During my time on the chat app, I made a few friends. I apparently became quite influential in the groups & am the owner of quite a few, some because I created them & some because I inherited them when the original owner left the group, the chat app just give the ownership  to someone else. I was quite open in the beginning to chat to people via private message but I became jaded very quickly & stopped replying to people in private message, because usually they’d ask for nude pictures of me, they’d get really dirty chatting trying to sext me or send a cock shot to me. At some point throughout all this, I did chat to Donkey before I found out he is married with a pregnant wife & actually the brother of one of the girls I had become friends with, who I am not sure is 100% all there – like not playing with a full deck of cards all there & I’m almost certain she has a crush on Noodle. Noodle & I would cringe when she shared a tit picture in one of the private groups, I always almost felt like I was encouraging a mentally disabled person to share nudes, which of course we never asked her to share, she just did to fit in with everyone, but it made us both feel very uncomfortable.

Now, I’m not a saint, I am in the midst of an ongoing sordid affair with a Noodle also – so I’m not judging Donkey for cheating, but Donkey was different to Noodle, he was a cocky guy telling everyone in groups about his conquests etc, apparently taking pictures of him fucking them & then sharing them without their permission. There was also some drama apparently about a chick that fell in love with him & because he was sleeping around with anyone that would fuck him from the app & also this chick, it caused a big rift, I heard that people were going to tell the pregnant wife & all sorts of shit… I also didn’t really understand why the sister wouldn’t say something to her brother or to the sister, I guess that does say something about her mental capabilities. But this all made me so happy that Noodle only wanted me & even though I wanted everyone to know about us, it was good that didn’t need to tell a lot of people either.

I put up a very cheeky picture as my profile picture for the longest time, it just so happened to be just my face & a some of Noodle’s cum on my cheek (story to come!), which got me lots of attention from everyone, I got so many people trying to chat to me, it made Noodle so jealous, but at this point, I am only fucking him & I don’t want the attention – well I do, but I don’t… Hahaha… This picture even got me banned twice for a 12 hour stint. This is when Donkey uped the ante & he asked his sister to private message me & show him what I respond to her. (She actually showed me what he was asking by screen shotting it – see below) then he asked her to ask me to fuck him. Like a pimp?! He also offered to pay me to fuck him! WTF!!

Disclaimer: Pic is real!

Now I don’t have a problem with people offering me money, at the time it seriously went through my mind for a split second at what I would actually charge for my services… But I don’t think I could go through with it anyway… I should have asked how much he was willing to pay & work out what my going rate would be. I still wonder what he would actually pay & what he would expect me to do.

However I am happy with what I have right now, I don’t want to jeopardise what I have with Noodle, because I know he hates Donkey with a passion, I think it’s just because he’s so into me & because he was a complete asshole to the other women. But I have made a decision, that I am not going to fuck anyone else. Not that I was was even considering Donkey seriously, he’s not even my type… But he is so keen & willing to pay me. I mean seriously, who would even ask their mentally challenged sister to ask her friend to fuck him for money? Desperate!

UPDATE: Donkey has messaged me on my new profile recently to ask if we could start fresh, putting everything behind us & chat. I ignored him for the 184503 time!


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