Noodle #24

WHAT THE ACTUAL FACTUAL FUCK! Why do I think that was making love? I don’t even know what making love is… Why would I say that? No, we’re just in sync, our chemistry is undeniable. I must never mention that to Noodle. It means nothing! It means nothing!!!! Noodle & I just have some sort of weird connection, it’s not the L word… Stop it!

We do sort of talk about cumming at the same time, because I am a little weirded out that we did that, I haven’t ever had that happen before, I want to know if it is a common thing but he tells me that he’s never cum at the exact same time as someone before, he’s cum at a similar time but not like that… FUCK. What does that mean? This is not good, I repeat, this is not good! FUCK… I need to forget that even happened! We both do… I never mention the L word.

We chat all weekend but I don’t see him for a few days. This is not unusual, we chat a lot when she is sleeping, we talk a lot about our diets to be honest, it’s really the main topic we talk about, we share our fat photos, Noodle sends me a quite a few & I send him some… I’ve never been confident to show anyone before so the fact I’m sending him pictures of how fat I was, is surprising to me. He tells me how well I’ve done & how sexy I am now, I tell him that he wouldn’t have ever fucked me when I was fat & he says that I wouldn’t have fucked him when he was fat & look to be honest, Noodle isn’t 100% my type but I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t have fucked him. He’s only just started his weight loss journey, I have been at this lower weight for a few years but sort of stuck here. Noodle has been helping & I know that my body shape is changing even if the scales don’t move. He gives me confidence so I am not really worried about what he thinks of me, because I know he thinks I’m sexy, I just need to be around his hands for 5 seconds & they’re all over me… Hahaha.

One night chatting to Noodle while his partner is at work, we generally are talking about food or are turning each other on. Noodle will hide in his bedroom to jerk off & video it for me or one time he even hid in his kids room, which was a bit weird seeing all the kid stuff, like the backpack on the door & lots of drawing on the wall, while watching him jerk off, but I guess we do what we have to do to have some sexy time together. This night, Noodle & I are just chatting, not even sexy talk when he goes silent for a bit. I just assume his partner came home suddenly, she has called in sick a fair bit & usually on his days off, which means we don’t get to talk all day. He seems to get really pissed off when she does that, he’s been pretty annoyed that she has changed her roster so she doesn’t work late on Monday nights anymore. He does tell me that he gets snippy with the whole family when he can’t talk to me. I never see it, so I have no idea… I mean of course I only know what he tells me about their life together & how they are, but I don’t know if it’s true, I mean all of this could be a lie? Who the fuck knows. Anyway he’s gone offline & I think fuck you Noodle for not saying goodbye, but it’s become his usual thing – because he’s told me before that he tries to chat to me for as long as he can, so he doesn’t say goodbye quick enough. It pisses me off, but I also can’t help but think it’s cute… Fuck I’m such an idiot!

I see him finally read my last message, then I get a picture of his son lying on the ground with a really cute giggling face, only wearing track pants but his whole chest, arms & face covered in blue texta. I then get a picture of the iPad covered in blue texta too…FUCK! Noodle is freaking out a bit because he left him unattended while talking to me & has nothing to clean it off with. He says that his partner will freak out, so Noodle takes his son & heads to the shops for something to clean him with. I’m not good with suggestions, I suggest nail polish remover – what a fucking idiot, who would use nail polish remover on a kids skin?! (which is pretty much what Noodle says to me. Hahaha) I try not to be annoyed he has to go deal with that during the time he gets to chat to me, I know she’ll be home soon & I will be deleted for who knows how long. I do feel a bit bad for Noodle & his kid, I mean they aren’t really spending much time together being he’s always talking to me when he has him… Hiding in rooms, jerking off or literally just chatting to me. Fuck I hate that I am interrupting his time with his kid…

Noodle moves stores for the hopefully the last time – but we’re not entirely happy about the location of the store, as if I have a right to be pissed off where his new store is, but I am. Hahaha. It’s about 20 minutes away from my house – probably about an hour from his, so pretty far. I guess things will need to change if we’re going to keep this up. It’s a bit of a drive for a lunch time thing, so I don’t think he’ll be coming to my house for lunch anymore. I guess there’s before & after work when he has time. I mean I haven’t really gone to him much, but I’m sure I could. We change adapt this, I mean, yeah this whole time I’ve expected him to go out of his way to fuck me, I guess he’s the one that has to put in more effort than me in a way. But I guess I like this guy enough to put in some effort & meet him. I’ve met him a few times so what difference would it make if we had some more sex in his office or in the car?

He’s off on Monday & I’m on annual leave, he drops his son off at child care & he comes over to my house at 9:30 am for a few hours. It’s not often we get this kind of time together, usually just a lunch break here or a before work fuck. I like the times when we can really enjoy the foreplay with each other, the kissing, the touching, the sucking before we start fucking. Noodle has become quite accustomed to using my toys in my draws, assorted vibes or the x restraints. His favourite is a vibe on my clit while fucking me, even though I’ve cum so many times, probably from just looking at this guy but he still likes to make me cum while his cock is deep inside me. The part I have to say I love the most, when I have more time with Noodle than usual, is when we just lay there afterwards, like we have all the time in the world, entwined in each other’s limbs, his hands touching every inch of my skin that he can reach. It makes me realise that this could be more just friends with benefits… This guy is more than that… Somehow, I don’t know what he is, but he’s more than that!

We talk about the first time we met, I mean we’ve had conversations about it before but he admits to messaging me “Well I messaged you after I kissed you” I laugh, because he tells me that he’s stubborn so I assume that he wouldn’t message me “You did… I actually thought there would be a stand off between who would message first after we had sex. Even after we have lunch too… You were first both times!” I am giggling as I see his response “So I’m really the loser then” I tell him that yes he is a loser & he says “pfft, should’ve made you wait” I laugh as I say “You couldn’t wait to message me” he knows this is true, but he says “You couldn’t wait for my message” I laugh the whole time, knowing I am being cheeky, “I didn’t have to wait…!” Neither of us are going to back down here so his response really surprises me “Haha. Meh maybe I like you a little. Must of come across ok.” I know that Noodle saying he likes me a little is a big thing, we don’t usually say stuff like that to each other… I know I am stubborn & I try not to be, but I am, especially when it comes to men. I watch Noodle act like a complete douche in the groups that I thought he was more stubborn than me. Though when he gets deleted out of the groups as a joke, he always does come crawling back with his tail between his legs, so maybe I am more stubborn than him… I mean I have proved that, I just didn’t realise how much more. I guess in this situation, I have more power than he does, I mean I don’t have to make the effort to see him… I don’t have to put in any effort to chat to him to get him to fuck me, but if he wants me to fuck him, he needs to put in the effort!

Noodle at his new store, it will be his home store so he wants to makes his mark there, I get it, I just never thought it would be at the detriment of talking to me. Lets be honest, I’ve been spoiled over the last 7 months as Noodle has had a lot spare time to chat to me, not many jobs you can chat back & forth. I’m on my work phone a lot so I can message while doing other things… But being his original store had closed down, he’s been on leave then in stores for short times that he hasn’t really been in charge, so could use his phone more. But moving to this store which will be his store, I understand things will change a bit. I just didn’t realise how much. He barely chats to me at all, waiting till almost midnight to come back online to ask how my days was & say “I’ve accomplished so much at work in 3 days, sorry for being so busy” Well, fuck, at least he’s sorry, I’m not 100% sure that he means it, but at least he said it. He tells me what a mess it is & how much effort he’s had to put in to it, working long hours to get it up to scratch.

Noodle overthinking.png

With Noodle moving stores so often lately, I think this is a really good time to create an alibi. Basically, he’s moved stores 3 times & so I figured, he can pretend to make good friends with somebody at a store & then potentially “go out” with them to have a drink & whatnot, but actually be with me without raising suspicion. He never actually does it though. I think he thinks it will be a bit suspicious, but I mean it’s the perfect opportunity to create an alibi. He uses the gym all the time as a alibi, but he’s not allowed to go when the family is awake, so it makes it hard – mainly for me because we don’t meet at the gym & it’s still 20 minutes away from my house! It disappoints me that Noodle doesn’t take this opportunity to do this. It’s the perfect time! I guess there would be a million questions about who the person is, where they’re going & what they’re doing. Also he’ll be stalked on the apple stalker app, but I mean it he was going to a bar for a drink, it’s a great opportunity for us to go on some dates.

I don’t see Noodle for the rest of the week, he’s so ‘busy’ that we barely even talk, it’s fucking me off… I mean he still makes the effort to talk to me a little, but is in bed early, up early but doesn’t say hello for hours, then barely writes back or has a conversation with me, its short & only enough to keep me chatting to him… I don’t even know what I am doing… I mean I shouldn’t panic it’s only been a week, however, I get really pissed off, thinking too much, I’m the worst overthinker, it kills me but I am thinking constantly about him fucking his partner, kissing her, touching her like he does me & I fucking snap…


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