Crisp Shirt

After losing some weight & feeling a bit better about myself, I’m at work in a complete man free zone, all of them were married or gay, that I didn’t even think that it would be possible to meet a man in that office. But it all happened so subtly that I didn’t even know anything was happening, Crisp Shirt came over from Canberra to facilitate some training & as I was appointed the subject matter expert in the team, I had to spend the two days he was here with him in the training room.

It all really started when I realised we both had the same phone, now this doesn’t seem like the most amazing thing, but being that everyone had an iPhone, however I am a sworn BlackBerry fan, at this time I had a BlackBerry Torch (a slider Qwerty phone) which I was in love with more than life itself & since he had the same phone & completely hated iPhone & Apple. I just thought it was just a coincidence & was probably the only thing we’d have in common as he was an executive from Canberra & I was just a pleb in Adelaide. I didn’t think too much of our interaction until my friend said she “saw a little glimmer in his eye” after he came into the lunch room & we flirted a little over our BlackBerry. But I still didn’t believe that this CEO looking man could be interested in me.

After Crisp Shirt went back to Canberra I wasn’t surprised to get a ‘Thank you’ type email for all the work I’d done while he was here. I mentioned it to my friend over lunch one say & she giggled like a school girl & brought a gay colleague over & asked him “Did Crisp Shirt ever email you after he was here for your subject matter expert training?” The colleague cracked up laughing “No never!” he shouted “Why, what happened?” To which I went bright red & they read my email from Crisp Shirt. I went bright red because I’d already responded with a ‘good to meet you too’ type response, thinking he’d written one of those emails to all staff who were the Subject Matter Expert for him. OMG.

It didn’t take long for the contact to escalate to daily emails back & forth all day long & before long, I was typing out my mobile phone number via email for him, to which he instantly uses. It’s really fun for a while, I actually liked him even though he was in another state. It wasn’t until the first time it took me 40 mins (as I was driving home from work) to reply to his text, which is when he starts to unravel & show his true colours. He started texting every 2 minutes to find out where I was, why I hadn’t replied, who I was with, what was I doing. None of this made sense to me, it would probably never work between us anyway, he lived in another state why was he being so jealous?

It was about the time that too that he said he’d fly over for my 32nd birthday, I was having a few friends over for drinks & he invited himself & thought that he’d just fly over. If it wasn’t for all the crazy texts earlier in the week, I might have said yes, but was he serious about flying all the way over here to meet my close friends & a few family members when we’d never even been on a date? Where would he stay? At my place? How would I explain that to my family? I let this guy loose after that, I didn’t need a long distance relationship with a dose of paranoia. Crisp Shirt.jpg


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    This was around the time that Fifty Shades of Grey came out – in the book form! People I refer to in this story were all ready it, including me, falling in lust with Christian Grey…
    So much so that then my friends in this story thought this guy would be my Christian Grey…


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