Marvel #8

So as you know if you read all the blogs not just the ones in this series, you’ll know that it’s April in the Marvel story time but I told you in Tom Cruise #2 that I am still seeing Marvel in October… So I will go through some key points but like I said the story this time is boring… Well it’s not boring, it’s still the most exciting sex & best sex I’ve ever had, but the crap between sexcapades is a bit of a bore.

Marvel does tell me one day when I am at his house that his wife has unblocked me on Facebook, so I immediately look & block her, while he watches me do it… I also block him – as much as that upsets me to do, I think she might use his account to look me up. I mean I’m sure she’s got other people looking me up – but at least to her & him, I am safe. She can’t do the “special trick” she does to look at all my pictures.

Which by the way, I don’t believe that she has looked at all my pictures but oddly she’s been painting the doors & frames in their house & has painted them the same colour scheme as my house… Coincidence? If she hadn’t of left that note in my letter box & he hadn’t of written that note on my fridge, I would have bet money she came inside that day he brought her to my house, but I’m certain she didn’t…

So perhaps mrs-technologically-retarded (In Marvel’s opinion) has hacked Mark Zuckerburg & able to see all my private pictures & is now copying me because she knows that’s what he wants… Her hair at tbeir wedding was almost white blonde, blonder than me but considering every picture I’d ever seen of her she was brunette, also single white femaling me here?!

Another time I am there he tells me that I would be murdered if she comes home o find me there… Oh good… Here I am vulnerable & naked & he’s telling me she’d murder me if she comes home?! I work out the settings for my watch to send my location to my sister if I send an SOS… I have to of course explain this to her why I am doing this & finally someone knows I’m seeing Marvel again.

He starts doing this thing where he stops coming back online, sometimes for days, sometimes for almost a week. It bothers me at first but he’s been very clear every time I’ve seen him that we can’t get close again. My walls are back up – I trust this man so much – like 1000%, to do anything to my body he wants to never go to far with my sexually, but I will not trust him with my heart again. I don’t even trust him to defend me if his wife came in & did have a weapon.

During this time I also get fired from my job for having my hobby business – yes the job I once loved, I get fired from. Well at least this gives me more free time to be available when Marvel is free. I guess there’s a silverlining for everything! (Hahaha, get it?!) I am unemployed for about a year, with him working part time, it makes it easier to meet with him… We make time generally once a month but sometimes twice a month. There is always multiple orgasms for me, so I don’t even bother looking for other sex, but I will let you know what else happens in my life in this time, we’ll get there before the end of #IBD4U, I promise!

When my birthday (39th) comes around, I make him say happy birthday to me online before the day & in person when I’m sitting on his couch. However on the day when I know she’s at work he doesn’t come online to even talk to me – he doesn’t come online for almost a week after my birthday. This hurts me, but to be perfectly honest, I need to not let the hurt consume me this time. I can’t say I don’t care because I do, I fucking hate that he doesn’t want to get close again, that we have both destroyed any shred of friendship we could have had that now all we talk about is sex. Like real fuck buddies I guess, again that hurts when I allow myself to think about it, but that isn’t often… I pull myself back to reality.

There are some times that are sweet with him though, when he hurts his back during sex & I massage it for ages. I think he likes just being tenderly touched, I doubt once you’ve been in a relationship forever that you touch each other like I am doing to him now… Or when he holds my hand without realising or touches me tenderly, usually it’s rough hot sex but sometikes he let’s his guard down & I feel his love for me… I of course can see it in his eyes but I feel it too. It makes me worker if he can feel it from me too, because I think I am doing so well to be a stone.

There are times I remind him to message me first, to make an effort with me that I might go crazy & when he asks what I’d do, I just say that I’d shop in the store his wife works at with a cheeky laugh. He asks me if I am threatening him, but I’m not – it’s just a friendly reminder that if he is going to keep fucking me, he better treat me with a little respect sometimes. I have done everything he has ever asked me to do – all I asked of him was for him to protect my identity which he failed miserably in some many ways… I am not going to ruin his life for him, he’s doing a bang up job if that himself!

Weirdly one day we talk a lot about T**y & what a liar he was & I go into a lot of details. But as a hilarious twist of fate in my story, Marvel happens to meet T**y’s partner on a chat site (assuming the anonymous app – but he won’t admit that to me) a few months later & she tells him about me, well the little that she knows. This actually makes Marvel come back online a lot & even late at night, he’s such a gossip that he copies & pastes things she says to him & sends to me… I actually like the conversation I’m not having with Marvel because it’s not just about sex. However it is about some fuckwit I dated & fuck me she sends Marvel a picture of them both so then Marvel acts like a weirdo about how fat he is & how buff T**y is, that I should be with someone like T**y. Well maybe I should be with someone like that looks like that, but I am not & nor do I want to be with someone who looks like that.

When Marvel asks me over to his house on a Sunday morning, I am intrigued. I don’t think about it, I just say yes but I do ask where the kids are, he says they’ve had a sleepover & she’s at work. Seems weird to me that they have a sleepover only a few weeks before their first wedding anniversary but I don’t think much of it. When I get there Marvel has made a little bed in the lounge room with his sons mattress… FUCK!

We’ve only been having sex on his games area couch & it’s been good but fuck I am so excited to fuck him lying down. The thing that fucks me off – not in a good way is that he’s gone to this trouble of getting a bed, putting towels on it for me to squirt & had been talking about fucking me multiple times, hard… But of course, my period comes & he gets blood on his cock & he won’t touch me again… This is when I discover the sponge! Next time I have sex with him & my period is due, I pop in the sponge & it works amazingly! However this time, Marvel won’t touch me again & I am super horny, he’s seeing me at 9:30 am when we usually catch up around lunch, mornings are my favourite time for sex… Hmmmm Morning sex! Hahaha… Fuck I love morning sex!!

Are you happy with this style of update with Marvel, or do you want me to go into more details in the next one?!


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