Mixed Bag #2 – Rules, New York & Not What I’m Looking For

Here is the second Mixed Bag. This is just a bunch of short stories… Lets see what you think of these guys! Hahaha… When I read these stories, I understand why I have become so entwined with a partnered man…


I can’t remember when this was, it was a few years ago, it was when I was starting to get into kink & thinking about open relationships – probably around the time I started seeing Milky the first time, when I met someone online on the chat app who said he was married – what fucking surprise! I pretty much was like, I’m not talking to him but he tells me that has some rules. WTF? As if he has the audacity to tell me he has rules? But I am intrigued, so I bite & ask him what the rules are.

He tells me that he & his wife are open but they don’t play together, they only play with other people alone, he tells me that they have decided on some rules such as that they must use condoms – well of course, this is a no brainer… That they can’t bring the person back to their house, it must be in a hotel or at the other persons house but the rule that got me most, was that they can only see the person no more than 3 times. This intrigued me, especially thinking about it since I am now midst affair that is getting messy. If Noodle had this rule then I wouldn’t be in this mess… I guess if I stuck to my rule of never chatting to a married man, then we wouldn’t be in the mess either. I am in such trouble here.

But these rules get me thinking, I am realising how many married men & even women there are on these apps looking for something more, whether it be sex or just someone to talk to, there are more coupled people than single people. I wonder what I would be like in a relationship? Would I be open to being in an open relationship once we’re established? Would I have rules or would I be able to be like Max & Sweetie & just let my partner go spend the night at someone else’s house while I sleep alone? Potentially taking someone out on dates, while I sit at home alone? I highly doubt that I would ever be ok with my partner dating another women or spending the night with someone, I am not that secure in myself. I will admit that.

So my open relationship rules would be:

  1. Must use condoms
  2. No sleepovers or dates (perhaps a drinks date may be allowed)
  3. Maximum times to see the same person eg: 3.
  4. No bringing the person to our house (Assuming we’re living together)
  5. Take it in turns

I guess, it would all depend on the dude & I wouldn’t be ok with it if we weren’t established with trust, communication & respect. But it’s an intriguing idea, I know I would be jealous, I know I would be so it would be taken in turns – so it’s even, if he gets a woman then it’s my turn until I get a man, then it’ll be his turn again. This then stops any jealously as we both get the same number of partners outside our relationship, it’s definitely never going to be one sided.

This a very intriguing idea & I won’t be having this conversation with someone to start off with – like the guy in my first mixed bag, but eventually I’ll potentially float the idea just to make sure the spark is alive. I don’t want to know that my partner is doing something behind my back, I’d rather it in front of my face while we’re being honest about it. I would rather my partner be open about wanting sex with other women, than knowing he is trolling online to chat to other women. I am more ok with him having sex with someone than I am him chatting every day to someone, like Noodle & I are doing.

New York

While living in Canada, I travelled quite a lot though out Canada obviously, but I also did a little bit of the USA. I really wanted to go to New York, Seattle & Alaska (Story to come!), meeting all sorts of people. I wanted to do more, of course but I was backpacking so there wasn’t a lot of spare money to do extravagant travel, so from Toronto to New York, I booked a greyhound ticket & catch the bus. This may not seem that bad, but at this time there was apparently a guy who went nuts on a greyhound & decapitated a fellow passenger who he didn’t know while the poor guy was sleeping…

Here is the link to the Wikipedia page about it – it really happened, & yeah it freaked me out because only a few weeks later, I was booking a ticket on a fucking greyhound for a bloody 12 hours trip. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Tim_McLean

Obviously, this was an isolated indecent, however, note to self, I sit at the front of the bus & don’t sleep, not that I would be able to sleep anyway but also didn’t have my music up loud so that I was aware of my surroundings. Also when we were at the rest stops, I made sure that I aware of what was going on around me. It was a very tense trip to be honest, but nothing happened, obviously or I wouldn’t be here writing for you all.

The bus arrived in New York & it’s later at night obviously being that it’s a 12 hours bus ride. It’s also winter in the northern hemisphere, the bus terminal is sort of underground too, so I get y bag & walk up to the sidewalk (as they call it) & I am in awe! There is people everywhere, I walk to the side of a building trying to get my bearings. It’s interesting & takes me a while to work out that that it’s so bright because there is a really low cloud cover with all the bring lights in the buildings, makes it almost day light. I am trying to work out where I am & if I should find a taxi to get to the hotel that I’m staying at.

As I stand lost, in the busy freezing cold streets of New York, a tall dude with dark hair walks over to me & says “Excuse me miss, if I asked for your number would you give it to me?” this question is a little weird, if I say yes will he actually ask for my number? Or if I say no, will he ask for it anyway? As I am only in New York for 7 days, there is no point so I just explain that I only have an Australian phone number, he walks away not really taking the conversation any further. I must admit, it was a bit weird!

Also why does everyone call me Miss? I hate it so much makes me feel about ten years old. Guys do it ALL the time… It’s so strange. Does this happen to anyone else?

Mixed Bag 2.png

Not what I’m looking for…

I match with a guy, he’s a bit younger than me, I seem to always match with people younger than me, it’s weird. However I definitely don’t look as old as I am, so lots of younger guys match with me saying how hot it will be to be with an older women. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I seriously could retire.

We go through the usual pleasantries before he asks me “How do you see this playing out between us? I’m pretty open to most things” Well I guess that’s a different way of asking what I’m looking for. I say my usual spiel, that I eventually want a relationship but want to take it slow, not in a rush for anything, so regular kinky fun is good to start (Remember my heart is closed! Hahaha) I ask what he’s looking for & he says “Ideally a relationship & kids down the track, no need to rush those things though. so some cheeky fun seems good to me” Shit, he wants kids… Well he’s only going to be a short term thing. That’s ok, so fun with a young guy might be just what I need. I say that I am keen to date & have some regular fun when he says “I’m not sure you’re exactly what i’m looking for relationship wise if I’m honest. no offence intended” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… He matched with me & we’ve sent like 10 messages & he’s decided I’m not what he’s looking for? Fuck I must be ugly… (Self esteem issues, I know!) I ask him why & say that there is no offence taken as he’s not what I’m looking for because I don’t want kids. He replys “Because if you did want kids your clock is ticking & it’s something I don’t want to rush, that’s the only reason I guess” OMG. Well at least it’s not about what I look like! He says that if it was he wouldn’t have wanted to fuck me at all.

I suggest that we just chat & can catch up for some fun, building up to some kink, he asks how kinky because he doesn’t want anything up his ass. Well I’m not going to put something up his ass, unless he asks for it. he likes my messages but days later he’s not replied, so I delete him. I have to give him snaps for this honesty at least. But this makes me wonder about other guys… Do other men think about my ticking biological clock? This has been a real eye opener!

What did you think of this lot? Is it me? I have been told that I am too picky, but really, am I?


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