Noodle #14

So Noodle is on holidays & says that he’s in my area that he can come over & see me for a few hours. I’m suspicious of why he is in my area, knowing that he can’t get out much without raising suspicion with her. When he gets to my house, we have sex immediately on my kitchen table, unable to make it any further before we are naked. But afterwards, I am able to ask him why he’s in my area – not normally something I would do because I don’t want to know the answer… He says that he met his partner for lunch to smooth things over about going to the gym & that he also joined. Well at least he joined & stood up to her, but I can’t believe that he had to go visit her for lunch to smooth it over. Obviously they had a fight about it & he had to go make it up to her… I asked him what he said to her & he just said that he asked her why she didn’t want him to better himself. She said that she was afraid he’d leave her for someone at the gym.

This is showing me a different side to Noodle that I never knew existed. He really is a different man than I thought… I am still into him a lot but this is not the type of thing I expected to be an issue for him – I expected him to be douchy about it & put his foot down with her, not be this guy who bows down to her threats! I can’t dwell on it too much, I don’t know what their relationship is like, clearly she wears the pants, I mean she did get pregnant with their first kid without him knowing, so I guess I don’t really know this guy at all… Maybe that’s why he’s such a douche online because he’s so suppressed at home?

One morning, I am horny (as per everyday) & I send him a little fantasy I used this morning to make myself cum, it was about him tying me up & teasing me… He says “How do you do this to me. Fuckkkk. So horny now” I laugh & say that I didn’t mean too. “Bullshit. This is why your sexy af…” I just keep playing my innocent card saying that it’s just harmless chats with my sex friend. “Harmless pfft… This is why I can’t stop fucking you… Making me dying to fuck you” I just laugh at him. He calls me a sexual goddess & we talk about how I’m sad that I don’t have any firsts really left for whoever I end up with, but Noodle says “He’ll be a very lucky guy.” He tells me that “You’re better in person than in my dreams. You’re a fucking fantasy. Like a walking living fantasy” *Screenshot!*Noodle Cheating screenshots.pngWe have also been during this time sending & receiving a fair few videos of us playing alone, being that we basically sext every night cumming in our own houses with each other virtually before we go to bed. His videos always are him jerking off & cumming all over their red carpet. I always think about that the most when I see him cum, does he wipe down the carpet afterwards? As soon as I start talking dirty with him, he’s there. Not like Dom, who hangs up when he’s done or disappears saying his phone went flat, conveniently right after he’s cum. (I’m not talking to Dom anymore, but that’s what he used to do.) Noodle is actually invested in me when I talk, he wants to be with me when I talk dirty & show him a video of what I’m doing. While we do virtual stuff because of the circumstances, he always says that he wishes I was there with him, sucking his cock or fucking him. I wish that too…

I still play the sweet innocent card with Noodle all the time. He says “So nice, sweet and innocent girls send me a video of a vibe in their pussy & a butt plug in her ass?” Hahaha… yes I did that! It was super-hot… I tell him he’s corrupted me so he says “I can deal with a corrupt single woman… cos she’s turned out to be this amazing sexy kinky fucking sexual goddess of a woman” HOLY FUCK!

The next afternoon, Noodle couldn’t keep away because I got him so horny this morning. I decide to try something that I’ve not ever done before. I get naked with a vibe & I wait for him to arrive. He walks in now, because he knows the door will be unlocked for him – he doesn’t even knock. I am naked on the pool table with a vibe between my legs… Our eyes meet & I can’t look away. He walks slowly towards me saying “What are you doing?” as I sit there teasing myself in front of him. He stands a few feet away from me but I ache for him to touch me, he stands there looking like he wants to touch me too. I tell him that I want him to touch me; he hesitates because he knows that if he does we’ll probably end up fucking. But we’ve sort of talked this scenario though, I want him to watch me & not touch. He kisses me & touches me a little; I of course kiss him back. But then I push him away & tell him to sit on the couch & watch. He’s naked before he takes the 3 steps to the couch & he sits down, stroking his cock as he watches me pleasure myself in front of him.

He gets out his phone & I know he’s videoing this, telling me to cum for him. I do, of course, I mean I can’t hold it in, even if I tried. He ends up not being able to take it anymore, so he comes over to fuck me on the pool table. Fuck it’s hot & quick & I now love the feeling of him cumming inside me. I reckon that is the hottest thing I have ever done for a guy! Later he tells me “Well once again you give me mind blowing sex” I ask him what his favourite part is “Watching you use a vibe while on the pool table… That was mind blowing hot… that’s like straight out of a fantasy or porno… Fuck you can be insanely fucking sexy” Well then! Hahaha. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life” I tell him that I’m glad I can give him what he doesn’t get from his partner & he reminds me that “Don’t think you realise we only have boring sex, haven’t done anything exciting in ages” I kind of feel sorry for her & a few months ago, I would’ve tried to get him to talk to her about it – I mean I did try to get him to talk to her about their sex life, but I’m in too deep now to want her to change. I tell him that I’m nothing special that he should try to have some exciting sex with her but he says “You are special you twat… You’re like the most amazing chick I have ever fucked” I say that he’d probably get bored with me after 11 years but he says that he’d never get bored with me.

Look after all the married guys I’ve talked too & now this affair; my biggest fear is being cheated on because of the sex, or lack thereof. So I’m pretty sure no guy is ever going to cheat on me because I am now more open to the element of an open relationship of some sort. Definitely not like Max & Sweetie who have girlfriends & boyfriends but some sort of open mindedness about wanting someone else. Don’t judge me on that, but I’m not 100% sure what the rules would be but there would be something open about my next relationship. I know I get jealous, so I wouldn’t do it right away, but eventually I am open to it.

One day Noodle & I are still talking about how hot our sex is & I just say that I can’t help it, I like sex. He says “There’s liking sex… & then theres you…” I have to laugh at that… Yeah that’s true, I do like sex a lot! Noodle is the closest I’ve found to matching my sex drive.

Noodle suggests lunch while he’s on holidays still, I think that this is first since our first actual meeting date that he’s offered to see me with the potential to not having sex. I tell him that I think that this is the most functional FWB that I’ve ever had but he says “Hahaha. Really? You don’t get anything friendship wise from me except to chat a lot…” Yeah dude, that’s friendship – I get a lot more than he realises from him. I talk to him more than I’ve ever talked to anyone else in my whole life. I say there’s no blurred lines, no bullshit. He says “Yeah we don’t bullshit each other. Even tho sometimes I’m a dick & think you are… Which is my own fault because that comes from my terrible self-confidence” Whenever I tell him that I like his cock or something like that, he reckons I’m lying to him or whenever I tell him that I am not fucking anyone else but then flirt with someone in the group, he thinks I am lying to him. I’m not, I’m telling the truth! If only he could read this! But even then I doubt he’d believe it… He’d seriously be reading this thinking I wrote it to boost his ego… Well I’m not, I don’t do that about any guys in this blog! Why start now?


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