Noodle #8

I don’t honestly see what Noodle sees in me, I actually can’t work out what any guys sees in me to be honest, (I know, I know I have confidence issues, I promise I am working on them!) I tell him that I am pretty bitchy really & get really angry easily – especially when I don’t get sex, so not sure why he is bothering with me… He says “You actually don’t come across that bitchy. Come across flirty, fun, easy going, and dirty. Come across quite attractive plus you always pick a super cute photo of yourself” WOW that’s not what I expected from him… This guy seriously is a mega douche, he’s been involved in a stupid rift between a few groups of people on the chat app & I’m not even sure why or what it’s about, I somehow think it’s jealously on his part because he thinks that everyone wants to fuck me on the app & he’s scared I’ll leave him for someone else… Whenever someone shows interest in me he acts like a cunt to them or makes it known that he thinks I’m hot, so that I’ll flirt with him in the group, with heart eye emojis so people know that I’m interested in him & he’s into me – all without telling them.

In private Noodle is so sweet to me. He’s told me that he’s a douche to his partner all the time & that’s one of the reasons he won’t leave her, so I don’t know why he treats me differently. I mean he is douchy to me too, I’m not saying that he’s perfect, he’s far from it, but he’s always giving me confidence & making me feel good about myself… Is this who he is? Or is it me that brings out a softer side?

The next day, Sunday, Noodle, is at work & comes over for his lunch break… I know he’s coming & he tells me that he doesn’t have much time, which of course I know being that he is only on his lunch break, so I decide to answer the door in just my panties. I can’t do it naked because I am conscious of my belly, I have an small overhang from losing weight so I am so self-conscious of it, so when he walks in the door I am just in black lace panties. I am shaking like a leaf, I have never done this before, I am so scared & so excited at the same time. I mean he doesn’t know what he’ll be walking into with me, I haven’t told him I’ll be almost naked so I see his eyes pop out of his head a little as his says ‘fuck’ walking straight to be throwing his stuff on my couch & kissing me… I am unbuttoning his shirt before our lips even meet. This man! What is it about this man? I cannot get enough of him… We’ve been seeing each other more than once a week & chatting every day & I can’t get enough of him, I always want to chat to him, I always want him touching me… We’re naked & fucking, me cumming again within seconds of him being inside me. I don’t know how he gets me to cum without touching my clit, but fucking hell, I am always on the edge with him! I am then on my knees in my bedroom in front of my mirror quicker than I care to admit, sucking his cock while he videos it again… I can’t wait to see the video!

Noodle dickmatised sex dating.png

When Noodle tells me later when I am probing him for some reassurance of how I look & how I perform with him, he tells me “I’d like to think I make you feel pretty sexy… I have noticed your confidence increase so yeah. You have no idea how much you blow my fucking mind & how hot I find you… & blow my cock” I tell him “You do make me feel sexy… I could never open the door naked or suck someone’s cock like I did if I didn’t feel that way, I actually didn’t mind looking in the mirror as I was sucking your cock.” It makes me feel much better knowing that he is able to reassure me a little. I tell him “It’s ridiculous how much I want to please you & have you fuck me” Jesus where did that come from? He says “Wow did you just admit that to me?” I of course say no, thinking fuck, did I? But laughing to myself, why did I just admit that too him? He says “Well if it helps I fucking really enjoy fucking you & pleasing you” We are in deep fucking trouble… It’s not even been a month of fucking! However its been 3 months of chatting!

The Monday before I see Noodle, I have to work late & when I say I may be at work all night & late tomorrow he seems to get a bit disappointed that he might not see me Tuesday night. But then he acts like a douche & says he doesn’t care, so I say “Oh well you won’t be disappointed when I tell you, I’ve got a laser appointment tomorrow night & actually can’t have sex after it… Wasn’t sure how to tell you, but now you don’t care so doesn’t matter.” He asks if I’m being serious, I say yeah we can just watch Shameless. he says “Your fucking with me right?” (I quote him with the grammar as he wrote it to me!) so I say that we can just snuggle on the couch & watch TV with popcorn he realises that I am joking with him “Yeah your shitting me now, hahaha fuck you.” I tell him to admit that he was sad, & eventually he says he was a little sad – especially after I send him a picture of me lying in bed naked, then he asks “Seriously, I can fuck you right?” Hahaha… Yes Noodle, you can fuck me after laser!

The following Tuesday night Noodle comes over straight after work, we fuck quickly as always, like we can’t do anything else. We tease each other a lot & really connect while having sex, I know I keep saying this but I haven’t ever connected like this with a man before, even with Boyfriend. This is the most intimate & sensual sex I’ve ever had, even though it’s sometimes very kinky. I look at him & he looks at me, I feel him with more than his actual touch, I feel his breath, I feel his beard, without sounding like a wanker but I feel his soul… (Urgh, what! Hahaha)

He touches me like he wants me & like he actually thinks I am the sexiest thing he has ever fucked, I know he is the sexiest man I have ever fucked before (not that he will believe that), I want him to feel sexy too, which he is cocky about but sometimes he does lack confidence about his looks , I want him to know that he is sexy to me. That I cannot get enough of him, that I don’t think the bad things that he thinks about himself – he thinks he has a small cock – he doesn’t at all… He’s the only man that’s ever been able to make me cum with just his cock & make me squirt like a porn star without even touching my clit, that I don’t even know why he thinks that. He also thinks that he has a big gut, but he really doesn’t, he’s worked so hard to get where he is, loosing weight, that I find him incredibly sexy.

We are lying there sated, when his phone starts ringing, he says “Fuck” staring at it for ages, his finger hovering over the answer or reject button. I see that it’s his partner. So I turn away trying to give him privacy. He says hello as is if’s perfectly normal to be naked in my bed & answering the phone to his partner – I’m taken back to the time Max answered the phone while fucking me, to his wife. But this is different, she doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing… I hear her sobbing & he looks at me panic stricken, sitting up, I hear him asking what’s wrong, but he sits up & I try not to listen. He says “Alright, I’ll leave work now, bye.” & I think what the fuck has happened? He tells me that one of their cats have been run over & is dead so he has to go home & clean up the mess for her. I say that I am sorry but he seems preoccupied now, however he still kisses me goodbye several times, saying sorry that he has to leave. We chat later that evening about how scared he was that when he answered & she was crying that she had found out about me. I mean that went though my mind but surely she wouldn’t be crying straight away once she found out about me? Surely she’d confront him before crying about it? Who knows, I’ve never been a cheater to be honest, nor do I know her, but he tells me she’s a bit of a crier. I think this is going to calm things down a bit with him & I, being that we’re seeing each other at least twice a week, I think it’s going to scare him, but it doesn’t.

The following Sunday, I am on my way home from brunch, chatting to Noodle when he says to come visit him at his store, he’s in the office & wants to fuck me there. I am scared for this but I am also turned on to fuck him at his work, while the store is open, I text him when I get to the store, parking next to his car & waiting for him to pop his head out the back door. It’s so naughty, he sneaks me in, I’m worried about cameras so I try to act normal, like I’m supposed to be there, we walk though the corridors to his office. He tries to lock the door but it doesn’t lock so he quickly kicks a crate against the door then is kissing me as I take off my jacket. This is going to be quick, but I know I am wet enough for him, just from the thought of him fucking me in his office on the drive here. We unbutton each other’s pants so quickly & I’m rolling a condom on for him & I back onto the desk, sitting facing him, kissing him as I grab his cock to help slide into me at this angle… My jeans & boots still on around my ankles… This is the first time we’ve fucked outside of my house & with clothes on.

What a surprise I cum really quickly, he takes a little longer of course, though I’m sure he could cum quickly if he wanted too, I’m lucky that I can cum multiple times. So he pulls me up to stand & turns me around to bend me over the desk, this is hot… Next minute he’s in my ass, with the same speed he was in my vagina, he’s fucking my ass & I love it. He’s pulling my hair as leverage to fuck me harder… This is ridiculously dirty but so fucking hot, I am cumming again, biting my lip so as not to make noise as he cums too. We’re both sweaty & breathing heavy as we pull our pants up when he says “Fuck I think I made you bleed” I look over as he’s taking off the condom & say “No, you were in my ass” He smiles, doing up his pants, then grabs me & kisses me harder than he has. Like he just realised how hot that was. Later we talk about it & he says that he’s never accidentally fucked someone’s ass before & not known about it. I explain that I get so wet so don’t need lube, he says he knows & he says that he loves how wet I get, he thinks it so hot but wants to know in future if he’s fucking my ass…. Wouldn’t it feel different? Perhaps not!


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