Noodle #19

For new readers to #IBD4U, I am well aware of the triggers in this story. I apologise to any one that is upset by my story. But remember, you are basically reading my journal… People make mistakes, I’m sure you have. Just sometimes our mistakes differ from other people… So having said that I hope you stick with me & my Noodle story.

Noodle asks me what it is about him that makes me keep coming back, well this is a easy question to answer for me, but I do ask myself the same thing, because surely I can find all the things I like about him in a single guy… But I guess if that were true, then I wouldn’t still be writing this blog! Hahaha. “From my perspective, it’s cos we have amazing sexual chemistry. You’ve given me confidence, we like each other & we feel comfortable enough to say anything, usually what we want sexually… then we actually do it. Live out fantasy’s… Plus cos we don’t see each other when we want, we build up the sexual tension… which is annoying but makes it hotter. We also have mind blowing sex… Every. Time. & you’re kinda sexy!” I don’t tell him but I also think he’s funny, we have great fun banter, he is my best friend. I tell him everything without judgement, even my weight! He agrees but then he can’t believe I even complimented him, I don’t do it very often even though his ego needs it. I struggle with this to be honest, I don’t want to be the douche out there saying I think someone is hot when they don’t reciprocate. He asks me “Did it hurt a little to compliment me?” I actually laugh out loud, but I don’t tell him that, I just tell him that it did hurt. Hahaha… Fuck I’m a stubborn bitch! When I tell him that I find him sexy he is surprised & laughs at me saying he should screen shot that, luckily I’m safe, he doesn’t… Well actually he doesn’t really know I do, I mean I’ve told him that I do, but I wonder if he does & saves them in his little secret app? So while on a roll, I say “In all seriousness … I do think you’re sexy, with a cute butt… I’m horny all the time when I think about you fucking me… The sex we have is so amazing that I haven’t wanted it with anyone else. And I love Mr Dom Noodle, he’s so much fun!” HoLY FuCkInG BaTsHiT, did I just say the L word?! Fuck I hope he doesn’t freak out! But all he says “Are you alright over there?” knowing I am never like this with him. I tell him that that is the last nice message from me & he laughs.

Noodle build him up.png

Lately I have noticed him posting more pictures of himself in the groups, especially since he has been going to the gym, he’s proud of his improvements, which he should be, of course, he looks fucking sexy… So I should be more complimentary to him, I bet he’s not getting compliments at home & I do find him sexy as fuck – considering he’s not what I would usually go for. I get a little jealous of the pictures he posts, that my reaction is to tease him about it & he says “Oi. People need to know what I look like. I don’t have a pfp like you” (pfp means profile picture) then he says to me “You look cute af in your pfp btw. Fuck, that’s being nice. Grrr” Hahaha, people NEED to know what he looks like?! What the fuck for? He’s got a partner & me, why the fuck would he be looking for anything else… Reminds me of Max, when he acted like a douche at Switch kissing another chick while there with me & his wife – as if that’s not enough, he needs another chick?! Fuck I hate being jealous. But I know that Noodle is not looking for anyone else, he wouldn’t have the time anyway, unless he ended it with me – I wonder if he’ll ghost me? But between full time work, gym & his family, with his phone being tracked, I’m not even sure how he has enough time for me.

Later that week, I am home from work early after a regional trip & it’s his day off so he brings his iPad – well his son’s iPad, to my house so he can text message if he needs too & also check her location, but has left his phone at home so his location isn’t at my house. He’s turned it off the location settings on the iPad, fuck this is a lot of effort, so much so that I so ask him if I’m even worth it, every time he says yes, that I’m “Defiantly worth it” (yes he says defiantly every time! Hahaha) He comes over & we don’t have a lot of time, we’re in my dining room kissing & undressing each other. I love when he stands behind me kissing my neck undressing me, before spinning me around to kiss me, push me up against the wall… The passion I have for this man is matched by his passion for me, he slides his fingers between my legs making my cum so quickly, that I didn’t even think it was possible, he has to hold me up because I am weak from standing on tippy toes from tying to get away from his fingers. He takes me into the lounge room & sits on the ottoman & I kneel before him sucking his cock, he grabs my hair in only a way a guy can put your hair in a faux ponytail that they hold out of the way. Why is this act of grabbing your hair out of the way so sexy? Even when it takes them about 5 goes before they get all your hair up in one hand? Then they look at your all proud… I love that feeling. I do like my hair being pulled so I like that he uses this mock ponytail to move my head around. He moans & asks me how much I like sucking his cock, like a good little slut. He’s not really called me slut while we’re fucking before, I like it & I realise that he is enjoying this so much. He pulls on my hair when I don’t answer as I’m too busy & I look up at him to say I like it. I hate being forced to say stuff, but I also find it so sexy, I love that he’s being more dominant with me, this is what I want, this is what I love. Of course I don’t need it, but it’s very fun when he does it, I know he enjoys it too but hasn’t ever had the opportunity to be this dominant, so he struggles to have the confidence, but when he does, fuck it turns me on!

He stops me & stands me up, commanding me to sit on his lap. We sit there nose, to nose, kissing, while I rub my clit over his cock just feeling him against me before grab his cock with my hand to guide it inside me. I ride him, we are fucking like there is no tomorrow. It feels like we’ve been fucking for hours, but I look at the clock & it’s only been a short time. I’m thankful that we have more time together, usually it’s the other way around, times goes so fast. Today it feels like it’s standing still. He stops us & commands me to kneel on the ottoman, taking me from behind, I feel him so deep inside me, he spanks my ass without warning so hard that I yelp & somehow get wetter. Why does being spanked turn me on so much. He makes a noise, like he can feel how much wetter I get & spanks me again. I reach between my legs to rub my clit as he speeds up, feeling he is getting close to cumming. I cum pretty hard, with my eyes going blurry & he spanks me once more & I fall flat on the ottoman but he moves with him, not stopping fucking me hard till he cums.

It feels like hours, literally hours that he’s been at my house fucking me, time stood still but it’s only been an hour & 15 minutes before he has to go, to make it home before his partner. Of course later we talk about it, we always seems to discuss the sex we had later than night, I tell him how ridiculously hot it was, he agrees “Yeah was like pure fiction and fantasy but real, and natural… Not forced & lame kinda thing.” I ask him if it ever feels forced, because fuck I don’t want that with him, even when I tie myself up for him, I don’t want him to think that I am forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to do with me, he reassures me, “Always comes naturally. I just find that hot. Like your presenting yourself to do whatever I want to you type of way.” Well I’m glad we’re on the same page there… Imagine if I’ve been tying myself up for him to walk into & he didn’t even like it. Surely he would’ve said something by now if he didn’t. I guess I’m just as paranoid about looking like an idiot in front of him as he is in front of me. Phew…

One night he says to me “I bet your an even better fuck tipsy !” Sadly, he’ll probably nebver know, I tell him this & he tells me that “hahaha, you could always get shitfaced one day before I come over. & then let me fuck you like a whore. Bent over & fucked hard” Errr, don’t I do that anyway? He says yes I do let him “Your fucking awesome ! You are the best thing to fuck since sliced bread. Not like anyone fucks slices of bread. But your fucking amazing.” OMG he makes me laugh, I am smiling at my phone in bed, like a fucking wanker. “You make all my fantasies come true. Your like one huge fucking fantasy fucking machine. & the best part is, you suggest half the shit!” I then ask him, what would he rather “One ultimate night with me or a lifetime of carbs without getting fat?” I know how much Noodle likes his food, this will be a hard choice for him. But his reply is instant “One ultimate night with you.” Awwww, fuck!


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