Max #5

Max continues his sexual torture on me, a drip here & a drip there… He again doesn’t really fuck me, but he fingers me so much so the bed is saturated. When he does want to fuck me, he rubs his hard cock on my clit to make me cum, then once I’ve cum, he fucks me. I am so sensitive that I cum very quickly. I am still tied up, on my X restraints, there is nothing I can do besides beg him to let me cum or beg him to stop.

When he’s finally done with me, I am so done, I pretty much curl up in a ball & fall asleep. I can’t move & I think if he touches my clit anymore I will literally cum within seconds. He sleeps over the night, it’s nice to have him there all night, however I do wake up all through the night just because someone is in my bed, I guess I wake him up too, because he wakes up to actually fuck me in the middle of the night.

In the morning, we have sex before we get up, however while his dick is actually in me, his phone rings. He has a distinctive ring tone for his wife, it’s a man voice, saying “warning, warning, it’s the wife calling” with a siren noise, so it’s undoubtedly her, when he picks it up answers, I am mortified. What the fuck is he doing? This is so fucking weird! But he gives me a cheeky grim & I kind of like it. He’s fucking me while on the phone to her. I hear her ask why he sounds weird & I contemplate making a lot of noise, but why the fuck is she ringing, she knows where he is…!

After we have sex, I make him coffee & it seems like it’s a normal every day occurrence to make him coffee & sit with him outside while he has a smoke. I get up & go inside then come back out when he grabs me, from behind, pushing me up against my outdoor table, pulling my tracksuit pants down, he starts to spank my ass… I whimper but I really enjoy it… (yes I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m loving it.) He spanks me so hard & for so long, but I am stubborn & will never tell him to stop. I am on the verge of telling him to stop though when he slips is cock in me from behind.052816 (23)We are fucking outdoors, this is probably the first time I’ve ever fucked in my backyard, when he pulls out a little to far & goes back into my ass, clearly not on purpose being his reaction later, but I don’t say anything, I assume he knows, surely my ass feels different. (as you may realise, I do get quite wet, so I don’t need lube for anal) & as long as it’s not surprise anal where the guy tries to go up your ass without any warning or prep work. I cum, but then he realises that he’s been in my ass, pulls out & says he has to go have a shower. I am literally still there bent over the outdoor table, wondering what the fuck just happened, when I see him in the bathroom. Clearly not an anal guy… That surprises me being the type of guy he is, in an open relationship & what not, but obviously not.

He gets out the shower & I get in, not showering with him being how he just left me. I feel so dirty & weird. He hangs out for a bit longer, which is good because if he left straight away, I don’t think we could’ve recovered. I feel like an idiot. Maybe he’s learning, I don’t know. But at least he stayed a bit to make me feel better. I mean he’s only the 4th dude to ever fuck my ass & he’s acting like it’s gross… I mean I quite enjoyed it. But whatever.

We continue to chat everyday as usual, he stops being as weird as he had been & finally stops blaming how busy he is, however I still don’t see him for a while again… Like a couple of weeks. For someone that was so keen to see me before, since the kayak thing, I barely even get sex once a week from him – no wonder I need other men. He knows I’m fucking other people, he encourages me to tell him about them too, but I’m also not 100% sure that guys really want to hear about your sex life with another guy. However we do talk about the fact I would like to have a 3sum with 2 guys – a MFM. Max, seems pretty keen having done one with Sweetie. I also tell him about a intruder fantasy that I’d like to try out, where i come home from something to find an intruder in my house, so he tells me to give him some keys & he’ll make it happen. Wow, I’m going to live out all my fantasy’s with this guy,

Max also joins a few groups on the chat app that I’m in  but seems to not be able to get into the banter with everyone. It shows me a different side of him to be honest, not a bad side but a more socially inept side that makes me realise why possibly he is the way he is when he is “busy” or when I am being needy or something. He doesn’t know how to deal with it, he works alone, has no colleagues, his wife doesn’t work so she has no colleagues. I don’t think they have a lot of friends either, even though they are into swinging, they seem to keep to themselves – or seem to play alone with their other person, rather than together. It becomes very evident & it makes him make a lot more sense to me now.


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