Noodle #9

It doesn’t take long before I am seeing Noodle again, Tuesday is our usual day. I am home from work when he mentions that he should come over before work too being that his partner is already at work so he can leave his house & be at mine by 9:30 am, he pops over in the morning for an hour before he starts work, we fuck as usual, me never having enough of him & always being disappointed when he leaves. But a few hours later at 7:00 pm, he’s on his way back to my house which he stays longer than he usually does. WOW twice in one day! & a lot longer than usual, I guess with his store closing down, he has more of an excuse to do extra hours & being a manager, his pay wouldn’t change so it isn’t suspicious. I’m not complaining, I love fucking this guy! A lot… Way more than I should!

I ask him to video us again which he does, tying me up & spanking me, then making me give him a blow job in front of the mirror. Remember how much I said I hated being forced to do that? How things change! I get more turned on now when he forces me. I mean I still like to surprise him with it but I love when he gets all dominant with me. He videos the blow job & I actually look quite good, my eyelashes have just been done, my hair is washed & straight, I don’t look fat at this angle… So I hold onto his cock & lick it from the base to the tip then take it in my mouth, sucking down on it, while rubbing the length of it with my hand, making ‘hmmm’ noises as I enjoy it just as much as he does. The video is hot as fuck & the gif I make with my phone is even better. Jesus Christ it’s fucking hot!

He tells me that we haven’t been having much bed sex lately, which I say “We can’t just have bed sex if that’s what you do with your wife? Have to do things she won’t do, or wht is the point?” He agrees “Yeah no point really… It’s so fucking hot you want to do things my wife won’t do for me too… Fuck did I get lucky & pick the right chick to have an affair with…” Yeah I guess you did Noodle!

We’ve also sort of already fallen into this thing where we don’t really take it in turns as much anymore with the good morning message but it tends to be whoever is awake first will be the first to message. Noodle usually wakes up before me so he messages me first a lot which I really like. I tell him that I’m in debt to him owing him a few good mornings but he says “The things you let me do to you… your in no debt to me” Hmmm, very true

We also talk about me being single when he says to me I’m pretty sure if you put yourself actually on the market you could pull some single guys, your an amazing chick that deserves so much better than married guys fucking you. You just gotta deal with the competition part that comes with dating.” Yeah that’s the problem Noodle… If only he knew all these douches I had dated & what led me here to be fucking him!

By now, the store has closed down but they don’t have another store for Noodle to go to yet, so they have asked him to be the supervisor of all the workmen while the store gets pulled apart. He has to do this for a couple of weeks & then is going on 5 weeks annual leave, which makes me sad. We’ve been fucking every week for a month, I kind of like that statistic & I figure that once he’s on leave he won’t be able to see me because he doesn’t really go out ever & won’t have an excuse to be out, even when she’s at work. I guess it’ll be hard for him.

With the store being shut now, only just being dismantled, he’s only required really to be there to open & lock up the store, so he comes to my house on Sunday from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm, I am not really sure how he gets away with it, but I am not complaining at all, I mean this is what I want, someone who wants to be with me, no matter what it costs them. This is what I wanted every guy I’ve ever liked to do. It’s just fucking shit that it’s a man in a relationship that is the one to finally be the one who wants me… I do think about what it would be like if he were single, would the sex be as hot? Would he be a douche trying to fuck everyone & I wouldn’t mean anything to him, just another conquest that he’d ghost when I say something bitchy? Or would we have the life I envisage? FUCK! No… I can’t envisage a life with this guy… No way… There is no life with this guy, there is no future with this guy. But honestly at this point Max is barely seeing me, Noodle is paying me so much attention & I lap it up like a loser.

Noodle cheating sex mastubation.png

The following Tuesday, Noodle isn’t working Tuesday nights anymore due to the store being closed. He has to be there early to unlock the doors for the tradies & then he sits in the office or in his car watching Netflix – OMG I want this job! Hahaha. So at 6:30 am, I get up & am waiting for him when he gets to my house, in a little nightie thing & a big fluffy dressing gown (the only fucking thing I own! I don’t want to look like his partner – I imagine her in a big fluffy thing), being that it’s cold, the end of June & I make a mental note to look for a sexier dressing gown to wear on these occasions… This looks ridiculous! But I also want to surprise him with the reveal of the nightie underneath, not just be in it when he walks in the door… I have a plan for this morning… I have the door unlocked so he just walks in & I’m in the lounge room waiting for him, ready to undress him the second he walks in. I’ve decide to show my dominant side today… He’s surprised that I am out of bed & even says so, even mentions that I have the heater on.. Yeah because I have a plan, dude… We’re not fucking in my bedroom today… I have a vibe & some rope hidden so he can’t see.

I kiss him & undress him… He tells me later that he loves being undressed by me, it makes him feel special. Yeah I’d have to agree, I like it when a guy actually takes the time to take off your clothes & looks at you like he’s never seen anything so beautiful… Well I’ve only had that with one guy so far & I’m standing in front him taking off his clothes trying to make him feel the same. I push him backwards once he’s naked on to the low decorative chair & I reveal that I have rope close by. He chuckles & asks what I have in mind for him. I tie his ankles to each leg of the chair & then his wrists to the back legs of the chair. I suck his cock a little while I’m busy tying him down. Still is this fucking ridiculous dressing gown, I stand up & ask him if he wants me to take it off, he says yes (of course!) & I slowly undo the tie & slip it down my shoulders revealing my most sexy item of lingerie I have at the time & he lets out a breath as he sees me that I know I have pleased him & he likes what he sees. I kneel in front of him & suck his cock while he’s tied to the chair, I stop & he moans & asks what I’m doing. I stand up & walk backwards keeping eye contact with him, not explaining what I’m doing. I jump up so I’m sitting the edge of the pool table & I sit there starting at him, I spread my legs open, find the vibe that I put on the table & turn it on when he lets out a loud “Hmmm.” I turn it on & place it between my legs making him watch what I’m doing to myself while he’s tied up. He says to me “Fuck me, that is so hot.”

While I feel so self-conscious, I am able to keep going because watching him squirm in the chair & asking me to untie him, turns me on more & I am cumming within a few minutes. Once I’m done he begs me to fuck him, he’s struggled so much that he’s hands are out of the ties I tied. (I’m not very good with rope obviously!) I straddle his lap, slide on a condom & ride him, his hands are now free so they’re on my ass helping. I somehow cum so quickly like this when he tells me to get my phone. I do as I’m told & give it to him, he tells me to ride him again but not facing him. He takes a video of me fucking him reverse cowgirl style (I feel like my ass looks giant in this video… I hate it, but he tells me later how much he loves it!) We both cum this way & I can tell you that this was one of the hottest times we’ve fucked for me as I am in control & I am more confident that I ever have been with a man…


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