Christmas Party

Ok, so this story goes against what I do – a little, as it’s not a dating story per se, it’s not even about a man I’m dating, but just something odd that happened to me that I think I should talk about. This type of stuff doesn’t happen to me often, well this doesn’t ever happen to me. But woerd things do happen to me, this is just one of them!

It’s almost Christmas (post Noodle – skipping ahead a bit since you all wanted a post every day this week). I’ve been invited to a party of a colleague/friend at their house, I go with another colleague/friend. I ask the hostess if she wants any help with anything but she says no, so many times that I almost stop asking. But my forte is helping in the kitchen & I also don’t know a lot of people so I figure that hiding making canapés is a good idea.

Several canapés down, I’ve basically taken over in the kitchen, everyone is saying what a good job I am doing & they are all very thankful. This is just type of person I am, my sister organises a party but doesn’t always execute it, so I sometimes take over. Maybe that’s the Leo in me. I’m not sure, but there is something in me that wants me to take over, be the hostess & person doing everything.

As I walk around with platters of food, I am getting lots of compliments on the job I am doing. As a side note, I actually feel pretty good about the way I look too, I am wearing the white dress that Noodle was obsessed with (as well as every other guy on the chat app when it was my profile pic), my hair has perfectly curled tonight & I am wearing cute heels, to be honest, it’s a waste of my effort for this party – there don’t seem to be any single men here.

After a while, I kick off the shoes as I am walking food around & busy in the kitchen. A few men thank me for the work I am doing but one of the wives gets weird about it. I had barely talked to him but his wife later picked up my shoes, brought them to me & asked if she could put them on, I reluctantly said ok, being a bit weirded out about this, not really knowing what else to say, then she walked over to her husband & asked what he thought, then he asked to buy my dress & I look at him weirdly, & didn’t really think about my reply, when I said “So I’m just going to walk around in my underwear?” which he smiles & says that he’d buy that too… WTF? I kind of walk away feeling awkward as fuck, cleaning up the whole house of glasses, bottles & platters, as it was so weird, why was she wearing my shoes & why was he wanting my dress & underwear – it’s a cute dress but this is odd…

Christmas party drinking.png

Later in the night when the guy walks up to me to tell me to drink & stop cleaning, he puts his arm around me in a friendly manner to say ‘you’ve done a good job’ type thing, I didn’t feel like he was being sleezy, when I hear his name snapped, in that tone that says don’t fuck with me by his wife & I think holy fuck, he just said what a good job I was doing. Further into the night I am sitting down looking at my phone, trying to avoid her & him plus get my taxi app to work as I want to get the fuck out of here. When he comes up to me again, put his arm around me again, I ask him to leave me the fuck alone & he asks ‘Why, cos my wife might scratch your eyes out?” I’m like yeah so get away from me. He laughs but leaves me alone. If only he knew that I’ve dealt with one crazy wife this year, he’d know why I didn’t even want him near me.

To be honest with you, I don’t think he did anything to make her snap, so I wonder if there was a pre-existing issue there – like he’s cheated on her or something in the past, but I didn’t even show any signs of flirting or anything with him, as you all know I have major self-esteem issues so I honestly thought he was just being nice since I had waited on everyone all night & cleaned the house. It was awkward, even my friend said so.

However later in the night it happened to be the couple who hosted, my friend & the weird couple left waiting for cabs. She was so nice when the real hostess was saying how amazing I was & thanking me for helping out so much, the weirdo who wore my shoes was saying I was so beautiful & lovely… WTF? This is fucking weird, it’s almost 1:00 am, I want to go home. I am desperate for my ride to come or their taxi to come. When their taxi arrives, he comes up to say goodbye to me, I give him a half ass hug & I get a kiss on the cheek. -Just leave me alone dude!

I have to say that was one of the weirdest things to happen to me. I can only assume that there is some trust issues there, that I am unaware of & it made me think that that is what Noodle’s life will be like now, not they would ever go out to a random party like that, but he’d probably be drilled at every interaction with another woman.

Anyway because of the nature of the evening, I thought it deserved a blog post, not about dating as such, but just another weird thing I have to go though as a single reasonable looking chick, that’s just trying to be a good friend to a friend having a party!

So since then though, I have found out some more information! A little goss… I ask my friend about the couple & what their deal is & he starts laughing… That’s not a good sign! But he says that they are friends with them, but interestingly the story on how the couple met is slightly unusual too. They were brother & sister in law. How does that work? Well she was married to a guy & he was married to that guys sister… Are you following me? Something obviously happened & they left the brother & sister behind & got married themselves. So I guess that’s where her trust issues come into it. She obviously thinks that everyone is trying to steal her man. Well I can tell you right now, I’ve had enough married men to last me a lifetime!

A further few months after that Christmas party, I am at another function, in an amazing long narrow house, looking amazing in a long navy forever new dress when who should walk in, but this crazy brother & sister in law now couple. FUCK. One of my amazing friends does everything she can to ensure that we are at opposite ends of the house. However, standing outside overlooking the ocean, she comes up to us & knows my friend so says hello then looks at me & says “Oh I don’t know you. Oh maybe I do” & my friend sort of intercepts & we walk back inside… OMG. No more crazy, please!


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