Crows #3

The day before my birthday, Crows tells me that he can’t see me on my birthday for birthday sex, but he can see me the day before. I am stupidly hoping & praying that Noodle will message me for my birthday, I know it’s stupid it’s been over a month since he came to my house like a thief in the night & took his stuff but before the STI scare. I am furious but fuck I am so devastated.

I did have a reader say that they thought my email I sent was manipulative, I mean I know it was passive aggressive & I do want Noodle’s partner to know the truth, however, I never write to Noodle again, nor do I try to contact him & the main reason is because of his kids. I have always said I don’t want kids of my own, however, I did want his kids in my life. But they had been traumatised enough by the violence, ambulances & then being at a weird lady’s house all day… That I know I have to stop trying to get Noodle to be with me. So just know, that I did want him with my whole heart, I do love him & I do love him enough not to cause further drama. He asked me not to contact him, I sent that final email & I move on, as much as I can…

Crows comes to my house, usually telling me to be naked for him & tied up to my x restraints. He likes to walk in & find me in bed naked, squirming & actually spends a couple of hours fucking me, which is really good – I love this time when I am completely with this man & not thinking about Noodle. It honestly doesn’t happen that often, but I am thankful that this guy invades my thoughts & is quite a kinky guy. I like his demands of me.

The next time he’s coming to my house, he tells me that he won’t be there till after 11:00 pm, that I must send a photo of myself every hour on the hour. He doesn’t care what is, it doesn’t have to be a dirty picture but I must send him something every hour on the hour & if I don’t there will be punishment. Crows hasn’t spanked me much, a few spanks during sex, so I assume like every other guy who’s punished me, it’ll be a spanking if I don’t follow though. The excitement is a real turn on. I mean no one has given me a task like this before. Noodle told me not to cum sometimes before I went to sleep if he was seeing me in the morning, which frustrated the hell out of me, but I always obeyed. I intend to obey Crows & I start sending him pictures, of cause they are naughty ones – it is me after all! Hahaha.

I decide that I want to wear some lingerie for him, he says he doesn’t want me to, that he doesn’t really care about lingerie, just wants me to be naked when he gets there. I think he senses my disappointment & asks me to show him what I would wear. I put on a full red set – bra, g string suspender & red knee high tights. He tells me that I look really good, I show him options with no g string because he’d had to take the tights off then the g string, so I decide to put the g string over the top which he likes better than no undies, which is odd since he wanted me naked. I’ve sent him about 4 pictures in the last hour, but at 5 past 11, he tells me that I failed to send him a picture at 11:00 pm & I will be punished. I try to explain that he got 5 photos from me this hour, but he tells me that those didn’t count. I am excited, I mean I don’t know what this guy will have in store for me. I mean spanking for me isn’t really a punishment, because I like it. I’m not sure why guys would even threaten that to me, I enjoy it so it’s not really a punishment. But I get excited thinking about Crows getting there & spanking me because I’ve been naughty & not followed his instructions.

Crows behave not well.png

He gets to my house at 11:30pm. He walks into my room & while he looks at me with desire of seeing me in a full lingerie get up, his eyes don’t pop out of his head like Noodle’s did. It’s the only time that I am with Crows that I think about Noodle. I hate that. But then Crows is kissing & touching me, I’m stripping his clothes off & we lay back on the bed, when he rolls off me & says that my punishment is that I have to massage his back for 5 minutes, with a timer on. WHAT THE FUCK! He lays on his stomach, gets his phone, puts a timer on & tells me to start. Is he actually factually serious? When I don’t start, just looking at his back, he looks over his shoulder with a smouldering look & he tells me that the timer is on & that he’ll make it 10 minutes. I quickly move & straddle his butt & start rubbing his shoulders, barely being able to do it without giggling – which he tells me to stop. I keep leaning down to kiss his ears & neck but he tells me to get back to massaging his back… OMG! This really is a punishment, & while I assumed he would spank me, I am actually really impressed that this guy didn’t just spank me as a punishment. This 5 minute massage is fucking hilarious, I mean that is exactly what a punishment should be – something I don’t enjoy. But I am even more surprised that he put on the timer & made me massage him for exactly 5 minutes. For some reason, it does turn me on that this is my punishment, I mean I don’t enjoy it but I am finding his Dominant side fucking hot! I honestly didn’t think he had it in him to do something like this. He fucks me & goes down on me after making me massage him, he decides that he wants to take pictures tonight, which I allow. He makes me cum so many times that when he says he wants to fuck my ass, I do freak out a little bit as he has a very thick & long cock, but I tell him that he can try… He lays on top of me so we’re facing, my favourite way if I ever do anal & slides in slowly. I am thankful that he’s relaxed me because it does hurt a little, but starts to feel good with a few thrusts. He takes some pictures & video, I am surprised I allow him to take it with his phone but he does send them to me, it’s very hot. He says that he wants to cum on me, so when he’s ready & I’ve cum from being fucked, he rips the condom off & cums on my tummy.

A week later, I am horny & thinking about fucking Crows, I want to see him but he says that he can’t really drive to my house to see me, I offer to meet him for some car sex. He suggests that we meet half way at the beach, it’s about 11:00 pm at night in August (for international readers, that means it’s winter here & fucking freezing!) I assume we’ll fuck in the car but he decides that we should have sex on the beach. This will be the 2nd time that I have sex on the beach ever in my life. The first time it wasn’t that great for me, but Crows asks if I have a blanket which we take down to the beach. I take a couple of carb free beers (best ones are pure blonde – if there are any people looking to sponsor me! Hahaha) & we have a drink, chatting before we start kissing. I mean it’s freezing so we need to do something to warm up! We get semi naked, him pulling down his pants & me taking one leg out of my jeans, we fuck & I ride him, there is no one around & I oddly love the feeling of outdoor sex. I know I’ve done the outdoor thing with Noodle at a train station, in a car wash etc but yeah I never thought I would like it but I do.

I don’t see this guy for a little while after that, approximately a month, his work is busy, I’m away for work & of course I’m a drama magnet, so we’re currently waiting for our STI results… What else does Noodle have in store for me?


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