Milky #10

My quest for a MFM is real, it could totally happen with Max & Milky. Max is on board, though I think he’s just happy to live out my fantasy so I’ll live out his of a MFF with his wife. I’m excited when I broach the subject with Milky, telling him that I want a MFM. Milky asks me with who & I explain it’s the married guy in an open relationship. To my complete & utter surprise Milky says yes, on one condition. WTF could his condition even be? Surely this would be a dream for a guy to fuck a woman like a porn star? I wait for his condition to be that he ‘gets to be the one that fucks me in the ass’ or ‘he doesn’t want to touch the other guy’ Yeah I don’t want to see live gay porn, this is about me – so you’re safe Milky!


“I want to fuck his wife” WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK! She has nothing to do with this! I am NOT pimping out the guy I’m fucking poor unsuspecting wife so I can get what I want! This is fucked up! I tell him that she has nothing to do with it & he just says that’s his condition, if I want it, then he wants to fuck her first. Ironically, he doesn’t even know how old she is, what she looks like, or even what the guy I am fucking looks like – he knows nothing about them but wants to fuck her. I mean I am ok with random fucks (clearly – just read this blog. Hahaha) but there has to be some sort of chemistry or connection or alcohol. This is just weird. I decide to tell Max because I don’t even know what to do or what to say to Milky. This is just beyond anything that I have experienced before. & I thought meeting the wife was the weirdest point in my life!

Max is surprisingly ok about it & makes jokes about wanting to fuck Milky’s sister or mum as part of his condition of Milky fucking his wife. This is seriously not happening? I mean does this type of thing happen to people? Really! Max says he’ll ask his wife, it’ll be up to her if she wants too, but I am not comfortable with pimping her out for my fantasy. Max explains that she’s been having trouble with meeting a regular guy or even any guy just for a ONS (Yeah I know because guys are douches plus she’s been telling me everything – she could probably write a blog post or 2 herself!) When he tells me that she is willing to meet him, I am completely flabbergasted. But Max says that it’s actually good, because she’s having trouble finding a regular guy for her, it’s making it harder for him to see me & he’s afraid she’ll pull the pin on the open relationship thing, if she doesn’t find someone soon. I’m not sure that’s true but he has been pulling away a bit & I know she’s been dicked around by a few douches. So really, who the fuck knows what is happening here!

So I figure, that at this point I know I am done with Milky, so she can have him, if she wants him & I can focus on Max & others. I don’t have as much sex per se with Max but we are more kinky. I feel like I have surpassed Milky’s kink. I want to explore more of this side & Max takes me to a different place. We do more kinky things, I mean I tell him things I want to do & sometimes he actually does them (not all the time, but maybe he will if we keep seeing each other) not like Milky who I seem to tell him my fantasies too & then he fucks me while he stands & I’m on the edge of the bed with my legs in the air… every… single… time!

I obviously talk to Sweetie about it too, I can tell she’s weirded out about it too, I mean I know Sweetie & Max are in an open relationship, but surely they haven’t been in this situation before. Well maybe, I guess this is no different to partner swapping really, however I’m not with Milky & he wants to fuck Sweetie without me or Max… Hmmm! Anyway she agrees so I pass on Milky’s chat app details to Sweetie & let them talk. This is just fucking nuts!

So there’s a hedonist/switch Munch (a munch is a kink event that contains no kink, just a meet & greet so to speak at a pub or restaurant for kinky people to meet) on the next weekend & I am somehow arranging for a 4sum type situation after Milky invites me to the munch with him. This evening is perfect for Milky to fuck Sweetie then Milky & Max to fuck me. My house is neutral territory for everyone, so I suggest that they all come meet at mine, then we’ll go to the munch together & see where the night takes us. Milky decides that he doesn’t want to meet at my house but he’ll meet us there. WTF? He was the one that invited me to go with him…

Max & Sweetie get to my house later than I expected & then we fart ass about before we head into the city, which means we’re way later than I said we would be, Milky has been texting me to ask if we’re even going. When we get there, we can’t find where everyone is, it’s a lot different than what I was expecting, everyone was sitting in little groups so it was as socialable as I was expecting. It was more of a clique than I expected. We get drinks & find Milky, I introduce them. We sit down at a table outside & Milky acts like a complete douche. He acts really arrogant & I can tell that Max thinks he’s an idiot. I am not even sure what Sweetie thinks, but I think he’s being a fucking wanker. Seriously, Milky should be so lucky that he’s in this position! This isn’t going well & my plans of a MFM are quickly evaporating.

After about 30 minutes of awkwardness & one drink, some woman comes up & asks Milky to go down the giant slide with her. (WTF? Why is there a giant slide in a pub for adults?) He takes so long to come back that Max, Sweetie & I decide to go somewhere else. The only place I know of a Friday night in Adelaide is the Union hotel with the crazy DJ. We catch a taxi there & it’s packed with the usual DJ playing all sorts of weird stuff. We are all already really drunk, I definitely don’t need more drinks but we drink anyway!

I text milky to tell him we left but didn’t get much back from him, he decides not to come to the Union. The rest of this story really belongs to a Max post, so you’ll have to wait till next Max blog post to hear what happened at the Union Hotel… & beyond!


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