Cruise #2

To my surprise, 7:00am I hear my phone bing as we must be back in Australia & I have a friend request on Facebook from Cruise inc a message, since he doesn’t have my phone number yet. I reply back but as we’re doing a Sydney tour & flying home, I don’t talk to him much more that day, but when I am getting into bed, I send him a text with three things that I am grateful for (one of the little jokes we did, a couple on the cruise told everyone that they always went to bed saying three things they are grateful for, we did it after we had sex as a joke).

We texted a fair bit, he’d send me picture quotes every morning with a hello (including one about how distance doesn’t matter if you really like someone) & I was surprised when he called me for the first time, asking when I was coming to Canberra to see him, I wanted to go, but I was really trying to focus on getting myself out of debt, I suggested he come to Adelaide & he said he would, but he couldn’t leave Canberra for about 8-9 weeks while his dad was away because he couldn’t leave his mum, that’s when alarm bells started to ring as I figured, even though it

was supremely early to think this, but he would never move to Adelaide if he couldn’t leave his mum while his dad was away. But he did a good job of keeping in contact with me, calling me weekly on a Sunday & we text through the week too, but there was always something missing, I wasn’t 100% invested in this guy because I felt like if he wanted to see me, then he would take a weekend off & come see me. Maybe he thought the same thing of me too?

Finally it was the week before he said he was coming, when he finally told me he booked flights in at 9:00am Friday & out at 7:00pm Sunday. I said I’d try to get Friday off work, which was easy enough, but then he decides that he was to do an “Adelaide tour“, which again alarm bells go off, it made me think that he was never coming back to Adelaide & why wouldn’t he want to spend an extra day with me?

We met after the tour for lunch in the city, things went ok, we talked & held hands as we walked through the shops in the city then went for a walk down at Glenelg, before we finally went back to my house, where we had sex twice then went out for dinner. The next day he suggested a movie & some shopping, which I thought was ok, but was disappointed I wasn’t going to show him much of Adelaide. We then went out to see the Adelaide zombie walk after dinner. We had sex once on Saturday night & then he suggested that we go to town to lunch on Sunday & he would catch a cab to the airport as his flight leaves at 3:00pm. I suggested that we go to Glenelg for lunch & I could drop him at the airport, however when we get to the airport, he can’t find his bag, he’s lost his bag! So I suggest he calls the restaurant & I can take him back there to pick it up. By the time we leave the airport & get back to the restaurant it’s 4:00pm, he tells me ‘he has some time, its ok, his flight isn’t till later’ Yeah, I know 7:00pm!

Cruise #2


I’m not sure why he lied about his flight times, I guess he wasn’t having a good time, but he didn’t seem to want to do anything but go shopping, we texted a few times but I ended up asking if he wanted to be friends & he said yes it’s probably for the best with the distance. –I guess you just don’t like me enough to not worry about the distance after all!

UPDATE: We’re still friends on FB & he messages me from time to time, nothing exciting but mainly to tell me how good I look now I’ve lost more weight.


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