2023 : Stranger

If you live in Adelaide, you know it’s big in size but really it’s just like a small town, right. Everyone knows everyone… You get used to it after a while, when you say to a new colleague that there you know a person & they say that they know them too. Or you add someone on FB & they have 2 mutual friends with you… You get me right?

When I started in my new job (almost 2 years agao now), a colleague was friends with someone who used to housesit my house when I travelled for work in my previous job. She had told me she’d been to my house & met my cat but her & I had never met really until I started working with her. & we’d also been to the gym together… Funny right?!

When I started netball, I didn’t know anyone because I was getting back into it so by the second season, I was placed with women more my age. One of them – get this, works in the same fucking building as me – which isn’t a big building in the southern burbs, at a different organisation to me. Of course, even though we play together every week, we never see each other in the building.

What do you know! One day I see her in the halls & we laugh about how we’d never seen each other this whole time until we acknowledged the fact that we are in the same building. So hilarious right! How many times has this type of thing happened to you?

After 2 years in the same job, I walk out of work at around 5:00pm, another businesses exit is directly opposite our exit so it can be awkward when someone walks out at the same time & you walk down the hallway to the carpark – especially as a munchkin I walk slower then they hold the door you do that dicky run to not make them wait for you.

Well this night I leave & a guy walks out – Stranger, it’s Valentines Day – so I have a single rose from a colleague who got flowers that he didn’t want… I instantly think Stranger is cute but he reminds me of Marvel & wished I didn’t have a flower – as Stranger will think I am taken… WTF, where did that come from?! The fact he looks like Marvel isn’t surprising or unusual… I mean tall guys with dark down hair & a unshaven face/beard are a dime a dozen, look around, they’re everywhere! I see one that reminds of Marvel almost daily, so I don’t think anything of it. But this dude sticks in my mind…

It’s a bit like Marvel’s real name, why is it in every fucking TV show! Like EVERY TV show or movie… Or is it just that I notice it now?! Probably the later right, the name has always been around – it’s fairly common, but it never meant anything to me before… Bit like guys with dark hair & beards… Never thought they were attractive or noticed them before but they’re fricken everywhere!

So when Stranger & I walk out the door together, we smile an awkward smile & then we walk down the hallway together, also awkwardly, then him holding the door for me, I say thank you & we walk different ways to our cars. Nothing exciting right. I happen to see him getting in his car & I drive past & go home. Because I think he his cute, I think this is a bit like Crush – the guy who I worked with in the same building & never spoke too but always bumped into at every fucking lunch break… I didn’t speak to this guy, we just do the polite smile thing & that was it.

I think that I should ask the chick I play netball with what Stanger’s name is, she has left there & working somewhere else now, but she’d know who he is surely?! Hehehe… What a fricken creep. I am not dating & definitely don’t want to date a Marvel look-a-like I work next too. I’d never do that unless, perhaps I keep seeing him around the halls, then I might take it as a sign? REALLY?! As if… This is me, so like I ever would.

The next day, I weirdly notice Stranger’s car as I drive in & park. Why is that? Why does it stand out to me now? Who the fuck knows… I am such an idiot or probably because I didn’t know who drove that care so I didn’t care & now it stands out. A couple of days later, I have forgotten about him having just been for a job interview & finding out via email that I didn’t get it, so I decide to go work from home – I’m pretty pissed. As I am leaving I see my only real colleague arrive so we stand & chat for a while. As we’re standing there, guess who rocks up!

As his car is pulling in, I say to my colleague “This guy is kinda cute, but he reminds me too much of an ex.” She is a lesbian so when she sees him she says he’s cute, I think he must be good looking. We continue talking, he walks past saying nothing to us, going into the building. I do notice that there is no wedding ring – why do I do that?! Nothing exciting or unusual about that interaction right? Nah, just the fact that I have never seen him before & now twice in one week in close proximity…

Later that night, I am on my little hobby business FB page, I’m scrolling & Marvel’s group page always comes up for me as a suggestion. I admit that since I found it, I look at it & try to work out which posts he’s posted – I sometimes think I have it figured out & then other times I haven’t. Since I unblocked him recently, he now comes up in the comments with his real profile, having tagged two people.


I click on the first profile, I realise it’s his brother, so I click on his picture – even though it doesn’t have his last name, I know it’s Marvel’s brother. FUCK. My mouth drops to the fucking ground! I look up at myself in the mirror & say “Are you fucking kidding me?” my dogs stir from their slumber, thinking who the fuck is she talking too… I look at the picture & really cannot believe this… But it’s fucking STRANGER! I swear on my dogs lives, you cannot make this shit up! What the actual factual fuck!

I literally cannot stop laughing about how fucked up my life is… Imagine if I still have Marvel blocked & had the guts to talk to this stranger guy… I don’t really know how early you tell people your last name when you date, but that would be an even funnier story right… Neither of us have our last names online. If Marvel was blocked I wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary on his friends list. Lucky we never got to date (hahaha like we were close… Geez!)

Now I’m also intrigued if Stranger knows who I am? Does he know I was his brother’s Mistress? Does he know my name, what I look like? I mean men don’t really get into the stalking, or do they?! As far as I know Strangers wife wasn’t very well liked in their family, so I don’t know how close the two sister in laws were to share my picture around & if Stranger got involved?! If he does know I am the apparent homewreckong whore, would he tell Marvel?

Marvel had told me a few months back that Stranger was getting divorced & it wasn’t a good situation as in the ex wife lying about her income for more child support & not allowing him to see his kid etc… I remember lying there thinking “Well fuck, you’re definitely never going to leave!” If Marvel is watching his brother (aka Stranger) struggle with child support & custody of his child, then Marvel won’t want that for himself even more than before…


What do I do now? I decide not to tell Marvel, what’s the point… I mean technically, he’s only shown me his brother maybe once? I honestly didn’t know who Stranger was until I saw the comment on FB so I am just going to leave it… If I see Stranger ever again, I will just smile & be polite as I do with anyone in the building…

Wouldn’t it be funny though, if I did date Stranger & was at a family event… I don’t think I could do it if I knew but just imagine if we didn’t know… What a shit show of a movie scene that would be… I know that I wouldn’t be able to sit opposite Marvel – if his wife didn’t scratch my eyes out first – & not fuck him with my eyes, even if I was at a point that I was in love with his brother… What a fucked up situation that would be… It’s never going to happen but this is just hilarious when I thought there wasn’t going to be any more blog posts, this type of shit pops out at me!


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