Friend of a Friend

There’s that one guy in your extended group of friends who is single. He’s been single as long as since I’ve known him – a few girlfriends along the way but nothing lasting (however not as eternally single as me!). I never thought he was that attractive at all, but he lost a lot of weight & I personally think it made him worse. He was always an arrogant ass & I think now that he’s skinnier, he is much worse, thinking he’s god’s gift to women. However, his skinner face made his hair line recede & he looks a lot older than he really was. Well to me anyway… I guess I was lucky when I lost weight, I somehow got better looking, my whole face changed. (That’s probably the first positive comment I’ve made about my looks! GO ME! Hahaha.)

I always got the feeling, every time we were at an event together, that he was always thinking that I was interested in him & so he never talked to me. I didn’t ever fancy him I always thought he was too arrogant for me (which is funny since I’m with Noodle right now – however this guy was way before Noodle…) but many, many years ago, one night after I’d lost a lot of weight too, I was at my skinniest ever (at that time) we all went out, both of us staying at our mutual friend’s house. We went out drinking, I don’t remember the night well, but we were all drinking shooters – which are never good for me & so much alcohol. I am never good with shots… Why did I do shots?Friend of a friend shots drunk passed outWe get back to our friends house; they go to bed. I go into the room I’m sleeping in & settle in to sleep when the door opens, it’s him. I don’t remember if he ever said anything to me or how we started kissing but we fooled around in bed, he tries put his dick in me & I realise that there was no condom, I push him off & say he needs one, he gets up, leaves & never comes back. I’m assuming sleeping on the couch as planned… Jesus men can be complete assholes!

The next morning my friend comes into my room to see if I’m awake & is sitting on my bed talking about the night when she spies his shirt on the floor, she asks why it is there & I just say because he took it off in here… What else can I say, it’s true… Hahaha. OMG how embarrassing. She asks what happened between us & I say nothing, because nothing really did happen, I mean we kissed & that was about it…

Later I find out from my friend that he didn’t just leave me there in the room alone, he went in search of a condom.  He did text our friends to ask if they had any, which they didn’t so he just decided to sleep on the couch as planned. Rightio, I’m sure there were other things we could’ve done, but his loss!

Every time I see him since that night it’s even more awkward than before, he makes it awkward. I try to just chat & be nice to him. We do have mutual friends that we see a lot. We then are supposed to go on a group trip to the Falls Creek in the snow. I am not looking forward to spending a week with him there… There will be 2 single guys there & me, who I have to share a room with both of them. I am relieved then this one doesn’t have the money to go but then that means that I have to share a room with another single guy.

More recently I haven’t seen him much when I see my friend, which is good – even though he’s now living with them. We seem to do things without the guys a lot more – it was always a bit weird anyway, all the couples then me & him. I don’t want to be awkward around him or have him think that we should hook up again – that is never going to happen.. I also have been working hard to keep the weight off & I know he put some of it back on but I haven’t really seen him for ages. But I think people in our group think that because we have both been single the whole time we’ve known each other then we should be together. If only it were that easy!


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