So this isn’t my usual thing but I notice a lot of people on Instagram posting screenshots of chats from guys – I’ve always thought that was weird… But I guess I wrote about the guys I meet or chat to all the time… Hahaha, so what’s more weird talking about it or showing you a screenshot?!I guess it’s weird that I save the screenshot? But I do that for research & blog purposes only now. However some of the things people say don’t warrant a full 1000+ word blog post but perhaps they deserve a blog post in some way!Some post the persons name & pictures etc, but I will protect their identity & have blacked out (used the bomb emoji) what I can. But these are actual screenshots I saved of conversations that I’ve had on various sites over the course of my dating life. Some are these are from sites when I was just looking for sex, some are from sites when I was being serious about finding a partner, some are just random texts. See if you can tell what site is what. Hahaha.Thought it might be a fun change of pace for my blog posts… Hope you enjoy this format.


I never did get a knock knock joke from this guy… Did I ruin the chances with this guy by being a normal adult who doesn’t do knock knock jokes with other adults?!



Bahahaha… I’m a 10? Not quite sure that’s true, but what a way to get into my DM’s. However smooth lines no longer work on me.



Wow. I must be really boring… My dinner plans would usually result in them asking me out. Not this guy, I never got a reply, ever.



I will never understand why guys are so intrigued by a wax photo or rope picture but then not want to speak to me afterwards!? Apparently I am intimidating, does this make me more intimidating. Does it scare them?






Clearly not that keen to see me, as I never hear from him again! WTF is with that?



I tried for a while having rope pictures up on my profile to attract a kinkier type of man, however lots obviously think that because they can tie down a trailer, they can tie me up & I’ll allow it… Maybe this was a mistake.



OK what?!

Is this a bucket list thing for any woman? I mean I don’t mind cars & being interested in things a guy is, but don’t think this is the top of my bucket list!

Ironically, I realised I used to work with with this guy at the supermarket. I’m assuming he figured it out & that’s why he stopped replying? Who really knows…

I hate when a profile says stuff like this, this isn’t even the worst one I have seen, but why oh why don’t men just use the profile to talk about themselves, why do they talk about how shit other women are on these apps?!

I cannot stand spelling errors in a profile. This is their time to shine… With all the auto correct failures theses days, this seriously can’t be one of them?! Surely this is satire?

This had to be a case of the wrong number… I have no idea how they got my number, or who they are. But I was having a few drinks with a friend so we had a laugh, but I didn’t get a reply. Hahaha.

Maybe my interesting fact wasn’t that interesting? I mean this guy never wrote back… Maybe that was a boring fact?! 




I honestly couldn’t be bothered writing back to this one, I hate the what are you looking for question. However at least when they ask & I answer, we’re both clear about what we doing… There’s no grey area.



What type of weirdo wishes their weekend was over?!

So there you have it… A difference in my blog posts… Hope you enjoyed this format. Something different. Let me know what you think. I might do some more like this if you like it.


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