There’s a time in everyone’s life when they have an unrealistic, unhealthy crush (probably better defined as a obsession) with a celebrity. The varying degrees of this obsession will be dependant on the crazy of the person.

I consider myself to be fairly sane. I have obviously had crazy moments, I am not perfect, however for the most part I am sane. I’ve had celebrity crushes before where you google the actor to find out how old they are, where they were born etc. Nothing to exciting. But I think I can safely say that everyone reading this has googled a celebrity in the pursuit of further information at some point in their life.

I don’t know about you but I often switch between paying for Netflix or Stan – never both. At the moment I am watching crap on Stan. When I stumble across an older Australian TV shows, that aired for only 3 seasons between 2013 & 2015. It’s basically Home & Away for adults, set in Sydney. I have to say I never watched it when it was on the TV but I binged watched it a few years ago, enjoying the show & never thinking much of it. However one character always caught my eye.

Re-watching again recently for background noise as I go through life, I realise that there is a character who looks exactly like Doppelganger & you know who he looks like!? Yep, you guessed it. FUCK. It sucks me in… Sucks me in harder than I expect.

His character is goofy, funny, the sidekick with the funny one liners. The type of guy who’s always smiling & cracking jokes. The type of guy I always wish I was with & now he looks like the guy I wish I was with… I know he’s acting, but this type of show is where the actor isn’t really acting, they are basically playing themselves with a script…

He looks like what I want, he acts like what I want, he’s a perfect guy, so I know that if he just met me, he would like me! This could be my happily ever after – if we believe in that shit.

A lot of the characters in the show haven’t really done anything exceptional since the end of the show in 2015 & most weren’t that famous before the start of this show, so he piques my interest, how old is he, what has he done since the show, where does he live? You know the normal sort of questions you may have about a celebrity… So as I type in the title of the TV show into Google, the actors name pops up. I’ll have to preface this by saying I’d never heard of him – I needed to Google the show to find him. (Also because I didn’t know his characters surname)

So while on pursuit of further information about this guy, google tells me that he’s my sisters age, so almost 2 years older than me, that he has been in a few more Australian TV shows including some more recent shows. That I start looking them up to see how big of a role he had in them.

You know it becomes unhealthy when you start looking at their personal Instagram, seeing a wedding ring in some pictures then more recently it disappears… Needing to know, you google further. They divorced recently & theres a news article about them selling their house. She’s in the show business too. But what’s most disturbing is when you see some posts of him being in South Australia on a road trip you & find yourself commenting. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

This fucking comment is probably one of the most crazy thing I have ever done. But I think the worst part is though when I start dreaming up this scenario that he is going to like my comment & then slide into my DM’s.

Of course when he slides into my DM’s he’ll have looked at my tragic Instagram & know that I am not like the rest of his crazy fans, he’ll see that I am a normal girl & really cool. We’ll chat & next time he visits SA – which my google stalking tells me that he is often in Adelaide pre covid for the cabaret festival – he’ll want to catch up with me for a drink.

My google stalking takes me down a rabbit hole of finding out that he’s an amazing singer, which I watch every fucking YouTube clip of interviews & singing clips on all the morning shows. Seriously… This is next level stalking…

I still think about this guy – a lot- an unhealthy amount thinking of how I will check out the cabaret festival whenever it’s on next to see a show he’s in, maybe hang out around the venue like a weirdo for a autograph (something I have not really ever done!) But I really think we could have something if only he’d reply to my comment…

Has anyone else ever done the same?


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