One Arm

One of the most superficial things about online dating is the fact that you have no idea how old the photo is that the person has posted & also sometimes you can’t even tell if they only have one arm or not! I’m not sure how much it would have mattered that he only had one arm but I showed about 20 people his photo to see what they thought but no one could work it out. In the end he did have two arms, so all was well but I still can’t understand what happened with this guy.

We texted for a while, spoke on the phone & arranged a date, a walk on the beach. Now at this point in my life I was feeling pretty ugly & fat, so when he suggested the beach I was so unsure what to wear, I had no cute dresses or anything beachy, having not been to the beach in about five years, I think I ended up wearing jeans & a top. It was windy as hell & we were pelted with sand the whole time, but he didn’t seem to want to leave, we talked about all sorts of crap & he offered to walk up the beach a bit to where we’d be protected behind the rocks by the pelting sand.

At the end of the date he walked me back to my car & asked if I wanted to see him again, I said sure, he seemed like a decent bloke. We didn’t kiss or hug but I felt alright about our first meeting, even though a date on the beach wasn’t something I was comfortable with, I still felt like this had prospects & maybe a future.

Later that night, he text me to say he’d had a good time, we texted a fair bit through the week & even really late at night, which is usually when guys start being suggestive, but this guy didn’t, he seemed pretty decent. Until I brought it up about catching up again with him, that he said he just wanted to be friends & didn’t feel the spark with me. I don’t really understand why these guys text me after the date to say they had a good time if they know they don’t ‘feel the spark’ I mean whatever happened to waiting the 3 days after a date before contacting the girl? I also understand that these guys are dating more that one woman at a time, but what is so wrong with me that they go from paying for the entire date & texting me less than an hour after, to not wanting a to see me again? What does this other girl have that I don’t? Well clearly nothing, because it’s a few years later & One Arm is still on a few different sites & has liked my profile on one, so let’s just see if there is “one arm #2” coming up!


Although after all the second chances I’ve given men over the years & it ended with me feeling like a complete dick saying “shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice”, is it wise to give this guy a second chance? In the end I didn’t! Did I let “The One” go?


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