Speed Dating #2

Why oh why did I say yes to going to speed dating again? I am a sucker for punishment, that’s why! Although this time I am a different person, I am totally over my ex, I am on this casual sex dating path that is making me more confident with men & I’m not as shy as I was when I first meet them, plus I’m in a better place with my body image, coming to terms with how I look, so maybe this time might be different.

I’m with a gorgeous skinny friend, so I don’t feel that great about myself with her, but I go anyway I talk to the guys in my usual manner, but as soon as I mention my job title (my real job) I get a few reactions that don’t invite a lasting relationship. One guy reads my palm and tells me something which fingers I wear my rings on, that each has a significant meaning, he was a tripper.

speed dating #2

I had an ok time to be honest, but I knew that the next day my friend would end up with more matches than me & I would feel shit about myself again! Plus a few of the guys & girls ended up hanging around the bar after it was over, we had to go shortly after but they were all still kicking on & I reckon there would’ve been some hook ups that night, therefore if they did match you on the card they probably wouldn’t email you the next day anyway because the’d already found someone.

Waiting for that dreaded email, I don’t even want to know how many matches my friend got, I know it’ll be more than me & it was, I think I got four or five while she got eleven! However I didn’t bother to contact any of them & they didn’t contact me either, so it was a complete waste of time, however I had a fun night out with a friend so that’s all that matters I guess.

My friend went out a date with two or three of them, falling hard for one guy who ended up being a player & wouldn’t ever text her back or waiting ages to finally respond, so she just let that one go. Finally she went on online dating too, she’s now happy with a guy she’s known for a few weeks, they are officially an item! (Update: they have a house & are engaged) I don’t understand how she does it, I know she puts herself out there more than me but she was online dating for like a month & went out with two guys & fell in love with the second one!

The moral of the speed dating story is DON’T BOTHER! No, honestly I think it works for some people, people who make a good first impression or aren’t uncomfortable with that first meeting would do well at speed dating. I’m more the type of girl you need to get to know because I come across shy at first but then once you know me, you’d say that’s absolute bullshit!


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    I genuinely don’t know how I’ve done this some many times… Always with that glimmer of hope that this will be the one that works! I put it out in the universes that it will be the one that works & then it doesn’t… Yet I still go every time I’m asked…


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