Max #4

It’s weird, things are weird. Max doesn’t message me the next day, it’s the first day in almost 3 months that we haven’t chatted. I can’t even be bothered wondering why. It was weird with the kayak thing, he should’ve just told me. I mean even Sweetie should’ve told me. Funnily enough, Max & I never go kayaking ever again. I’m actually sad about that, it was kind of our thing, the thing we had that they didn’t. But he chose to make it weird.

He talks to me the next day just saying he was busy, (yeah whatever dude), he doesn’t really apologise & just makes it about him. It’s another week before I see him, I have been talking to Sweetie constantly, that we are even talking about going to Switch (the kink event monthly in Adelaide) together this Friday night. I don’t want him to come. I don’t want him at my house, so when he asks to see me, I suggest we get dinner out somewhere. He picks me up & we order fish & chips (well chips only with no chicken salt as he’s vegan) & sit on the beach. I ask him behind the safety of my sunglasses why he is being weird with me? He says that he’s dealing with some personal stuff, which he explains to me about the loss of a baby & it was the 10 year anniversary – he also explains that he almost lost Sweetie at the same time. Ok, that explains the weird behaviour, but fuck he didn’t need to ghost me for days & just say he was busy. I fucking hate when men say “I was busy” like they can’t pick up the phone to send a quick text… & also how insulting, like I wasn’t busy! I was just stupidly making time for him.Dating texting MaxI am going to Switch with some new friends from the chat app, I had already decided that I don’t want Max to come so I am being weird with him now, though I offer to pick Sweetie up from their house to stop him from coming to mine with her. I get to her house & she says she’s not ready & invites me in. I stand there awkwardly in the kitchen until Max walks into the room even more awkwardly & shakes my hand, saying hello. The kids are around so I know he’s not going to kiss me but fucking hell, this man has been inside me & he’s shaking my hand hello, pretending not to know me!? Bahaha.

We get back to my house & I have a message from him telling me how good he thinks I looked & that was awkward for him. I pay him out for shaking my hand. Both sweetie & I are wearing coresets to Switch. This is my first time at the kink event, I am excited but also a bit scared as I don’t know what to expect. This is also only the second time that I’ve met Sweetie too, however I feel closer to her right now than to Max. (This should probably be called Sweetie, not Max… Hahaha)

At switch we drink & dance the night away, watching some kinky stuff like spanking while someone is tied to a wooden X & some very different outfits, some nudity & rope tying. We’re sitting upstairs of the Mars Bar (Now no longer) when Sweetie starts to looks weird, like she’s going to vomit. She says she feels funny & I start to get worried, it’s almost like she’s about to faint, so I usher her out the side door where a bouncer lets us out. In the fresh air she perks up a bit, I suggest we head home in a cab right away but she’s not ok to get in a car, she says she thinks her corset might be too tight, so I loosen it off, get her some water & we sit outside the club while she regains her composure. We go home shortly after when she’s better. Max messages me to thank me for looking after her. Of course I would, she didn’t look good at all!

Max & I remain with this sporadic writing, we’ve lost this every day messaging that we were doing before. Which is probably a good thing, I don’t want to get attached to this guy…

It’s been ages since I saw Max, I’ve been away for work, would you know it but with Port Lincoln – I also stay in Tumby Bay with my family who happen to be over there for a family holiday. I have been semi fighting with Max all week about the fact I haven’t seen him, when Max tells me that he’s coming over Saturday night & he’s staying over. I tell him that he doesn’t have too, but he tells me not to tell him what to do, that he’ll do what he wants. I actually laugh out loud. This is just like my fantasy erotica, I actually like this assertiveness.

He comes over & it’s a little weird, it’s been just over a week since I saw him when he shook my hand & probably about 2 weeks since we last fucked. We chat for a while before he takes me into the bedroom, he has bought candles from the sex shop, this could be exciting… Max gets me naked then tells me to get moisturiser (What for? he snaps not to ask questions. Oooh that turns me on a bit!) & then lays me down tying each wrist to the bed, then each ankle. It’s darkish in my room with just candle light, I’ve got music playing, when he goes through my bedside table & finds a piece of material that is a blindfold, he runs the material up & down my skin making me shiver as he kisses where it’s just been. Fuck that is so hot! As he gets to my head, he kisses my lips then ties it over my eyes… Eek, this is also a first! How do I trust this guys so early on in our relationship? (If that is what you can call this!) I hear noises but have no idea what he is doing. I can’t even figure it out but he gets some toys out of my draw, a wartenberg pinwheel & runs it up & down my skin while I moan & pull against the restraints. He tells me to be quiet & I can’t help but call him names… I feel him get off the bed, I of course ask what he’s doing, but he tells me to shhh. I hear the lighter & smell the candle being lit… I brace myself. This is also a first. Wow, we’re having lots of first here tonight!

When the first drop of hot wax lands on my naked skin, I jump. It hurts a little, but it also feels good, within a second of the first drop, a drop of cold liquid follows right next to it. What is he doing? It takes me a second to realise he’s got the lotion he asked me for earlier, which I assumed would be for a massage. He continues to drop a hot drop of wax then a cold drop of lotion all the way down my body, down my leg then back up the other side, I squirm the whole time, biting my lip trying not to say anything but also whimpering the whole time… Why does pain feel so good?


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