Noodle #22

Noodle & I chat every day as usual. One night after Noodle has fucked me, he goes offline but then he messages me when his partner has gone to bed & the coast is clear. No hello, no pleasantries, just “I submitted your name to Australia’s got talent” WHAT THE FUCK? What for? I kind of smirk, not knowing where this is going – assuming there is some joke here. “The world needs to know of your self-lubricating ass” I laugh out loud! Fucking hell, Noodle really thinks he’s not funny & he knows that I am attracted to people who make me laugh – he doesn’t think he’s one of them, but he does make me laugh, so many times a day. I love it. That was gold.Noodle, weirdo who makes me laugh.pngNoodle is at another new store, it’s about 40+ minutes from my house – which means it’s about an hour or more from his without traffic, he tells me that his partner has told him that because he works late Tuesday nights & has to be back at the store early on Wednesdays (as always – this isn’t new but he’s never had to drive this far before) that he should stay at his parents house on Tuesday nights for the few weeks that he’s there – they live closer & also close to me. Both of our ears prick up at this, I mean this is an opportunity to stay over at my house! I am excited at this prospect. I literally start planning in my head what we will do, what will happen, thinking about sleeping in his arms. OMG, this will be the fantasy that I’ve always wanted with him! Could we risk this? Could we get away with him being here all night? Would she check up on him via the apple stalker app? This literally excites me so much to even think about… FUCK… This is not a good idea but I want it so badly! I can’t wait till our next Tuesday night!

Because he’s been at the new store, I haven’t seen him since Sunday when we fucked on the washing machine. WOW… I’m still remembering that, that was so amazing, I loved! Anyway, it’s a Friday afternoon, I have the day off & he isn’t at work so he again leaves his phone at home & brings his iPad. I know he can’t message me on the chat app, so I just have to wait till he gets here, so I plan something fun! I get rope, a blindfold, a vibrator, feather & flogger set up in the lounge room, having discussed that I want him to tie me to the ottoman & tease me, since our afternoon where time stood still. He walks in the door, I am naked waiting on the ottoman for him, with the toys sitting on the couch. We kiss & I undress him quickly, not only do I want him naked, but I want to see him naked & also touch him too. I help him tie my feet, because I know he’s not good with rope & is worried about looking like an idiot in front of me – I’m not good with rope either, but it’s just a simple shoelace tie. He then ties my hands above my head to the other end of the ottoman. I’m exposed, I’ve been exposed before with him, but not like this during the day, in the light! This is probably the most vulnerable I have ever been. The X restraints we usually use, are my go to because I can get out of them if I need too. I am on the ottoman, with rope restraining me more that I have been restrained with Noodle before. I trust him inexplicably, so I am not worried as he slides the blind fold over my face. Everything goes dark & my hearing seems to get better with the loss of my sight but all I can hear is my breathing & his, it seems to have increased with anticipation. I’m trying to work out where he is, what he’s doing & worried about how fat I look to him. I try to squash that out of my mind, he thinks I’m sexy, he wouldn’t still be fucking me 6 months later if he didn’t!

Noodle runs his hands over me & I feel the feather, fuck that tickles! It feels amazing, next minute without warning, he goes down on me, bringing me to the edge, about to cum, then he stops & I call him a prick. He gets the vibrator & does the same thing. I’m squirming & calling him a prick more than I care to say… I am loving this but also just want him to make me cum. He fucks me for a little bit then makes me suck his cock, I can taste myself on his dick, it’s really quite sexy. he makes me cum several times before he cums & the blindfold sort of falls off me from squirming too much & he picks up the flogger, sitting on the couch in front of me. I look at him, knowing he hasn’t done this much, but he hits me a few times & I am moaning in ecstasy at how well he does flogging me. I have never had anyone hit my front before, I usually get it done on my back & ass, but he does an amazing job, he is a natural at this, he never should think or feel like an idiot with me, I mean I tell him this all the time but he doesn’t really believe me. He thinks I’m this super experienced kink chick, which lets face it, I’ve been with about 3 men, including Noodle that have been kinky – I’m probably not even considered kinky in the actual kink world!! Fuck I don’t even care if I am kinky! I fucking love fucking this man!!

The following Sunday we’re chatting, he’s at work & the store far away when he suggests I get a vibe that goes inside me & meet him for lunch with it in… JEEZ! Instantly wet from that request & definitely not going to say no! He tells me not to wear panties as well… OMG DUDE, are you trying to kill me! I am in the car quicker than I care to admit & driving to meet him. I pick him up & he kisses me hello – like a peck on the lips as he gets in the car, which is sort of a new thing for us & very coupley but I adore it. His hand slides between my legs as soon as he sees me squirming in the seat & he asks if I’ve had it on like a good girl the whole drive. I say yes, because of course I have – he makes this noise that which I know means he’s just gotten hard at the thought. We drive around trying to find somewhere to fuck at this new store & I used to work in the area so when we can’t find something, I drive to my old work carpark but it’s full of cars. FUCK. I drive down a side street, turned on as fuck wanting to just fuck his brains out, when I find an empty lot behind some houses. I pull in to a carpark & he is unbuttoning his pants really quickly, with a look on his face that he wants it too & I pull the vibe out & climb on top of his lap as he clicks the seat backwards to give us more room. Kissing him, sliding his cock into me so easily as I am saturated. This is sexy as fuck!

He makes this groaning noise as I slide down his cock, I literally love that sound. So manly & so rugged, that I have to kiss him as soon as I hear it, his beard rubbing all over my face. My hands in his hair with his hands on my bare ass, since I’m wearing a short dress for him – easy access & also to save time. I pop my tits out the top & shove them in his face, which he makes that noise again, fuck, I love making him make that noise! He says that he doesn’t cum this way so once I’ve cum a couple of times, I climb off him & sit in the front passenger seat leg well & suck his cock, it’s a weird angle in which I am sitting but I don’t care, I suck his cock, till his starts rubbing it himself & he looks at me with those eyes that I push my tits together & let him cum all over them… I don’t think I’ve told you that he does that quite often now, I really used to think it was gross & hated cum on me, but now I love it, I love the way he looks at me when I let him, I love the way he makes a sound when I push my tits together to make sure he gets them & I actually love the feeling, like I am being branded by him. But most of all, I love that he rubs it in when he’s done! He rubs my tits & it actually feels amazing… So weird, but yeah, if you haven’t figured that out yet, then I’m not sure why you’re still reading! Hahaha.

I don’t see Noodle for a week! Fucking work trip! Which means that I don’t get to see if he’ll spend the night at my house on the Tuesday night. However, it’s a good opportunity to see what she does the first night he spends away from her. Unfortunately for my fantasy, not only does she track his phone with the stalker app, she actually asks his mum if he stayed over… Fucking hell, she’s paranoid! (At this point, she has every right to be of course.) There goes my overnight fantasy, he won’t stay over now. Even if next week she doesn’t ask his mum. I wonder what his mum thinks of that?!

So when I am back on Friday morning Noodle is sneaking into my bed before work! Pretending that he is at the gym on his day off. It’s also her day off which is why he’s gone to the gym early. I think they have a baby appointment. He doesn’t really tell me much & I don’t ask to be honest. I want to know the least I can about the baby.

I tell him that night, that I am not fucking anyone else & that I don’t want too either, he knows this fact already but he still questions me. I wonder if it’s a test to see how much I am into him because I know he gets jealous, he tells me “As much as I love you being MY dirty little slutty mistress… I’d never have that expectation of you. & as much as I’d get jealous” HA! he finally admits it! Hahaha… I know he does, it’s hilarious when he does but also I try so hard to make sure that he doesn’t have a reason to be jealous. He tells me too “I actual don’t want sex with anyone else. Not just cos of the quantity of sex with you. but the quality too. Haha” Awwww… fuck! But this seems to turn into a fight about another dude in the groups, I’ve talked about before Holden, Noodle tells me that if I fuck him, “It will absolutely piss me off tho, but I’ll live.” Well firstly Holden is married, albiet in an open relationship but his partner keeps a tight leash so he’s not done anything as far as I’m aware & he’ll talk to me sporadically & then won’t private chat with me for ages. He’s also got my phone number which he used for a while, but then stopped. I’m assuming his partner wasn’t happy about it so he stopped – I’m not really sure.

When Noodle starts saying that I’m only fucking him out of convenience, I get so angry! Like fuck, I’ve been going out of my way for the last 5, almost 6 months to fuck this guy, at random places, sneaking around, not even telling my best friend that I’m seeing this guy because she was cheated on, not being able to see him when I want & he thinks this is convenient?! Is he insane!!! This is the most inconvenient thing I have ever been involved in & I don’t want to fuck Holden, especially if Noodle is going to be so upset about it. I agree with Noodle & say that if he had of fucked this chick that used to flirt with him hard (all the time, used to piss me off, I’m glad she’s out of the groups now) so I would’ve been pissed off so I tell him that I won’t fuck Holden. He just keeps saying “Its ok, I’ll live” & “I’ll survive…” or “Part of the deal” that I snap “You’re a fucking wanker, I’m going to sleep. Night” & I put my phone down – even though it kills me to do it, not reading his last message that I hear come through, which is probably just “Night” but I refuse to look at it.


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