Noodle #6

Noodle has now worked out how to fake his location on his iPhone (which is pretty hard to do, he had to load some program or jail break the phone, I don’t really know what he did but somehow, he did it, so he could see me more easily, pretend he’s still at the store but actually be at my place with his phone in case she calls – I really don’t want her to know where I live either since she’ll apparently bash me!) and he showed me how his phone had recorded his location for the few times that he’s already been to my house. I think I freaked out more than him, asking him to delete it immediately. His partner does not sound stable (though I know I only get his perspective of her, don’t worry, I’m not completely delusional about my part in this) & he’s also cheating on her, so I don’t know what a scorned woman would do. I don’t trust her so I want to be careful, he assures me that he will protect my identify at all costs, should she ever find about me. I believe that he will – I trust him with my address & real name… I know when this goes south & believe me, I am also not delusional that it won’t, it will, he will make sure I am not in the cross fire. I appreciate that at least. I even ask him to promise that he won’t ghost me, that he’ll find a way to tell me that it’s over. He says that he’ll try, but it may not be possible.

Noodle adventure sex dating

So the next day, Sunday afternoon, he says that he’ll come over in his lunch break again, I am surprised at how much this guy has been able to see me so far, that we are able to see each other a few days in a row! I am also surprised as how much he wants to see me… Not many guys have ever wanted to see me this much! Or wanted to talk to me this much…. I think that is our downfall, but we are powerless to stop it.

I leave the door open for him & am in my bedroom when I hear him come in, I meet him in the hallway, we collide the second we meet, kissing with such passion & stripping so quickly. I have never had this kind of passion with someone before, it’s fucking nuts – I can barely control myself around him. I know you probably think I am like that with every guy, but I’m not. I get turned on, yes, but not ever like this before. I can’t be around this man without his hands on me, mouth on me or cock in me… It’s almost like I can’t get him close enough to me, or inside me quick enough. We’re in my bedroom and fucking quicker than I care to admit. I cum several times before he jumps up while I am on my stomach & I hear him ruffling through my draws, he grabs my hands roughly behind my back & ties them together (He doesn’t get this dominant very often that I get so wet from just this small act), he turns me over roughly & starts kissing me all over. With this angle the tie is digging into my arm, it’s starting to hurt a little so I try to turn over to expose my wrists & I ask him to loosen it but he smacks my ass & says no. FUCK, I literally get even wetter. I’m not even sure how that works… He fucks me again & finally once he’s done, he unties my hands & I realise that one of thumbs is a little numb. it actually stays numb for a few days that I actually fear he’s done some permanent damage, but it gets better & am kinda sad that I don’t have that little reminder of how naughty we were that Sunday afternoon!

We cuddle lying on the bed, again somehow I don’t like cuddling but my whole body is cuddling him, drawing him in as close as i can get to him. His hands are never stationary on my body, they run up & down my skin feeling every lump & bump. We lay there chatting , he looks at his watch then at me & runs his hands even more suggestively over me so they are between my legs slowly turning me back on. He makes me cum this way before rolling on top of me, sliding into me, we’re face to face, I can’t look away, our eyes lock & to be honest, this is probably the first time that I have fucked a guy where I haven’t looked away. Usually I close my eyes when they look at me as it’s too intimate or something. But this time, this guy, I look at him, he’s looking at me, he’s deep inside me & I’m seriously tingling all over, when he kisses my neck, OMG that feels fucking amazing as he slowly slides in & out of me, he keeps moving his mouth, down my body till he is sucking a nipple, I moan the loudest I have ever moaned, without even realising it or being able to control it, usually I am pretty quiet during sex, contrary to what you may think because of this blog.

He moves from nipple to nipple, sucking while he slowly fucks me, I can hear him chuckle as I moan even louder & louder, squirming under him, trying to get away, he takes my hands & pins them above my head, I beg him to stop sucking my nipples, even though I don’t want him to stop. Why do we do that? Tell someone to stop when we really don’t want them too so we require a safe word? Why don’t we just mean stop when we say stop… But I don’t mean it & he doesn’t stop!

He keeps doing it over & over, letting my hands go so it doesn’t take long till I am cumming loudly grabbing onto him, digging my nails in his back. As I cum for what seems like the tenth time, quivering & shaking like I never have before, my legs shake uncontrollably, he cums for the second time in 2 hours & as we lay there afterwards trying to regain our breath, he says that he never cums twice ever – Well you just did Noodle! Hahaha. Geez, that was also a long lunch break!

Later when Noodle & I are chatting, he tells me that if it wasn’t me, he would’ve chosen someone else to cheat with & my heart sinks a little… I actually thought I mean’t something to him… I know he’s a liar & a smooth talker, I mean how else did we get here, but I din’t think he’d be so brutally honest with me. I can’t hide my disappointment & I’m surprised that he spends so much time reassuring me that I’m not the most convenient person he could’ve chosen to cheat with, he tells me that he actually likes me & then puts my mind at ease, “You’re very easy to talk to, can be funny (hate admitting that), sexy as fuck, dirty minded and I actually really like your honesty” WOW… I don’t even know what to respond to that. He also says “I’m pretty sure your everyone’s crush on here, but it’s all good… cos I had a crush on you and I got to fuck you, so I can’t complain.” Well at least I know I he’s feeling a little the same as I am. Why am I feeling this way?!


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