Noodle #16

The next day is my birthday, Noodle is going away for a few days with his family after “the gym” & I don’t think he realises it’s my birthday until someone in the group messages me. He’s worked out that he’s going to be at my house at 8:00 am after pretending to be at the gym & then the barber (Who apparently takes ages so gives him some extra time as an alibi…)

He messages me at 6:30 am to say happy birthday & says that I should’ve reminded him that he was going to fuck me on my birthday. I shouldn’t have to remind him, my bloody birth date is in my user name on the chat app, not that you look at the user name a lot, but he should know… However, I guess he is a dude, as if he knows when peoples birthdays are, probably doesn’t know when his son’s is…. I am not too upset about it, but at least he says Happy Birthday I guess. Hahaha.

He climbs into bed with me & we’re having amazing sex as always, Noodle has also really mastered the art of going down on me, he knows what I like & how to do it… He’s gotten better at doing it too, he wasn’t that great at it to start with. He gets me going so easily, that it’s just insane. Like I know I keep saying this, but how does this keep getting hotter? Doesn’t the passion & desire fizzle out? I want this guy more & more every time I see him… How am I going to go 10 days without him when I’m in Hawaii? I’m sad that he goes home & goes away to a place where he has no phone reception, so I don’t talk to him again until I am in Hawaii, the next day. What is this feeling I’m feeling of not wanting to be here in beautiful Hawaii, but also wanting to be here because I love travelling?! I want to be here with him! FUCK – where did that come from?

So after my birthday, I go to Hawaii for 10 days & don’t see him… We chat everyday even though there is a time difference; we still get to message when we can. I’m surprised we get in some decent chats, I look at the world clock on my phone every time I’m back in the hotel to try to get some decent conversation with him, thinking about her bed time & what he might be doing. Plus I don’t want to piss off my friends by constantly texting so I try to only do it when they are showering or getting ready too, but I know that I probably am using my phone too much!

The day I fly into Adelaide from Hawaii, Noodle is over my house at 5:00 pm & fucking me within a minute of being at my house… I am dying for his cock to be inside me. I hate that I haven’t felt his touch for 10 fucking days… I know it seems like nothing to you probably, but I have never had this type of passion or desire for someone in my life – ever. I cannot get enough of him, I cannot fuck him enough! I want to please him & I want him to feel desired, I want him to feel like I do when I am with him. I sometimes think he does, but I also just think perhaps I am just his mistress… Surely I am more than that now? This guy has become my fucking best friend… FUCK!

Over the weekend we are talking, as usual, I mean let’s just say here & now, that we talk every day all day when he’s not with her. I talk to him more than I have ever talked to someone in my life… I tell him that I think I look pregnant, I have been a bit of a yo-yo dieter & also struggle to get below a certain weight all the time. “You do not look pregnant. You have a beautiful & curvy body. Not in a fat chick way, in like a Marilyn Monroe type of way” I laugh out loud, because I know he means it but I also don’t take compliments very well, so I say, “OMG. You know I’m already fucking you right?” he says “You know I don’t bullshit you right? Guys can lie all they want to get laid about a woman’s body… But my hands don’t lie… My hands can’t stop touching you.” He even tried one day to not touch me as we lay there after we fucked, but his hands kept moving all over my body. I remind him of our pesky hands & he says “Your body feels amazing. Hahaha those pesky hands. Sometimes we need to tie them”

I get a little needy & he starts to piss me off with how he disappears when he gets home or can’t talk anymore, not even saying goodbye to me or anything… It fucks me off. Domused to do that to me all the time, he’d cum then hang up & not be back online, sometimes for days. Noodle will just not reply to my last message for hours on end & it does my head in… He stops replying & I crack the shits but today, he sends me a live shower picture, letting me know he’s in the shower, which he usually talks to me when he’s in there. When I call him out on not saying goodbye to me, he says “Only reason I do that is so I can chat to you as long as I can… Loser me” FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK! So he doesn’t just disappear? He fucking chats to me as long as he can? I can’t fucking believe it… All this time I’m thinking that he just logs off & goes about his family life, when he is actually thinking about me… This is not what I was expecting! I really thought that he didn’t care that I was sitting there waiting his response all the time, I sit there like a loser waiting & see that the little grey d (showing me he’s got the mesaage but not online) stays there for a while & I know that he’s logged off for the evening. It’s cute that he does chat to me for as long as he can, but how fucking hard is it to say goodbye so I’m not waiting like a fucking dickhead!? Why don’t married men think about their loser mistresses waiting around for them? I know that he probably thinks I don’t care about him, I can just imagine what his mind is thinking, that I don’t care, but I fucking do, I fucking care too much & I want him to say goodbye to me. Shit!

You know when you talk to someone so much, I guess especially via message like we do that you start to pick up on dumb little quirks of theirs, well we start doing that, I think I notice me doing it more than him, like he starts sentence with “Errr” or “Pfft” or “Whatever” when I ask him if I’m hot or something, it’s quite funny & people in the group even notice that I start using it too… Holden (a admin guy I’ve talked about before, even tells me off, in a joking way! Hahaha FUCK. That’s fucked that people notice.) I can’t believe that people notice that I am talking like Noodle, it’s not good…

Noodle also tells me one morning that after we fuck he gets really hungry, I do too in fact, he says that it must be a bit of a workout & I agree, I’m always so sweaty & tired after fucking him too, I’ve never been that bad with a guy, I mean we do have very active sex, so I shouldn’t be surprised… I tell him that I just came hard to a fantasy of him & that I’m hungry now & he says “Sad thing is… I would get you breakfast… After I fucked you of course!” I tell him to bring me some as he says he’s cooking his breakfast, he says “Hehehe, I would if I could” & I actually believe him, I know he’d come over if he could.. I actually think that he’d prefer to be with me than at home while his partner sleeps… I wonder what our life would be like if i woke up to him every day? FUCK, where did that come from? What is wrong with me!? Jesus…

Noodle adopting slang.png

Noodle is back at work, after 5 weeks off, it didn’t change our routine, like I thought it would. We still talked every day, even with me in Hawaii, even with him on a camping trip with no mobile reception. We also still fucked more than once a week while he was on holidays, which was the thing that surprised us both, I guess. We definitely always chat, he finds time every day for me by getting up early or going to bed late (not that it’s ever that early or late really, she’s in bed a lot) or even I get a message when he’s in the toilet or shower or cooking dinner when he can hide his phone. But she could ask at any time to give her his phone so she can go through it, so he has to be careful – not sure if I’ve told you that fact before, but that’s why he has to delete the app when he’s at home & have a secret email where he keeps stuff that I’ve sent him. He also has bought an app that’s a calculator, it costs $5 a month, but it 100% looks like a calculator, however once you put in a certain code, it opens up to a file storage app! FUCKING HELL, I never knew there was a thing. But Noodle now has it to save all my pictures that I send him! He’s shown me his phone before it’s got so many apps on it, in folders & so many pages that it would completely fuck me off, mine is so ordered & organised. Hahaha. I guess he keeps his so disorganised so that she can’t really keep up with what he has on there & what he doesn’t…

It’s seriously insane to me what these 2 are like together… & the lengths he is going too to be with me… How can she be ok with living a life like this, being this paranoid? It would absolutely do my head in, I definitely wouldn’t be able to function, thinking my partner is cheating & being so untrusting that I would have to go through his phone. Like I’ve said, I guess she now has a reason to be paranoid, but she never did before…


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