Max #9

Again I don’t talk much to Max, but do you know what, who cares at this point. He doesn’t seem to care much about me, so why should I put any effort in? Especially since he’s married, there is no future for me here, but I figure if he wants to to keep going, then he should be worshipping me! How many woman are there out there would actually ‘date’ a married man in an open relationship? I doubt there are that many!

I’ll see Max when he is free, if I’m free (which is fucking annoying that I always am) but I’m not going out of my way to talk to him & try to see him. Things have ended with Origin, sadly & now I am basically only seeing Max every few weeks whenever he is not infamously busy but of course there’s still Noodle.

As if this story couldn’t get any weirder, during this time, Sweetie is actually seeing Milky. Yes my Milky. I set it up so I am not upset about it. But fuck me if this isn’t the weirdest thing ever, I don’t know what is… How did I get in this situation? Well Sweetie wasn’t seeing anyone, I was enjoying her husband more than Milky, so after Milky said he wanted to fuck her as the condition to have the MFM with me & Max, I passed on their chat app details & they started chatting. They caught up a few times but he decided to not use a condom with her one night & as she wasn’t on contraception as Max has had a vasectomy, she had to go get the morning after pill… I mean why do men do this? Fucking seriously… Milky tells Sweetie that he thought she’d be on contraception but that’s beside the point. Not only should they be scare of an unwanted pregnancy with a married woman, but what about STI’s? Does no dude care about that anymore? I’m obsessed with condoms & am constantly carrying them around in case they don’t have a latex free one, but guys seem to be so happy to just whip it off & risk the STI’s. I don’t get it.

Anyway Max invites me out on a date & I am so ridiculously starved for an actual date that I jump at the chance, he invites himself over & says that we’ll go for dinner then to the movies. We go to Fasta Pasta for dinner – so classy hahaha. I can tell he’s uncomfortable, awkward & not at all enjoying this like a date should be. I mean we’ve been seeing each other for 5 months. The conversation seems forced & I find it hard to keep engaging with him, I am almost dying to get to the movies because at least then neither of us have to force conversation. We see Baywatch with Zac Effron (yes that’s how far behind I am in these stories!) he starts rubbing my leg in the virtually empty cinema & I am spreading my legs a lot quicker than I should be. This guy should seriously be earning this – especially since we barely see each other anymore. But my stupid vagina craves this, I am wanting him to touch me & It feels so naughty that it’s in a public cinema. He slips his hand into my jeans & I bite my lip, he’s going to finger me during this movie & I know that if I resist it’ll just spur him on more, plus I want this… I’ve never had a guy do something like this to me before. I shift in my seat to give him easy access & within a few seconds because I’m so turned on that I’m doing this in public, I know I have to be quiet but let him know that I am enjoying it so I grab his wrist & guide his hand to a better position, but I don’t let go as he gets me closer to cumming, I squeeze his wrist with my hand. I throw my head back in the seat as I cum, biting my lip so as not to make any noise. It’s actually pretty sexy… After the movie, we go home to my house for some quick sex & then Max goes home.

A few days later Max, Sweetie & I go to Switch together, they are staying at my house as usual, they come over & we head into the city. It’s an uneventful night, at least Max isn’t kissing random women while he’s there with his wife & me. Max actually makes an effort to seem like he wants to be there with me & Sweetie, which is good. On the way to Switch in the taxi, Max slips his hand between my legs & I feel a buzzing, it’s mini vibe he has… I squirm under his touch but it doesn’t really do much. We have the usual 3sum when we get home & this time we tie up Sweetie. Max lets me use the candles on her but when a drip of wax causes her to ask us to stop, I lose confidence to do anything. Later I find out that it actually caused a burn on her belly.

2 weeks later, the night after the last time I saw Origin, I spend the day with Noodle, tired as fuck from the weed muffin. I don’t want to leave him but I said that I would go to Sweetie’s birthday party, I am tired & really can’t be bothered getting out of bed after the day I spent with Noodle, does edible weed do that to you? I have no idea but I am not in the mood to go out. I need sleep & tons of it. I message Max to say I’m at the hotel that they’re staying at, at the time they ask me to be there… He meets me out the front & takes me up stairs. The last thing I want to do is have a 3sum with them right now. But I get there & Sweetie is still getting ready. I am kinda pissed that I have gotten ready to make it here by 6:00 pm & am now going to sit in the hotel room for fuck knows how long while they get ready still. This really doesn’t help my mood!

After what seems like eternity for me – it probably isn’t but I’m feeling like shit, but I couldn’t bail being I found out I’m the only one the invited to this party. They get ready to go out & we head out for dinner. I am in a mood, I can’t snap out of, this is not what idea I had in my head when I was invited to a birthday party. We end up going to the WoolShed – those who live in Adelaide know it’s this bar/nightclub in the city that had a mechanical bull to ride… Yes classy! Hahaha. I can’t snap out of this mood, even when Max rides the bull, I just can’t enjoy it. I left my car at their hotel, or I would’ve left early, but I also feel bad because I am the only one there…

Max relationships sex too busy.png

We go back to the hotel room & again, I am not sure why I went up, I am really not in the mood, I have probably really ruined the night for them. I should go home! While Sweetie is having bath, Max starts making a move on me, he gets me naked & ties me to the bed with rope. He gets his toy bag & starts using things on me, I see Sweetie come into the room wearing the bathrobe. Max kisses her & leaves a vibe on me while he attends to her. I’m tied up & usually this would be something I enjoy, but my headspace is not good for this. I hate it. I hate that I am tied up, being teased while they fuck next to me. I wriggle my way out of the restraints & stand up, getting my clothes on. This was not a good idea. I told Noodle I wasn’t going to do this & I shouldn’t have… I really wasn’t in the right place for this. I leave them to it, saying good bye & driving home. I hop into bed & fall asleep immediately.

I wake to my phone ringing about 10:00 am, I look & it’s Max. I almost don’t answer… I am still so tired, I notice other messages too on my phone. I answer & he asks if I’m ok, he was worried as I hadn’t replied to any messages he sent & I didn’t send a message when I got home last night. I explain I was tired & I’m ok. We hang up. I roll over with my phone, quickly replying to Noodle to his messages this morning & closing my eyes to go back to sleep. I am still wrecked from the weed muffin… How do people smoke weed all the time!?

I barely ever speak to Max again… I am so done with trying to even chat to him & so done with the “I’m busy” bullshit that I no longer even make an effort & neither does he… So we basically ghost each other, in a way… The story, of course, is not done – this is me afterall, but it’s over for now!


3 thoughts on “Max #9”

  1. Eating weed is a lot stronger than smoking it or using a bong. It affects some people really intensely, plus you don’t know how strong the weed was or whether it was hydro-weed or what. Everyone is different remember, in how we react to drugs – that’s why people die from a random pill 😦


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