I had been so busy with a new job that I hadn’t had time to give my friend all the details of the job & what had been happening, she suggested a night out to celebrate, so we locked it in for Friday night.

I arrive at her house & we have a little platter of food for dinner & a bottle of wine each, it’s about 9:30pm when we decide to head out calling her uncle to drop us into the city. I honestly don’t really remember much about the night, it is all pieced together later, but waking up in a hotel room, in a fancy hotel, with a guy was not at all what I was expecting.

I wake up at 7:00am & try to make a run for it, but Perth wakes up & walks me to the taxi, shoving $20 in my hand, I couldn’t have felt more like a hooker & it was probably the most embarrassing walk of shame I have ever done in my entire life, through the hotel lobby, in the elevator, then getting into a taxi out the front of the hotel. Yep, hooker! Funniest part about that is that we didn’t have sex because neither of us had a condom.

Anyway he was from Perth, which is why he was staying at the hotel where we were at in the nightclub. So later in the day he starts texting me asking what I was up to & could he see me tonight, I thought what the hell so I said yes. He texted all through the day & further into the night saying he was going to have trouble getting away from his friends but he would work it out. I explained that I live about a $70 taxi ride from the city, which he said was no problem.

He got to my house about 11:00pm & we fooled around a bit, but he wouldn’t put on the condom that I did have this time, so we just went to sleep. When we woke up early in the morning we talked a bit, I remember him offering to fly me over to Perth to see him, we fooled around a bit but again he just refused to put on the condom, I couldn’t really work out why he would travel all that way to refuse to put one on.

Then he jumped up saying ‘let’s have a shower’ we were kissing in the shower & it was hot, that I just said ‘fuck me’ he said ‘seriously?’ I said yes but he replied ‘let’s get out of the shower’ then when we got back into bed we didn’t have sex but I asked him if he had A.D.H.D. He laughed, but I couldn’t work him out.


At 10:00am he started getting texts asking where he was because they had a tour to go on at 11:00am so I dropped him back into the city, in the car he asked ‘if I lived here would you want to see me again’ I was a bit taken back, but replied ‘yes.’ He kissed me goodbye when he got out of the car, I wondered if I might end up living in Perth!?

We text a few times during that night before his flight late on Sunday afternoon, he added me a friend on Facebook, but then ignored my text when I text him later in the week, I ended up asking if he was still talking to me, which he said he was just busy. I never spoke to him again & quietly deleted him from my Facebook a few weeks later – I guess I’m not going to be living in Perth!


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