Noodle #28

Noodle & I start thinking about this intruder fantasy. I had given this some thought with Max, but that fell through – as everything did with him… Everything Noodle & I say about this scenario turns me on, the fact he wants me to call him prick & struggle under his touch. The fact I want him to call me names too, him telling me that he’ll fuck me like a dirty little slut. I say “I want this. How fucked up is that?” He says it’s not fucked up, it’s hot & it turns him on a lot. I tell him that unless I say the safeword Red, I am fair game. So even if I keep saying no or get off me etc, in any sexual scenario with Noodle, I don’t actually mean for him to stop. He tells me that more I struggle, the more turned on he gets & he thinks that’s fucked up… Maybe we’re both as fucked up as each other? We’ve done kinky stuff before but not like this. I ask what he’d do if I hit him & he said it’d turn him on more & he’d spank me back… (Remember this is a intruder fantasy, not that he is beating me or this is a domestic violent situation.)

We elaborate on this fantasy & turn each other on so much, even though we fucked this morning, that we’re virtually playing again with each other, cumming with sexting. I remind him that I didn’t shower after we fucked & I wore his cum all day, I even went out covered in him. He tells me it was hot that I actually asked for it & made him cum a lot quicker, he couldn’t hold it in after I asked, looking him in the eye. He says “Fuck me #IBD4U, you are fucking sexy fucking thing. & so fucking hot sometimes!” I think this is the time to reveal another fantasy I have… “Would you consider something else I’m a bit scared/embarrassed to ask… (Scared cos I’ve never done it before either)” He tells me that he’s open to anything… “Will you maybe slip my panties off after you’ve pulled them against my clit so they’re a little wet” I haven’t told you this, but he does that a lot, pulling them up against my clit as his kisses me, rather than using his fingers sometimes, it’s hot as fuck – teasing me with my own lacy panties. “& then poke them in my mouth (not too far) If I make too much noise” He says “That’s hot… I fucking love it I ask if it’s weird but he says “How is that much different to fingering you then forcing my fingers in your mouth” Well I guess it’s not, but this is actual gagging. I haven’t been gagged before, I am conscious of my jaw issues. I ask him if he’s ever done this before & he says “No, but I’ve done a lot of things to you I’ve never done before. Like the first time I was fucking you & started biting your nipples hard & your cunt got super wet. I was like fuck… She likes that!” Yeah, I agree… It is hot as fuck!

During the day on Sunday when he has time for me, I ask Noodle if he still has pictures of me & some video because I’m concerned that his partner will find them & he tells me that “They’re in a secret app, behind a hidden code & she’ll never find them” because I’m fucked if she does find them, my face, my tattoos are on there, I wouldn’t be hard to identify & so I tell him not to underestimate a woman who thinks her partner is cheating on her. He tells me that he doesn’t & that’s why he backs off sometimes. Ahhhh this, is what has been going on!!! “Ah so you’re not really busy…!!” He’s just feeling guilty, “Nope, I have been busy, but don’t wanna get caught. If I felt guilty I wouldn’t still be fucking you, would I?” Oh fuck, is this guy really that insensitive to not feel guilty at all? “If you’re backing off, then just fucking tell me, so I’m not waiting around like a fuckwit thinking about it all night, not getting any fucking sleep. Betcha you don’t miss a minute of anything thinking about me… You know with your busy life & all.” Do I just say this shit so he’ll respond the way I want? But he does, without prompting, “I do miss chatting to you & fucking you as much as I did” I can’t help but be a little crazy & I apologise for that, trying to be the cool relaxed chick that is ok with being a Mistress mid affair…. I don’t want to be the possessive weirdo that he decides is too hard work!

Noodle Chemisty Blowing up

Lying in bed that night, I feel better about us – finally! He is at the gym at 10:30 pm on Sunday night. My family comes over my house for dinner but once they leave, I get into bed ready to chat the night away with Noodle, usually involving a vibrator & some sexy texts & pictures. Tonight, I have a vibe in, while we’re teasing each other & he says that he’s semi hard at the gym, that I should come visit him & fuck in the car… I am out of bed in clothes, quicker than I care to admit at this suggestion. He tells me to leave the vibe in & meet him in the carpark, which I do!

He’s all sweaty from working out (the dude could’ve showered in the 20 minute drive I just had to take) but I kind of like that he’s all manly & sweaty, I suck his cock first thing & yeah his balls are sweaty, so much so that the lint from his boxers keep getting in my mouth, but I try not to kill the mood by picking lint out of my mouth. I still have the vibe in but once Noodle has had enough of me sucking his cock, knowing I will make him cum if he lets me, that he pulls the vibe out of me dripping wet & puts it in my mouth. We make eye contact even though its dark, I can tell he wants that connection, I want to too & I make a hmmm sound as he groans, while I lick the vibe, he controls himself not to cum & saying “Fuck” out loud. He fucks me hard, making me cum, then I suck his cock till he cums, letting him cum on my tits but also in my mouth, I clean up his cock once we’re done… Fuck are we becoming predictable? I guess not, we just fucked in a gym carpark! Hahaha.

I’ve barely even driven out of the carpark when we’re done before Noodle is messaging me “Sucking my sweaty cock in the gym carpark like a dirty sexy fucking whore. HOT” I smile, knowing that he’s not as stubborn as I am! I barely ever message him first after sex anymore! Hahaha… SUCKER! Noodle tells me that he’s unlocked my sexiness & he’s glad that he has. “You give me such amazing sex tho. Best thing I’ve ever done sexually in my life was to fuck you haha”

The next Tuesday night, Noodle comes over but only for 45 minutes before he’s dashing off to go fix his location back at his store before he goes home. I wonder if this is part of the reason why he was pulling away from me too? He was realising that it’s too much effort? Having to drive back & forth? Or is getting more sex from her? He says it’s not guilt, but I wonder if he is he feeling guilty & denying it? I am never going to admit this to him, but I am liking him a lot more than I should, could he be feeling the same way & concerned about how close we are? I am putting a lot out of my mind about my feelings for Noodle, I wonder if he’s doing the same? Fuck those feelings!

The following Saturday afternoon I do my grocery shopping, while chatting to Noodle while he’s at work & I am mega pissed off that they don’t have my protein milk or cauliflower pizza base at the store I shop at, meaning I will have to go somewhere else. But when Noodle invites me to visit him at lunch, I don’t even worry about whatever the store I’m at does or doesn’t have, I get my groceries & dash home. I drive as quick as I can to pick him up, he leaves his phone in the store when he comes out to meet me. I see him walking towards my car & wonder what the fuck he has in his hands, he gets in the car & kind of throws a litre of protein milk & a pizza base at me (probably because he wanted to get it for me, but feels a bit weird about it – I would do that too, buy the present then feel like an idiot giving it to him.) I feel weird about accepting it but I cannot believe how much I love that he did that for me. That was so sweet, this guy is sweet… He pretends he’s not, but he really is! I can’t believe he went to the effort of getting me the right milk & base that I use. I mean we talk about food a lot so he knows what I buy & it’s stuff he buys too, so it’s not weird, but fuck that was cute as fuck to buy me groceries… OMG, I am swooning! Jesus, get a grip, it’s just a few groceries!

We drive around finding a new spot at a school, apparently he’s ok with a school during the day as there is no security, there isn’t sports on today so we’re able to have the whole carpark to ourselves. Noodle & I get into the backseat & we’re fucking quicker than I care to admit, I mean I know I say that all the time, but it’s almost like I can’t get his dick inside me quick enough. I suck his dick too, I mean I can’t resit sucking it, he doesn’t even have to ask or force my head down there (unless he’s being Mr Dom) I just willingly suck it & really love it. Noodle gets me so wet that when he turns he lays be down on the backseat he fucks me easily, when he pulls out & slides into my ass, I make sure he knows it’s my ass, not only so he can go slow, but so he can enjoy it. When I tell him, he makes this noise, I wish I could explain it but it’s like a groan but a moan of pleasure, like he’s trying not to cum because he’s just heard the sexiest thing ever. I like anal this way, when we’re face to face, being able to kiss & him touch my tits at the same time… This is broad daylight, on a Saturday afternoon in the car & we’re having anal sex like there is no tomorrow. When we both cum, Noodle sits in the backseat panting, I can barely move having cum a couple of times in less than an hour. I realise I have nothing to wipe us both down (Note to self, must get baby wipes for the car!) I find a serviette & clean up his cock, which I know he likes me doing for him, usually with my mouth, but I am not putting it back in my mouth after where it’s been. I do have some hard limits! (I know that might be hard for you readers to believe, but I definitely have some limits! Scat – shit- is one of them!)

Noodle & I have talked limits & pretty much we have the same limits, he says that he doesn’t like blood at all, obviously as a women, period sex doesn’t bother me, but he tells me that he gets really annoyed when his partner tells him her period is over but then when he fucks her he gets blood on his cock. But it’s more a fear he has I think, he hates injections & is a real wuss when it comes to getting them, once when he had to get one, his partner didn’t go with him but gave him so much shit about it, I offered to be there for him because, fuck it’s a fear not something to joke about… But we agree that shit is a limit for both of us too, I can deal with a little during anal, because lets face it’s part of it, but I’ve heard of kinks where people do like to be shit on etc… Definitely not for us!


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