Froth & Fodder

This isn’t going to be a long one, for a long weekend, you should have a good long blog, but sorry this is not it! Spoiler alert!

I meet this guy online & my first instinct is that I am not instantly attracted but I’ve been told sometimes it takes a while to build that chemistry & attraction – well not in my experience, I mean I had an instant connection online with you know who & when I met him in person the sparks flew, the electricity crackled.. I think that’s very rare… Or very rare for me anyway.

I chat to this guy for a short time but to be honest we barely chat before he’s asking me out on a date. For something different, we meet before work for breakfast… A week day date that is completely out of the norm for me, so I think this is isn’t going to be that bad, this could be fun, this could be the one…

Oh fuck I love the beginning of things & also loathe myself for having these thoughts… When we get to breakfast, it’s early in the morning, the place we’ve chosen isn’t packed but there is no where to sit but outside of hipster stools.

He’s very tall, like lanky tall, really blonde hair – like almost an albino looking guy & looks pretty much like his pictures – which makes me think instantly that I am not really attracted. Most guys I meet look nothing like their pictures.

The conversation rapidly gets staler than a loaf of bread left out on the bench & I find it so difficult to even seem interested in my while I eat my overly expensive smashed avocado & poached eggs. We literally talk about his business – he’s a developer or something, honestly his monotone voice makes me tune out but I sit there looking interested & asking lots of questions. He asks about my work & my hobby business but it’s forced. This whole date feels forced… Is it the breakfast style date or is it the company?

This will come a complete shock to you all (not) I never message this guy ever again & I know I’m never going to hear from him again either, which I don’t… However I still wonder what the fuck I could have done to not get a message from him.

This always intrigues me, so many people tell me I am beautiful, I look like my pictures, my dry sense of humour & personality is the same over text as it is in person, yet people tell me I’m fussy… I just went on a boring date after boring date with losers & I’m the one who doesn’t get a text message?!

Anyway sorry for the short blog, my notes were very vague on this one but I think it’s important you see how many actually fucking dates I go on to truly understand me!

Have a great weekend, until next blog!


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