2022 : M8 #6

Those of you that noticed, there wasn’t an update about M8 in the previous update blog! That’s because he probably doesn’t deserve any more air time, but he didn’t fit in that post… It was already way too long & this one has turned out longer than expected too!

After he does the minimum amount of electrical work that I have to do at my house, he stops talking to me. We send snaps every now & then but it’s not regular & I try not to engage in it too much because he’s back with his baby Mumma number 2. Or so her tiktok tells me… Why does she keep coming up?! I do not get the stupid app.

I still need electrical work done & I work out in my head that with M8’s hourly rate he’s been charging me, that it would be about another $1500 worth of work so when I am quoted $2000 from another electrician, I just go with this new company… During this time I wait for the other electrician, I see that M8 is out with our mutual friend every fucking day, washing her car, mowing her lawns – fine I don’t care as they’re friends but I am waiting for this shit to be done with a fucking light hanging from the carport (which actually triggers my safety switch & I have no lights for 2 days!) & willing to pay him for the work, yet he chooses to wash her car for free!? Then he’ll post on snapchat asking for work… Is he kidding me?

The other electrician actually ends up only charging me $900 & when I tell M8 he tells me that I am nuts & he would’ve done it all for $200. BULL FUCKING SHIT MATE! As if… He’d charged me $600 for about 4 hours worth of work so there is no way he would have charged me $200 for all the remaining work. Anyway, I don’t care, it’s done & I didn’t have to worry about a dodgy light out the front anymore & I don’t have to wait.

As the reno is nearing the end – well the major construction part at least, I do ask M8 about my roof because I have had so much trouble with the builder that I decided to get an independent building inspector & he had sent me pictures of all these broken tiles on my roof… Why are there broken tiles?! There shouldn’t be. They have also just fixed it with silicone! I message M8 to see if he saw it while he was up there, but he didn’t… The only time he was on my roof, I was here, so it couldn’t have been him. But we message about how shit it is & I can’t believe that this is happening! The builder sends a roofer so all was sorted but so annoying!

One day after my surgery to fix my stomach skin overhang, I send a pic on snapchat with a midriff top – I admit I will never wear this out in public & in the pic I am wearing slippers. M8 replies & says that I look sexy, he wasn’t looking at the slippers. I say that I’ll take that & he says “lol truth”, I reply “Says the man who ran out the door quicker than he came.” Now I realise when he didn’t write back how he took that, that he came quickly… But I just meant that he ran out the door so quickly.

I assume I’ll never hear from him again but one day he asks if I’ve found a concreter & that he has a friend who might do it, when I send him the drawing of what I need, his friend says he doesn’t want the job! OMG. I have been quoted $47k for this job by Concreter, who can just say no to that kind of money because I originally asked for coloured concrete as I thought it was cheaper?! I’m in a mood & its a full moon, that I tell him that every tradie has ripped me off & he says that he didn’t… I want to tell him that he did & made me feel like I paid for sex but I just put my phone done & go to sleep.

In the morning, I think fuck it. I tell him that I don’t do one night stands & that I have never fucked a tradie doing work at my house. He laughs. Righto… I tell him I felt like I paid for sex & he says that he didn’t see me saying it wasn’t good. What’s that supposed to mean, I didn’t imply that & he says that he thought “I was pretty good” I said that he was out the door before I could move my legs so he tells me that he’s never done that before – which was slept with someone he’s done work for… Why do I find that hard to believe!? He’s a smooth talker, he knows how to get what he wants.

I say again that I don’t just sleep with people once – yeah I’ve done that it the past but I hate that about me. He asks if I want more. I said that I wouldn’t have done it in the first place if I knew it was only going to be once. Which I have said in his story, there was something about this guy, he really drew me in. He says that “I would of kept doing it just didn’t know where I sorta stood” He wasn’t sure if I was keen or not… How the fuck do guys not know? Or is this a line? I have no idea at this point.

When he says that it was good sex, I think & say that I didn’t even get to suck his dick & he tells me that I still can, there’s nothing stopping me! He tells me that he’s only ever had one girl that is good at it & she spat. He says again that he just thought I was looking for a root… I tell him that I wasn’t looking for either & definitely didn’t want a one night stand. He says sorry & that probably the offer is gone now. I should say that yes he’s missed his opportunity, maybe cheekily tease him but for some stupid reason I just say “I like you. The offer is still there” I am never good at these games.

We sort of dwindle out talking that day – which has been all day & then I post a photo of some drinks. He asks if I am getting drunk, which I am not… The chat gets cheeky about wearing a dress & no panties… Why is that always a fantasy?! He thinks I am drunk, but I tell him that I am not as I texting perfectly. I do admit only to you that at this point, I was having to delete the letters a few times to make it perfect! Hahahaha.

He says that he’s going to come over but then never looks at my message, I don’t know where he lives exactly but over 10 minutes with no reply, I am going to go to sleep if he doesn’t come over. 5 minutes later, I get a message saying that he’s putting the kids to bed, so I just say if he can’t come it’s all good. But he says he’ll be there soon (he lives with his parents, he didn’t just leave his kids home!) Another 35 mins he says he’ll be 10 mins… His car is so loud when it pulls up over an hour from when he asked if I wanted his dick & I think about my fucking neighbours thinking what a skanky hoe I am letting a boy come to my house at 11pm on a Sunday!

When he gets to my house, we sit outside chatting for a while. I offer to pour him a drink I just opened – that I didn’t really want but thought he’d have a drink then we’d have sex. But he doesn’t drink due to losing his licence. We chat for a while, it’s easy but he talks a lot & I don’t say much to be perfectly honest with you. He talks about his kids & our mutual friend & then we kiss – I don’t know what time it is but his fricken car alarm which is the horn goes off & he has to go outside to turn it off… As if my neighbours didn’t need any more information for their case against me being a slutty hoe.

When we kiss it’s hot & I end up straddling him before we move into my bed room. Because I haven’t been playing netball since my surgery, my nails are looking amazing, I must run my fingers down his back because he tells me not to scratch him, I ask why & he says something about his kids seeing. I think nothing of it. I suck his dick of course which he loves, – tell me to look at him when I do it… He never goes down on me & says something later about how he doesn’t do that…

When I put the condom on, he starts fucking me, being quite dominant & it turns me on a bit. While he’s fucking me, I try to move & fuck him back but he tells me to stop moving or he’ll cum… I guess I am not a starfish & that’s what he wants?! He makes me cum & he cums too… It’s good but not epic & thankfully I don’t squirt.

After we finish we go sit outside, to my surprise & given the hour, he sits & talks again for an hour. Like he talks the whole time about child support, why he has his kids that are here from the country – never once does he mention the baby, his new job, our mutual friend… He talks & talks & talks.

I don’t hear from him again – he had told me that he was going away in 2 days to start FIFO again, so when I notice a hickey, I think I will just tell him & he says “haha” – well I guess that’s it then… It was another fucking line that I fell for… I know I am stupid, but this is just beyond anything I have ever fallen for before… But a couple of hours later he asks if I did enjoy it & I say that I did & that only one thing could make it better, he asks what & I say not using a condom. He sends back “hahaha lol.” RIGHT.

Then when he’s away he posts a covid positive test. Fuck, I have been a little sniffly all week & when I saw him, so I take another test as the one earlier in the week was negative & it’s fucking positive! I have been off work for 6 weeks & go back in 3 days & now have covid! Luckily my symptoms go away so I can return to work.

Her tiktok comes up so much when they’re back together, why is that? All her stupid actually terrible dance & lip syncing videos – one of my friends ask me for her tiktok to look & says that he looks like her dad in their seemingly recent trip to a hotel – which of course warranted no less that 5 videos on how much they can pose together in the hotel mirror. There is also a fucking video of her with a mask on posted a couple of days ago too… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? That’s obviously why he didn’t want scratches on his back. They’re together & one of them gave me covid, not the other way around…

At the end of January 2023 he messages about the concrete again, but his friend never replies even though he could’ve asked them first, then messaged me but he messaged us both at the same time… Weird… I try not to give too much away. Then he asks me about the cameras that he set up for me, asking some questions but I test him by saying did he want to come look at my cameras – but it Australia Day. I am white girl wasted. Like off my head that the next day I don’t remember a lot!

My messages get so weird that I’m not surprised I don’t see him but also he’s with his baby mumma so whatever. But I keep reminding him that I am too old for him, that he’s got other offers, he tells me to stop when I keep saying old skin, old cunt, stale & old. WTF #IBD4U. Put your fucking phone down! Luckily he doesn’t write back & I pass out with all my doors open & unlocked & the dogs spooning me.

A few weeks later he replies to a snapchat of me in the mirror & we chat for a bit but that dwindles & I am done with this… Done with men in general. The loves of my life, are next to me sleeping…


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