Noodle #30

I am not sure how Noodle & I keep getting hotter. I know it’s not been that long that we’ve been fucking but surely we will start repeating moves soon & start being boring? Honestly that’s my biggest fear, being boring sexually. I have talked to a lot of married or partnered men over the years & heard all the stories from them about how I wouldn’t understand or that it’s complicated or that she doesn’t want to fuck them anymore. Well, I think that if they put in as much effort as they do trying to get me to fuck them into their wife, then she might actually fuck them. Like dude if you messaged her telling her she is sexy or you miss her or even just cook dinner or bring her flowers for no reason, then she might actually want to fuck you? Maybe she won’t but my point is they need to put in the same effort with their partner as they do trolling online for a random fuck.

Noodle Respect realationship.png

Noodle & I talk about a 3sum, it’s one thing he really wants (what a fucking surprise, right?!) but I want to organise this for him so I think about the only woman that I would potentially do this & one I know that wants to fuck Noodle but wouldn’t steal him from me (OMG!) I suggest Sweetie (Max’s wife) to him. I say that she probably would do it as she’s bi & has shown interest in me before & she’s also asked me if Noodle would fuck her. I feel comfortable with her as I’ve had a 3sum with her before with her husband obviously. But also because I am not threatened by her looks – she’s cute, but I know Noodle is into me. I know Noodle has tried to chat with her in the past but said he felt it didn’t flow that well, so I knew that he probably wouldn’t chat to her outside of the 3sum. I tell Noodle that she would do it if I asked her & that it wouldn’t be that hard to work out logistically. “Well I wouldn’t say no. Just thought it might be weird considering you’ve done it with her own husband. & you were basically seeing him once upon a time. & she really likes you too.” I tell him that I am not worried about the 3sum as much but more about what will happen afterwards, like will he realise he likes her better? I have only ever been the guest star, this time I will be the part of the couple & Sweetie will be the guest star. I don’t think Noodle is even listening to me anymore since I mentioned it “Love the idea of fucking 2 women. It’s like the top of my sexual bucket list. Haha.” I tell him that I’ll float the idea with her & let him know what she says. “You do like pleasing me sexually don’t you?” I tell him yes but I add “Better kiss me more asshole or I’ll cut your cock off” & I send a poking tongue out emoji to back it up, he says “I’m keen. You are hotter than her, You know you’ll be my favourite.” Hehehe, he knows just want to say & sends the kissing cheek emoji. I tell him that I’ll screenshot that & send him the heart eye emoji. He says that he doesn’t know what he does to make women want to fuck him, because I remind him that Sweetie did ask me a while ago if I knew if Noodle would fuck her, but I asked her not to pursue him because I wanted him. Ironically I was fucking her husband, so I’m surprised she respected that to be honest. I tell him “Eh you’re good looking, honest & active in the groups, flirty… & if they knew how well you fuck me, why wouldn’t they want to fuck you?” I don’t want him to start thinking about other women to be honest. I mean right now he’s barely got time to see me, imagine if he had other women in the mix? Would I be in this mess? Also reminds me that I should be fucking other men, but for some fucked up reason, I am not & he is not fucking anyone else.

So Noodle comes to see me at my house a few days later, on our regular Tuesday, our visits are a lot quicker with the longer commute he has than I would like, we need to start thinking about what we can do to extend the time we have together. It’s only a week before Christmas so his work is really busy, work for me is finally calm & I’m about to go on Christmas shut down leave. This is the first job I’ve ever had that has Christmas shut down leave so I am excited to take it. Last year I worked doing the skeleton crew but this year I’m taking it off. I mean partly because I need time off but partly because I want to see Noodle more. I will need to make some effort to see him at his work. When he gets to my house, I am in underwear, nothing sexy just my usual lace panties & plain bra & he’s pushing me backwards against the wall when we hit with a thud, kissing with abandon. He fingers me till I’m cumming against his hand barely, able to stand, before he starts moving me to walk backwards while kissing him down the hallway. Halfway down, is my toilet, Noodle turns me to spin us around & he walks backwards in there, putting the lid down & sitting down, OMG. We’re going to fuck in this room too, I straddle his lap & fuck him, bouncing up & down on his cock. He said before that he doesn’t cum when I ride him so once I’ve cum, he stands us up & takes me to the bedroom to fuck me. I cum again (what a surprise) & he cums too before he has to leave heading back to work to change over his location. Well that’s every room on the house!

Later that night I start a serious conversation “We have to have a serious chat though Noodle…!” I can tell he’s freaking out “Err, serious?” I am smiling knowing what is going through his head “Yeah! The Noodle vs #IBD4U agreement 2017 is about to expire. I nominate #IBD4U to negotiate on my behalf to extend this agreement. Who will be your representative. We should commence negotiations ASAP to ensure continuity” he laughs but says that the agreement should be cancelled. I tell him that he can’t cancel it but what would he want in the next agreement, he doesn’t know so asks me what I want to which I reply:

  1. Maintain all current conditions
  2. Noodle to communicate better
  3. Get fucked more & harder

He says that he agrees to those conditions but after some thought he says that he has 2 to add:

  1. #IBD4U is to not freak out & stay up all night if Noodle has a busy day at work or busy week
  2. Noodle to receive weekly blowjobs

I tell him that number 1 is a non-issue if he adheres to number 2 of my list. But I tell him that I will draft a clause for his number 2. “#IBD4U will give Noodle a weekly blowjob/headjob/suck his cock. Failure to give Noodle a Blowjob/headjob/suck his cock will result in a spank unless it is beyond #IBD4U control, such as Noodle is SO busy” He says that’s not a punishment, which it probably isn’t since I like it, be we agree & say that we should sign it in our cum! He tells me later how freaked out he was about the we need to talk comment! Hahaha, that was my plan!

We don’t see each other over Christmas, but we talk every day as usual. They are both off together during the public holidays so I don’t get to chat a lot when she’s awake, obviously but he makes time to chat to me & I find myself waking up earlier to make sure we get some quality chat time. We don’t exchange gifts, I have spent time thinking about the perfect gift for him. I had just been to Sydney for a concert with a friend & while there I did some shopping & bought the sexiest cutest lingerie. It’s black & lacy with a lot of gold sequins on it, sounds tacky, but it’s not. I have also bought Noodle his regular deodorant aftershave, Listerine mouth wash (he uses it every time he comes over,) chocolate body paint & since I’ve been baking a gingerbread cookie Christmas tree, I made some extra cookies & bagged it up with a fancy bow to give it all to him. I figure that it’s stuff he can either leave at my house or he can put in his gym back as stuff he uses. I hope that whatever he’s bought me, it’s an equivalent gift or I’m going to feel stupid as fuck! Assuming he hasn’t spent to much on me because it would raise suspicion, I’m thinking no more than $50. While I’ve spent a lot on the lingerie, it’s ok because I’m not giving it to him as such, but I’m going to be wearing it.

I had worked out what aftershave/deodorant that he wears, one night after we’ve fucked, I still smell like him & I am being honest when I tell him this. He tells me that he just wears Rexona ice cool but he changes it a lot. He tells me that “A guy can’t tell if you’re wearing $29 perfume or $200 perfume” Well fuck, I wear Chanel Chance, it’s super expensive but I wear it because I like it. It’s now my signature smell. But I didn’t even know this, what is the fucking point! Men don’t know?!
As soon as he’s back at work after Christmas, I meet him for lunch. I am dressed in a short summer dress with no panties, ready to fuck him easily as I know he won’t have a lot of time because the shops have been shut for 2 days, you know people act like the world has ended. I’m honestly surprised he is making the time today to see me. As he gets in my car, he says “Fuck” I looked around trying to see if I can see someone that looks like his partner, but of course she’d be at work too, being she works for the same retail chain. I ask what he said fuck for when he points at a dude wearing a Christmas shirt & says that the area manager, walking into the store. I am fucking disappointed & dreading the answer as I say “Do you need to go back in?” but he says no, however I know he’s distracted about this. We drive to our usual spot & fuck in the car for an hour before I drop him back to work. He chats to me as soon as he’s back but because the area manager is in his store it’s not straight away as usual. But he tells me that the manager said he saw us & asked Noodle if he’s behaving. I reply “What?! What did you say?” He says that he just said “always” , with a smile. FUCK! Shit fuck damn!

This doesn’t change anything like I think it will, Noodle really surprises me sometimes! The next Tuesday night I tell him that I am finally going to give him his Christmas present. I skip the gym to get ready in the lingerie complete with stockings & high heels, I cover up with a white satin dressing gown then stand next to the gift I have for him to take. He walks in the door & sees me stand in the lounge room & askes me “what do we have here?” I ask him which present he wants to open first, he doesn’t really respond as he pulls on the tie of the satin dressing gown as it falls open like the scene from titanic when Rose is naked under her gown, I think I couldn’t have planned that any better if I tried. Noodle sucks in his breath as he sees my lingerie & I see his eyes do that look that kind of look like they’re popping out of this head. We don’t get to look at the rest of his gift before he is kissing me, taking the dressing gown off me completely. He pushes me backwards to the pool table & helps me up where he goes down on me till I cum. This is not how I planned this to go, I wanted to please him, but I am loving this & I know that he likes going down on me, having told me before that I taste really good, compared to some women, he’s never really liked doing it before. We fuck on the pool table & he never takes off the lingerie telling me how hot I look. After we’re done he opens the rest of the present & says it’s like a cheating mans pack. Well that’s kind of what I was going for. He tells me later too that he likes my cookie. He pretty much ate it the second he left my house. He goes outside to get my present out of the car – he’d hidden in in the spare wheel arch so she couldn’t find it… She’s gone through his car before & when she found his hair stuff in the glove box, she told he was dodgy as fuck… Anyway, my gift isn’t wrapped, but he kind of shoves a thin box with some thing on top at me. It’s a nurses costume & a vibrating cock ring. He’s such a guy that he’s not even taken off the price tags. I love this gift, but the first thing that goes through my head is if it will even fit me! Why can’t I ever just enjoy a fucking moment without ruining it with bullshit thoughts?


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