Crows #4

After all the drama blows over with Noodle – well it’s not blown over, it’s only just stopped, I’ve stopped replying to his emails… It hurts with every heartbeat but I had to stop emailing him. As much as I don’t want too, I had too… I am distraught at this point & the only thing keeping me going is how much I love my work – it’s a consuming job & I put all my effort into that & I put all my heart into the gym.

One Saturday morning, about a month since I saw him last, Crows says he’s going to come over after work. I have fucked a few guys, not waiting around for this one, who is married still himself… Albeit, he says that he’s separated… If we believe him. This morning he decides he’s coming over, I actually have a baby shower to go to & he asks me what I’m going to wear. I send him a picture, at this point I weigh the lowest I have ever weighed, probably because I basically haven’t eaten since May – It’s October & I’m exercising like a maniac… I hope one day I will be over Noodle, but today isn’t that day. I am wearing a white lace skirt & black top with cute strappy heels, I look amazing, I send Crows a picture & I really can’t help but want Noodle to see how good I look today too, but obviously, we aren’t talking. Crows tells me that I look hot & that he doesn’t want me to wear panties. OMG… To a baby shower! Jesus… Can I do that?

I decide that this game will be fun, so I slide my panties down my leg & pack my bag to go to my friends house. On the way to the shower though Crows messages me, tells me to pull over & take a live picture for him of me without panties. I do as I’m told, I don’t want to waste time having to massage him when he’s here to fuck me.

During the baby shower, I am turned on the whole fucking time, this is not a good place to be turned on, but I am! I’m wearing a skirt & there is a slight breeze, I didn’t know I would be able to feel. I am oddly aware of the fact that I have no undies on & am constantly thinking, what if someone notices?! I feel so naughty.

Crows messages me though the baby shower & demands I go to the bathroom & take a picture so he knows I am not wearing underwear, which I do, this turns me on more & he sends me a picture of his cock protruding through his work pants. When he says that he’s almost finished work & will be on his way to my house, I make my excuses & head home to await his arrival. I want him to see me in this outfit, I am not sure why, but I do. I guess I want him to see me looking normal, not just in bed, naked.

I leave the front door open & let him know to just come in. He’s told me to get out some toys, the restraints, a butt plug & a vibrator. So I am in my bedroom with a beer, trying to find all those things, when he walks into my room & startles me. I walk over to him & he asks where his beer is with a cheeky grin so I offer mine, not wanting a punishment, so he has some of my beer & we kiss. He is wearing track pants & a t shirt with a baseball cap, odd attire for work, I think he’s an electrician or something? I don’t really know. We talked about it but I don’t remember. I am too caught up in my own drama to remember what he does or doesn’t do. I’m assuming everything he says would be a lie anyway.

We both get undressed & he ties me to the bed pretty quickly, he’s told me that he has a bit longer today but he still doesn’t have a lot of time. He goes down on me making me cum so hard & fast that I can’t even see straight afterwards. He uses the vibrator to make me cum again & also finds a toy to spank me with, hitting my tits with his hand & kissing me deeply. I love how rough he is with me.

Crows is the first guy ever (I know yo might find this surprising) but he’s the first guy ever to rim me. He spends a lot of time on my butt… I don’t hate it, but I don’t rate it… I wonder if it’s because I am so conscious of what comes out of that hole that I can’t relax & enjoy it?! It was something Noodle & I discussed doing in the shower of the gym (but now his partner has done it for him – he doesn’t need me…) Crows then finds the butt plug & he lubes it up with how wet I am & slips it in my ass. He goes down on me again for a few minutes before kissing up my body where he slips on a condom & slides deep into me, kissing me & my nipples while I’m tied up that I am literally writhing around on the bed, I know that my hair is going to be a fucking birds nest, I am twisting & turning my head like a mad woman, trying to get away but totally loving this.

Crows buttholes licking

As he fucks me I am cumming again so hard, that I feel like the butt plus slips out & that makes me cum harder. He pulls out when he is almost done, rips off the condom & cums all over my tummy… Guys seem to like marking me with their cum. I wouldn’t just let anyone do it, but I have fucked this guy a while & he’s just been though the fucking STI scare, I’m surprised that he’s even talking to me still, I mean I’m not sure that I would keep seeing a guy with so much drama. But I guess he knows he can trust me because I never did anything bad to Noodle, when I had every opportunity to do so.

Once we’re done, Crows unties me & I sit up, I have a wall of mirrors because of the wardrobe doors & I catch a glimpse of my scarecrow hair & as I reach up to try to flatten it & say something about how ridiculous I look. He reaches over & tucks some stray strands behind my ear & says “You look beautiful.” FUCK! We kind of look at each other, but I look away first, not really knowing what to do. WTF was that moment…

He asks if he can have a shower & I get him a towel. I go to the bathroom then go back to my room to straighten the bed, clean up the toys & just sort out the disarray that my room is. I look around for the vibe, butt plug & restraints, I find everything but the butt plug. I look under the bed, I look under all the sheets, which I strip & get ready to wash. I pull everything apart & can’t find it. FUCK. I ask Crows when he gets out of the shower if he can see it, but he can’t find it either. WTF happened to it? I kind of give up looking for it because I want him to go so I can do the unthinkable & feel my butt.. Hahaha! (How embarrassing) When he leaves I go back to the bathroom but it definitely isn’t still inside me. I have no fucking idea what happened to it. I have visions of my nieces & nephews finding it somewhere so I look everywhere for the bloody thing but can’t find it at all… I message Crows a few days later to ask if he took it for a souvenir, but he says that he definitely doesn’t have it. I have no idea what the fuck happened to it… All I can think is that when I went to the bathroom after we fucked, it went in the toilet… To this day, 12 months later, I still don’t know what happened to that butt plug! Bahaha… Who loses a butt plug? Yep, I did…!

Crows & I talk a lot about the fact he wants to go to a swingers play party with me, but we never do. I talk to him about a fantasy of a bit of a gang bang type scenario where he would be in charge of a few men who could be there to use me as Crows allows. I always wanted a MFM with Noodle, but never got it, I thought that Noodle would be amazing in this scenario but obviously I am never going to get that… But I don’t see Crows again after that day where I lost the butt plug & the beautiful comment – not because I didn’t try but because Crows never reads my last message to him of me asking to see him when I got home from work that week. Right well I guess that’s over!? Fuck, that makes me more upset, at least he was filling a void, filling that hole (for lack of better word! Hahaha)

The morning of the Christmas pageant, I’m carrying my 2 year old niece, powering through the crowd to find my family who have saved us a place, when I see about 3 steps away from me, Crows – I just about practically walk into him! He’s standing there with some people but I don’t notice who, I just realise how close I am to him & I realise that my gut instinct was probably right, that he’s not as separated as he thinks/says he is. That’s why he’s been MIA, that’s why I haven’t seen him during his jury duty that he’s been doing (I did jury duty & did fuck all but play with my phone, not sure why he’s using it as excuse to not talk to me) – or heard from him at all.

I’m not entirely sure why a guy who is married, gets me to sleep with him on an ongoing basis & then he has the audacity to ghost me! Especially after everything he went through with me that I thought would send him running for the hills, such as the STI saga & the fact I couldn’t stop talking to him about Noodle… I’m actually surprised it went on this long – but it’s over now, I’m done with this guy, even if he was pretty hot…

I don’t do anything when I see him at the pageant. I look at him but I walk by, he’s so fucking lucky I am not crazy… Adelaide is so fucking small… In a crowd of hundreds of thousands & I run into the man who’s fucked me numerous times & then ghosted me…

About 9 months later, I’m chatting to Dom & he commands me to message Crows, see if he’s still on the chat app. I think this is a dumb idea, I mean if the guy was interested then he would message me, right?

But one night after a few wines, I am hitting send on a message to Crows asking if he’s still around. He doesn’t reply for ages but when he does he says that he wondered what happened to me. I tell him that he didn’t write back to my last message & I send him a screenshot of the chat, he says that he never got that message. I ask him if he saw me at the pageant & he says that he did, he was a bit worried I’d say something when I came so close. He saw me coming towards him, I didn’t see him till I was practically standing in front of him. He thanks me for not saying anything & that he trusts me. He tells me that his wife was in the pageant so she wasn’t around him.

We talk about catching up again because he is seriously the best head I’ve ever had & I keep thinking about it, he is going to come over in the morning, however I am going out that night & thinking that a guy might be coming home with me, so he comes over that afternoon for a very quick fuck. He tells me that he wants me naked, tied up with a vibe on my clit so I am wet & ready for him, he doesn’t have much time. He tells me to send a live video to him when I have the vibe on me.

He comes over & goes down on me quickly before slipping on a condom & fucking me hard & fast before he has to go. I never see him again at all after that, we barely talk too & when I try – several times – to chat to him he says he’s been busy blah blah blah. I fucking hate when men say they are busy, it’s so offensive, like I’m not busy too! It’s fucking rude! Fuck you Crows.


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