2022 : M8 #5

However, I am back to the drawing board for an electrician who I won’t get a tingle of feelings for & won’t charge me a million dollars. Fuck. Why did I fuck him… I am so fucked off… I have only slept with 4 people this year & that includes Marvel – a slow year for me but I haven’t wanted to meet new people or be adding to my number, which is up there around the ‘holy fuck’ range.

After a few days of me being dramatic & overthinking about this one, I send him a happy birthday message on the Saturday, I get a thanks back & he posts on snapchat asking people what they’re doing. My overthinking optimistic brain hopes that’s aimed at me, but probably not so I ignore it.

M8 messages the next day to ask how I’ve been on the Sunday afternoon, I don’t want to reply straight away, but I can’t help myself, I wait a bit, reply & then head to my sisters but he replies instantly that I am sucked in but I don’t reply as quickly as I had once done with him & I am careful not to write too much… We chat a bit that week & a few snapchats, I know it’s not back to how it was nor will it ever get back there but I feel like it’s not all lost… I mean he is about to have a fucking baby with someone else…

Um so yeah, I don’t really understand TikTok, I’m old, but I have it, I get addicted to watching shit on there sometimes for hours, other times I forget about it for weeks… But it’s a period of time where I am watching it a lot. M8’s ex girlfriend – if we can call her that, lets call her his most recent baby mumma, keeps coming up on my TikTok as a ‘for you’ video… WTF?!

I am not usually the type to stalk – as you know, this isn’t the first time she’s come up but I watch this new video which is a filter of a old photo, scanning a circle over a recent photo, so it’s one of her pregnant & one of her not pregnant, I click on the comments & M8, along with other creepy looking dudes have commented, M8’s comment it “still taste the same” which he wrote on the Sunday that he was messaging me… FUCK YOU DICKHEAD!

I look though some of her other videos, because I am now down this rabbit hole & he hardly has commented on anything of hers, even all the videos that he’s in when they were together or the ones of her crying after they broke up… She mainly has stupid dance videos & her in lingerie asking if she’s sexy, of course there are comments galore from weirdos (or perhaps people she knows?). However now all the recent videos, have an kissing face emoji from M8… URGH! This is why I don’t stalk, FFS! It’s not good for my mental health… Well at least I know what happened with this one! Even if he still messages me. I’m not your fucking back up plan!

Needless to say I found another electrician, to do the towel rails that M8 just seemed to refuse to do… I will see what else happens with this guy though – something fucking stupid inside me tells me not to write him off just yet, I do have a lot of other electrician work that has reared its ugly head with this reno, so I may be able to get him to do some for me at a cheaper price!

A couple of days later our mutual friend asks me if I’ve heard from him, I say sporadically & she says that his pregnant ex has put his car up as her profile picture & is now in a relationship on FB – he’s not on FB. So at least it’s confirmed that I don’t need to wonder what happened here… But fuck it still is fucking hard… I mean, he fucked me a week before getting back together with her – that doesn’t make me feel good. I mean he saw me naked & then went right back to his 19 year old pregnant girlfriend that he’s broken up with twice… I mean I must be so fucking hideous. I mean his GF has a hot body – even pregnant, but she’s a young attention seeker (lingerie on tiktok all the time) & has braces, short brown hair, she’s super skinny… I am not, no matter how hard I try, I am always fat… I never move from this weight, while everyone around me does & gets boyfriends. I am just gonna eat whatever & get fat again. What’s the point of all this effort?!

I think this one’s kind of hit me hard & I feel so badly about, was because it happened when I least expected it, I genuinely didn’t even think about this guy in any sort of way at all – except as my electrician… I was expecting him to come over, do my electrical work & go away. I wasn’t expecting him to hang out & take me out for lunches, actually wanting to spend time with me. Telling our mutual friend how much we’ve got in common & telling me all the time how funny I am, how he likes hanging out with me… I guess it just took me by surprise that he was actually interested in me & I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it. But I felt so comfortable with this guy, more comfortable than I’ve felt in a long time… I mean he met me when I was like looking like a bridge troll & he still wanted to hang out with me…

But I guess the 19 days (yes, shortest infatuation ever!) it took since he came over to have a look at the job for me, to when we had sex, I was played… I was played like a fucking fiddle! I should have known better, I should have stepped away, I should have left it as a kiss… I shouldn’t have even let it get to a kiss… FUCK!


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