, unreachable, man for me, that no guy would have been able to compare too. Our perfect love would have always been the thing I compare everything else too. But now, he is not on that pedestal. There have been men this year that I actually saw myself being able to give him up for. It would hurt like fuck to give Marvel up & not see him again, but I would do it for my future & for the new person I am falling for.

I find interesting if any of you are out there judging me… Yeah this isn’t a good situation to be in, I don’t love it but you should be judging all the guys that have had an opportunity to actually date me, be with me, to actually be my partner but they for some unknown reason to probably even them, they let me slip though their fingers.


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