Noodle #29

I ask Noodle if he’d actually be able to fuck me in the mornings after one of our evening sessions, he says that he’d be capable but would struggle “At one point when my partner was trying for a baby I was getting sex every day between you & her. I did alright haha. My sex drive isn’t what is used to be. I don’t masturbate every morning when I get up & every night before I go to bed like I use too tho. I’m sure if you sucked it, I could keep up” I am still paranoid that we have boring couple sex now “Guess it wouldn’t always be boring couple sex with me so you might want it more… Or if you got home from work one day thinking it’s just a normal night & there I am in lingerie” Then he says it… His words are meant as a compliment but then hit me like 1000 knives being thrown at me “One day you’ll make a man a fucking awesome wife haha” What the actual fuck Noodle! & why when he said it, do I automatically wish he was the husband that is so lucky to have me? I am silent for a while I compose myself. I have never really thought about being married before, so where did this fucking though come from? Even with Boyfriend, we bought a house but I never envisaged marrying him! “I have this feeling we’ll lose contact one day but then in our 40’s or 50’s one of us won’t be so stubborn to contact the other just to see what’s happening… And we’ll start fucking again.” I do think that as much as I am getting some sort of feelings so this guy, this isn’t our time. I don’t feel like they will break up & if they do, he won’t be able to date me seriously… If I really feel this why, what am I do? Why am I giving this guy the best of me?

Noodle Wife written dude cant read.png

I try to lighten the mood by telling him off for giving me a hickey, he says he didn’t even kiss my neck, but only remembers me sucking his cock. Well of course he’d day that, but he did bite my neck & I bruise so easily. He tells me that I should be a good little mistress & suck his cock weekly, I say “You get emotional when you don’t get a weekly BJ.” He replies “My slutty mistress should be sucking my cock once a week. She’s a good girl & gets out of bed & drives all the way to see me & suck my cock good then swallows all my cum” I tell him that I can’t let him get bored of me & he says “Oh I’m no where no bored of you. Just wanna fuck you more lately” Well at least now I know he does want me! Hahaha.

Noodle tells me that he has holidays coming up again for his brothers wedding & it will also be his birthday. Wow, I didn’t even think about his birthday to be honest. I am excited to try & see him on his birthday for a good cock sucking & some hot sex, probably in the car being his birthday is on a Sunday, but I’m hoping he can go to the gym & I can go meet him. It’s also about this time that Noodle tells me he’s going to buy me a Christmas present… WHAT THE ACTUAL FACTUAL FUCK! Does this mean I have to get him something? What the fuck can I buy him? I mean I’d love to see him in some Calvin Klein boxer briefs or smelling amazing in some Jean Paul Gaultier but how the fuck would he explain that to his partner… I need to think of something that he doesn’t have to take home… What the hell could I buy him? Shit… I hate the pressure of buying presents… Why is he buying me a gift? How much is he going to spend? I’m assuming it’ll be some sort of sex toy maybe, what the fuck will he buy me? SHIT.

The next Tuesday night, I go to the gym as I haven’t heard from him when he messages “Did you not go to the gym tonight?” I reply “Yeah was at the gym” I assume he’s going to bail “Out of work late. Heading to yours now.” I say that I’m almost home anyway when I get his reply “I want you to be naked & tied up by the time I get there. Ready for a hard quick fuck like a good little slut” Jesus I get wet as fuck from that. I reply “Yes Sir” & start freaking out… How will he want me tied, front or back? I don’t want to mess this up, I don’t want to disappoint him either! I highly doubt that he’ll ever be disappointed but you know what I mean.

Noodle gets to my house, I have tied myself to the x restraints by my ankles & have left my arms out for him to tie up, he walks in making a lot of noise & is in my bedroom making that manly sound that I know I have pleased him. He’s naked then kisses all up my body, clipping my hands in when he slides in from behind me, so wet already, this is just insane, but I know he doesn’t have a lot of time. He does exactly what he say, fucks me hard like a good little slut then has to go. Even though I loved it & he messaged me straight afterwards, I felt a little used & disappointed. But his messages seem to pick up on my mood & he spends a lot more time talking to me when he gets home, it’s not really sexy talk, just about shit of the day. Stuff we usually get time to talk about on a Tuesday night afterwards but tonight we missed out on it.

Chatting though Noodle & I start to argue about me flirting online with some douche in the group, probably Holden to be honest “No you single him out & flirted with him. As the loser dude fucking you with a crush on you, I notice these things” OMG he has a crush on me? Hahaha… that’s so cute but fuck I am not flirting to make him jealous! “Hahaha, you are a major loser, but that makes me smile!” I can’t help but laugh at that. We’re in this so deep & he is jealous of me flirting – like honestly! “You can’t talk you got so jealous of my flirting with Destiny” Yeah he’s right, I did get jealous of him flirting with her, she was a southerner too & everyone was really into her, I thought he had gone there already by the way they talked. I have already admitted I was jealous of her & hated her just because she was chatting to him, she was probably a lovely person, but I will never know. “I never said I didn’t. I admitted that. So fuck you” Hahaha. “Eh & I like it some sort of fucked up way” Yeah I bet he did, made him feel good that I actually care about him. “Yeah I’m a jealous creature. Especially when you don’t have unlimited spare time.. & I’m not ready to end this, I don’t want you to either.” I think that surprises him “So you don’t want to make me jealous either?” Of course I don’t. “I don’t want to make you jealous… I kinda like it when you do get jealous but I don’t do things to make you jealous.” He agrees & says he doesn’t do things deliberately to make me jealous either, but like when I do get jealous…. I wonder “It really surprises me how we got this far sometimes. Hahaha” We’re both so needy! He says it’s the mind blowing sex, which probably helped a lot!

The next morning Noodle says good morning as usual, then sends me a screenshot of some text messages with his partner. I’m not sure why or what the point is, I don’t want to look, but it’s like a train wreck, I can’t look away. I read it, of course, her message is at 8:00 am

“Y did you leave so early”

“Went to the gym, why?”

“R u sure ur not cheating, cos it will kill me if u r. If you don’t love me just tell me”

“OMG I went to the gym loser”

“Don’t call me a loser” then he sends her a screenshot of his gym application where it shows that he was actually at the gym! WOW… Just wow – fuck he’s lucky he was actually at the gym this morning & what the fuck is the issue now? He’s been getting up way earlier to fuck me sometimes, even being at my house at 5:30 am & she’s worried about him leaving to be at the gym at 7:00 am now. Maybe my paranoia about the having a lot of sex was right & he pulled away from me & now they’re not fucking as much, he’s putting in more effort with me that he’s pulling away from her? & we seem to have these weird eye contact moments now while having sex & cum together… I wonder if this will make Noodle back off again, being that he back off because he was busy but every time something happens with her, it doesn’t seem to make him back off, yet he says he does…

Clearly not because the next morning Noodle & I both have the day off & we’ve planned to spend most of the day together. I have something planned, when I bought my new first set of sexy lingerie, I bought a couple of things, so today, I am wearing the other set I bought & a slut choker that I bought for him. I send him a picture of the bra only it before he gets here & he tells me that he’s hard already. It makes me smile that a simple message from him telling me he’s hard for me when he is on his way, we’re really simple creatures.

He rocks up & I’m at the door waiting for him again, in lingerie & a face full of makeup, hair done nicely & with the choker on… As he walks towards me, he can see it but doesn’t realise what it is, until he touches it & I quiver, he smiles saying the word slut as he reads it on my choker. Asking me if I am his slut. I say yes. (This is seriously sounding like some lame mils & boons book!) & he’s naked rapidly taking me into the bedroom to fuck me for hours while he videos everything, mainly his cock going in & out of me, which I must say, I oddly like… I mean I don’t get to watch the angle he does obviously, so it’s good to see it. Lots of guys look at their cock while fucking you & now I get to see this angle too… I love it. He makes me cum multiple times before I ask him to fuck my tits. I know this turns him on & he always asks me what I get out of it. Well first of all, I have cum several times & as most women, I get very sensitive. I know he wants to keep fucking me but I sometimes get to a point I don’t think I can take anymore. So I’ll ask him to fuck something else, my mouth, ass or tits. I also like his cum on me, I sometimes don’t shower & sleep covered in it because he loves when I tell him I’m still covered in our cum. But also I love how turned on he gets when I ask him to fuck something else & he especially loves fucking my tits… I get turned on by how turned on he is. I mean I get really wet sucking his cock, which has never happened to me before & I don’t think it’s happened for him before either, because he always comments on how wet I get. Well maybe it’s because I’m so turned on. I remember a time when Noodle told me a women could get too wet & then there’s no friction for him. Well apparently I have proven that theory wrong, because now he tells me that there is no such thing as too wet, but he also tells me it’s probably because I’m so tight (yeah sorry, TMI to all my friends reading! Hahaha…) I’ve been told that by a few guys, so assuming it’s the no kids thing perhaps, I have no idea!

After he fucks my tits, I tie Noodle to the bed on my x restraints & tease him for a change. I like being a little dominant myself sometimes, I like to get a vibe out while he can’t touch me & make myself cum over & over while straddling him but not letting his cock inside me. It’s fucking tough, I mean I want his cock in me as much as he’s begging for it, but I don’t. I say “How you going there Champ” & giggle, kissing him a little, but he tries to pull away & says “Fuck you” I tell him that this is how he makes me feel when he ties me up & teases me. He looks me straight in the eye & says in the deep dominant voice that I usually obey “Just Fuck Me #IBD4U” I giggle & make myself cum again with a vibe on his lap before slowly sliding myself down his really hard cock. He moans says “Thank fuck for that” but I untie him so he can fuck me hard & deep, watching ourselves in the mirror. Fuck that’s really hot!


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