I am clearly no expert & I don’t claim to be at all in fact, people should probably not take any advice from me about how to date or what they should do while dating. Clearly I have no clue! I’m about to hit the ten-year mark (at the point of writing this, not point of posting) of being single so I’m pretty sure that I am not one to give advice. However, I want to write about what I think the meanings of things are that guys say to me…

I have men say things to me all the time & I always wonder if there is a hidden meaning or do men really mean what they say?

Well these are my theories, but I’d be happy to hear yours!

  • There is no spark/connection = You’re not hot enough for me to keep seeing you.
  • I’m not sure what I’m looking for = You’re not hot enough for me to stop seeing other people.
  • Let’s just see what happens = You’re not hot enough for me to commit to you yet.
  • I’ve got a lot going on = You’re not hot enough for me to prioritise you.
  • I’m not looking for something serious = You’re not hot enough for me to give up other people.
  • I just got out of a relationship = I just got out of a relationship & you’re not hot enough for me to stop thinking about my ex.
  • We should see other people = You’re not hot at all.
  • I’m just looking for something casual = You’re hot enough to keep having sex with but you’re not hot enough for me give up other people.
  • I’m not sure what I want but I want to keep seeing you = You’re not hot enough for stop seeing other people but I’ll keep you on the backburner just in case I don’t find anyone else.
  • I’ve been really busy = You’re not hot enough for me to prioritise you, but you’re on the backburner in case this doesn’t work out with this hot chick I’m trying to fuck.


Are you sensing a pattern here? Hahaha. My theory is very basic, if you aren’t hot enough in their eyes, then there are a million ways to stop seeing you. I’d love to be proved wrong but so far in my experience when guys have said these things to me but I believe they all have the same meaning.

I pretty much feel that every guy I’ve dated (from the stories you’ve read so far) are all guys who are dating multiple women & somehow they find a hotter women & I am just a memory. I actually wonder if any of them had a blog, would I even rate a mention?


2 thoughts on “Meanings”

  1. Yes, I’m feeling you.
    I look forward to reading your blogs… I relate to this.

    My offender only messages for sex, he’s pretty dam cute, says all the right things whilst I’m there and it’s always erotic and fun.
    Deed done. I come home and wait weeks until the next text.
    Don’t dare ask me why I do it !!!!


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