Noodle #15

OMG, I have just realised that I haven’t told you the best part about Noodle … I’ve never had this happen with another guy before either… Not only do we have crazy chemistry & passion, plus you know how his cock makes me squirt cum within 2 thrusts, but once Noodle cums, his cock stays hard. It never goes down unless we stop completely! Yes, it never goes down! He just stays hard… He doesn’t cum again but he can keep fucking me to make me cum if he cums first (which isn’t very often, let’s face it!) I don’t even know how he does it but now we’re not using condoms, he seems to cum quicker but he can still fuck me. It’s fucking hot…!

Anyway, I go away for work for a few days so I don’t see Noodle till the following Friday morning when he pretends to go to the gym but comes over to my house at 6:30 am… She was right about the gym… She was right to try to stop him from going… Not for the reason she thought, I mean he was already fucking me regularly when he joined, but she was right. I do ask him at one point if he joined the gym, partly so he’d have an alibi to see me & he says part of the reason why he joined – he did actually want to use the gym too.

During this week we sext, sending videos & pictures to each other every day & night, turning each other on so much, to the point that when he climbs in my bed, I think I cum within 30 seconds, this worries me because we’ve got a routine down, we fuck the same way when we’re in bed & I don’t want him to get bored with me. But he tells me that “Sex & boring should never be in the same sentence with you… Sex with you is fucking amazing… Sometimes mind-blowing he goes on & on telling me I’m a sexual goddess & that I don’t realise how insanely hot I can be… Yeah I don’t sometimes, but I’m starting to get the idea! Hahaha.

I also screenshot a conversation with Noodle where he was so descriptive this week that I got so wet from it, we have this conversation where I am pretending not to be turned on by him or missing his cock this week so he sends me this “As if you don’t want my hands touching you all over your body, grabbing your tits, then my tongue all over your body, start in your mouth, then make its way to your ear? Then kiss down to your nipples? Maybe lick & suck them while you’re tied up? Then kiss along your stomach to your thighs & lick along them & tease that pussy of yours? Just breathe over your clit a little while you’re tied up?” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Yeah fucking hell Noodle, I want you!

But the jerk burger, tells me that I am not allowed to cum until he sees me in the morning… Fuck that turns me on when he tells me what to do when I am not with him! I tell him that I am not even touching myself, which I’m not sure he believes, but I go to sleep frustrated & excited that he will fuck me first thing in the morning! When gets there, I am so wet having not been allowed to cum but literally being so turned on the night before. So I’m pulling him on top of me as soon as he gets into my bed, guiding his cock straight inside me, then he moans as I pull him inside me deeper. I cum so quickly, what a surprise & so does he.

He tells me at one point that his partner has said he’s a bad kisser & that they should practice kissing. First of all, I disagree with her… If a guy is a bad kisser, I can’t do anything with him – kissing is a big thing for me, but Noodle is not a bad kisser at all. I love kissing him… I ask him later how the practice is going & he said that she’s now decided that they aren’t going to kiss anymore, that he isn’t good at it. I’ll never understand how different she sees him than I do… I love kissing… I remember how shit it was that Boyfriend never wanted to kiss me… So this relationship between Noodle & his partner seems to me like it’s got a lot of negatives sexually, she’s never cum with him & now she doesn’t want to kiss him… She has friends but he seems to not have friends (He says it’s because he’s lazy & doesn’t maintain friendships, but I think it’s because she tracks his phone, asks so many questions so he just can’t be bothered.) How are these 2 even together? I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a relationship, but seriously, 10 years together & you have to practice kissing? Wouldn’t you address that in the first few months?

While he’s on holidays, he tells me that his partner left him a list of things to do. I don’t usually engage when he talks about her, trying to keep her out of the picture as much as possible, but I can’t help it… What type of fucking list? He sends me a picture of it… Now I’m not one to judge but I can’t help but laugh out loud at it to be honest… This woman is almost 30 & writing her partner a list – in different coloured pens? Have I just not been in a relationship for so long, that I think this is weird but actually is the norm? Is this something women do? I can’t even imagine how that conversation would go with a partner?!

Noodles First week of holiday’s list!

  • Wash all the spare bedding when we have a day without rain
  • Take bottles for recycling
  • Clean & organise the top of the microwave
  • Dust your console area
  • Clean spare room & organise camping gear
  • Give book shelf a tidy
  • Clean off lounge room chair
  • Find all tax stuff for us to claim
  • Dinner cooked every night 😛
  • Any clothes on hangers hung in the wardrobe
  • Deep clean bathroom & shower

This should keep you busy for your first week

Right, well then! So I decide to write him my own list in the only coloured pens I can find, not only to show him how ridiculous this list is but also to show he that I’m a pretty funny cool easy going chick.

Noodles list of things to while on holidays…

  • Tie me up…
  • Tease me till I beg…
  • Fuck any hole he wants…
  • Repeat!

Again, the fact the Noodle does all the tasks on her list surprises me, He even shows me before & after pictures… I mean he tells me that he’s a asshole to her & obviously I see him being a dick in the chat groups – I witness that for myself, so the fact that he does the chores she tells him to do in the first week, really surprises me. I never ask him, but I wonder if it’s his guilty conscious? He has told me that he doesn’t feel guilty for cheating, but I wonder if that is actually true or not… However I don’t have a guilty conscious at all like I thought I would… I wonder why that is… It’s also around this time that she buys him one of those friendship bracelet things, that he actually wears. I mean I guess he can’t not wear it if she bought it, but when I ask him about it, he even seems embarrassed by it… I guess that’s a normal reaction when your lover sees something from your partner.

Over the weekend we’re chatting as always, turning each other on, I mean this is part of the appeal with him, the fact that I can’t see him all the time so we have virtual play, it’s basically like days of foreplay. He asks me how I make him want me so badly & I just say it’s a gift. Hahaha. “Find you so fucking irresistible… Find you so fucking hot… Tell you what, I’m glad I didn’t friendzone you now… With the combination of fucking dirty… kinky & sexy you can be” I say “I’m glad I didn’t let you friendzone me, what type of wanker does that anyway” but he says “A fucking dumbass. I could of missed out on the best sex of my life & with the dirtiest chick I have ever been with. Your like the perfect combo of dirty, kinky & sexy. I don’t think it gets hotter than you.” Fuck I love it when Noodle tells me that he didn’t want to friend zone me, that he wanted to fuck me all along, then he says “But… You are the only other person I want to fuck now so go figure” He asks me what I did to him & I just say that I have a magical pussy. Hahaha. “I only get hot, passionate, like movie sex with you… or porn star sex with you… or get to fuck you like a whore. Fucking amazing sex every time. Fuck I need to fuck you again.”

Noodle Lists addicted.png

I am about to go away to Hawaii for my birthday so I there is going to be a week that we can’t fuck. He’s on holidays & I’m on holidays out of the country. I scared that I’m not going to see him before I go & then it’ll be like 2 weeks before we fuck again. I kind of sad that our statistic of fucking every week for the last 4 months, actually more than once a week, will be dashed because I am going to Hawaii… I am almost pissed off that I have this birthday trip planned, but also I want to go. I just don’t want to miss him… FUCK! I will miss him… NO, I cannot have these feelings… I will not miss him! I don’t care about him or this… this… I refuse to call it a relationship… What ever it is!

The morning before my birthday, I have a dude coming over to give a quote on my new roof & another workman for something. The roof guy won’t leave, but I’ve been messaging Noodle to say come over that this guy will be gone by the time Noodle get here… However the dude is still here when Noodle gets here. I know he’s worried about someone seeing him at my house, in case he knows the roof guy – which would be highly unlikely as I’ve not heard Noodle talk about a friend yet. Anyway, Noodle walks in the door & it’s probably the first time that we haven’t been naked instantly. The man in packing up in my kitchen so I kiss Noodle & rub my hand over his cock, it’s hard & I wish that the man was gone. I leave Noodle to usher the roof dude out my house, as he & I walk through to the front door, Noodle hides in my kitchen, the roof dude looks for him but can’t see who I answered the door too, so the roof dude is probably thinking I’ve made it up. As I shut the door, Noodle is behind me, kissing my neck & playing with my tits… We don’t have long & we’re naked & fucking straight away, that was probably the longest time that we were together without fucking… That’s kind of tragic, it was like 5 minutes! Hahaha.


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