2022 : Plumber #2 & #3

So I have fucked up – Majorly!

Foodland #1 & Foodland #2 are not written about the same man! FUCK! I genuinely have no idea who Foodland #1 is to be really honest with you, but he was someone I worked with at Foodland obviously but I can’t even picture who it is in my head reading back on it & at which Foodland, being I worked at a few. But the guy I wrote about in Foodland #2 – is a different guy that we need to discuss now! I never worked with him but he was friends with everyone I worked with at a different Foodland, because he went to school with all my friends… So what the fuck, you don’t know the story of Foodland #2 part one, so I need to go back in time & remember… So from now on, he will be called Plumber. (Are you confused?!)

Fuck, I’m confused! This is confusing. So forget about Foodland #1 – he is a stand alone story that never should’ve had a #2. However, Plumber is in the story for Foodland #2. It was the second time I dated Plumber, it was exactly as outlined in Foodland #2. However lets revisit what actually happened the first time I dated Plumber. I don’t recall a lot of it – obviously, I forgot to write about the poor bloke & I’ve dated him twice – including having sex with him! So it’s not going to be a in-depth story, but I’ll piece it together for you & give you an overview so we can get on with this story. It’s important I right this wrong, because – Spoiler Alert, there is more to this story!

So I assume I meet Plumber online (7 years ago in real time!) I can’t really remember where we start chatting or how but we worked out how we knew each other, from around Foodland (Which is why I thought he was Foodland #1). Because I know of him, or he knows people I know, I assume that he’s not some sort of serial killer or whatever, so I invite him over to my house. We watch a movie that I already had on – otherwise I make them pick the movies because I don’t want them to be sitting there hating what we’re watching.

I remember I was tipsy & it’s why I don’t recall much of this. But usually after I date someone, I write some notes. I had nothing on this guy… I know we have sex & he gets up to go right after & ghosts me. Yep they old “I-got-what-I-wanted-so-bye” trick. I think we do talk again a few years later online but he ghosts me shortly after, we didn’t meet up that time though. I don’t remember the ins & outs.

In the last 7 years I have matched with him 3 times. So the first time when we had sex, another time when we just chatted online & via text, I think this is when he tried to add me on FB but I never accepted, he was sporadic with his texts & we never met at that 2nd encounter. It basically dwindles & we just stop talking. Then about 2 years ago the Foodland #2 story happened & he’s followed me on Snapchat ever since, just like Motocross did till he deleted me & like every other guy I add has… They don’t chat to you, they just watch you story, mildly stalking you.

So onto what should be part #3 for this guy – Plumber. I don’t know how we started chatting again but we do – I’m not online, so I think he just starts replying to my snapchat stories & I engage in some light conversation, he has a girlfriend (not that he tells me that, she’s on his FB profile – his request is still in my FB notifications) & so I take every opportunity to remind him. We also talk about what the fuck happened, both times we’ve dated. So he’s recently told me that the first time – at my house, I basically wasn’t affectionate enough & that’s how he knows his prospective partner is interested in him. The second time, the movie date where he famously made me hold his hand even though I didn’t want to – probably part of the affection thing too – he tells me that he thought I would never let the first time (him ghosting me after sex) go because I kept bringing it up & giving him shit about it so he thought I would never have sex wit him again. RIGHT.

He also tells me that he wasn’t in a great head space when we went to the movies but I call bullshit because he got a girlfriend 5 months later, who he is still with right now, 2 years later! So yeah, that doesn’t make me feel fucking good at all! So very interesting though – his idea of what happened, I genuinely thought we were having a laugh the night at the movies when I kept joking that I wasn’t going to sleep with him because I didn’t want him to ghost me again. In his mind, he’s thinking I am not into him because I won’t hold his hand & I keep bringing up the past. Then when he does ghost me the next day, for me, I am proven right & then validated as to why I didn’t fuck him & that he is just after one thing…

Interesting how he can tease me all the time about not remembering the night we met the first time. I mean it was 7 years ago & I was tipsy, so of course I don’t remember. So he makes jokes & teases me, reminding me, sharing tidbits about the night. About what I was wearing, about how we had sex, like what positions etc. But I am going to get upset that he is having banter with me? No, because it’s funny. So why the fuck was he so sensitive about me doing the same thing to him?! Plumber tells me he remembers that we watched some British movie. (I must’ve been more than tipsy!) He also tells me that I fell asleep on him.. Did I really?! I don’t just usually fall asleep unless I’m super drunk, which means I probably was & he just left! Oh what a gentleman! I wish I wrote notes about this date, it probably would have saved me some trouble!

So as part of this renovation, I want to move my hot water unit & of course Plumber has offered to do it… When he comes over to have a look, I can’t put my finger on it… I don’t think he’s the type to take drugs but maybe he’s nervous, his sort of grinding his jaw & won’t look me in the eye… He has a look at the job & then tells me I have a gas leak. Well fuck. I actually smelt gas this morning actually, which I just tried to ignore, he says that he can re-pipe the house, that he’ll work out the price & text me. The price is only $600 or so, so I get him to re-pipe the house. He drops off the copper pipe on Friday morning at almost 6:00 am – I am actually on my way to the gym & dive past him then see him on my cameras. He messages me & I reply when I’m at the gym, saying I drove past him & he says that he was hoping to catch me in bed. What the actual fuck?! I ask what he would do & he asks if I want to know of can he just do it. I say that he’s confusing but he says that I am. I ask him what he would do if I said I’d left the door unlocked for him & he doesn’t reply!

He comes back the next day when I am at the gym to start the job & I then have clients so I am in & out all day. He is the same, jaw grinding sort of look, won’t look me in the eyes. I just don’t see him as the drug taking type of guy & it’s like 9:00am on a Saturday! He messages me while I am out if he can have a drink – he’s obviously already looked in my fridge. I don’t mind this either but it’s a bit weird… I come home & he is walking around trying to get the hot water service to work… but it won’t. I notice when he’s fixing my heater & the oven that he’s wearing a wedding ring – well in 2 years he’s fucking married her!? Jesus…

Plumber also uses my toilet without asking (not a big deal, as if I would say no, but very familiar) He even calls someone to get help with the hot water service. I have no hot water & that night I go to my sisters kicking myself for moving this hot water service! He comes back Sunday & his demeanour is the same. He spends ages trying to get the hot water service to work before he comes inside & says “Do you know that hot water service is 17 years old?”

Fuck so he has broken my perfectly good hot water service & now I have to go buy another one, which he doesn’t help me with at all… I run around on Monday morning getting one & dropping it home, thinking he’ll be there right after work, usually on snapchat he’s knocking off around 4:00 pm, I won’t be home so I race around to get it home so he can get it in & I text him. I get home around 6:00 pm & have not hot water service. FFS. I type out a passive aggressive text & don’t hit send. I just get dinner & sit there thinking about what I should do when Moody Plumber arrives. Barely says hello, stomps around putting in the new hot water service, saying how tired he is & being all snippy. I just stay out of his way thinking I didn’t ask for this, he offered & he assured me when I said I bet the hot water service will die that it wouldn’t! He fixes the new one & leaves in a huff – like it was my fault.

A few days later he replies to a snapchat story & he chat for a bit, he says something about being horny or something & I say that I’m always horny & he he says that he should’ve just done what he wanted to, to me on the weekend… I remind him that he is married, he tells me that he wears a ring but is not married… Um, yeah sure. Women do that, but never heard of a dude wearing a wedding ring without being married… We have these frustrating conversations, him trying to be flirty talking about how compatible we are sexually so I decide that I am going to call his bluff… I am feeling horny so I just write back “Come over & fuck me.” He doesn’t read it for over 24 hours & then when he does, he never replies.

Now this would normally be a cliff hanger, but to be honest, he’s not worth another post… When he does reply, I try my hardest not to message back but seriously I have a problem! Why can’t I just ignore them… Finally after asking him some plumbing advice, which he never reads but looks at my story, I delete the messages & move on with my life. I will find a plumber elsewhere… How fucking annoying!

Weeks later, he messages me Christmas day (2022) & asks if I had a good day… I fight so hard not to write back. & I bloody did it!!! Hahaha… You’ll see why soon!


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