Erotica: Scene Six – Shower

Halfway though the series, tell me what you guys a thinking of this fiction!

Here are the other instalments to read again or for the first time… Scene one – Nipple Bells, Scene two – Wake Up Call , Scene Three – His Orgasm & Scene Four – The Wake Up Call & Scene Five – Blindfold

Scene Six – Shower

The sunlight streaming through the window hits my face, it reminds me of a movie scene but this is real life.
I feel his strong arms around me holding me so tight, I never want him to let me go.
I try to move a little & he stirs behind me.
As he rolls over onto his back I roll with him, settling in his nook, his fingers running up & down my bare skin of my back.
I snuggle into his chest, with my arm resting across his torso.
I run my fingers on his side, feeling his seemingly flawless skin under my finger tips.
His hand on my back strokes my hair softly in long stokes, when suddenly he fists my hair & pulls my face to look up at him.
His mouth meets mine, I try to pull away, I have morning breath but his strong hand holds me right where he wants me.
His tongue invades my mouth, exploring & teasing me till I moan against his lips.
When he finally pulls away he releases my hair & begins stroking it again.
His hand runs all the way down my back to my bare ass & he gives it one hard spank, I jump and squeal
“Time to shower”
He jumps out of bed & the shower is on before I even know what has just happened.
I scurried out of bed, being tangled in the sheets, he’s already rinsing shampoo out of his hair.
I feel my face drop, he’s going to be getting out before I even get in.
I open the door a cautiously step in feeling self conscious, like an intruder, my arms twisted lengthways over my breasts as if to hide them.
He ignores my presence & continues to wash his hair.
I’m barely getting any water & am starting to feel like a unwanted guest.
He runs his fingers through his hair while it’s under the spray of the shower, then down his body to his sides.
He makes eye contact with me, I instantly feel reassured, I’d never be an unwanted guest in his shower.

052816 (26)
His movements are quick this morning, he has spun me around with my hands on the wall up above me before I can even think about what he’s doing.
He pulls my hips towards him so I’m almost bent over, then he uses his legs to spread mine to the walls.
His already hard cock is rubbing between my legs & his hands reach around to take my breasts into them, kneading my nipples in his thumb and forefinger.
I push back with my hips, letting out a sigh.
“I want you inside me Sir”
He growls as one hand leaves my breast & guides his cock inside me.
I let out a groan, his hand reaches around to rub little light circles on my clit as he builds up some speed.
He’s pounding in and out, in and out, I really struggle to stand still but he tells me to hold on, so I know to brace myself against the cold tiles.
He changes positions and it’s almost like his cock comes up from underneath me.
He’s deep and fast.
My breathing is rapid and I’m moaning, begging him to make me cum.
He switches positions again, taking both my hips in his hands and really starts pounding me.
I cry out from how deep he is inside me.
He slows down, his hand reach around for my clit again & he kisses my shoulders
“Do you want to cum?”
I make a hmmm sound & push my hips back to take him deeper with his slow thrusts
“Answer me”
“Yes sir, I want to cum for you”
His thrusts remain the same speed & depth but his hand on my clit speeds up but keeps a constant light pressure.
I feel it happening, I’m building up, I start to make the tell tale breathing noises & try to dig my nails into the tiles.
My face ends up pressed against the tiles, I start to lift up to my tippy toes, I feel like my nails will snap off the nail bed with how hard I am trying to dig them into the tiles.
“Cum now’
His deep voice commands of me & my body obeys him.
He picks up the pace, kissing my shoulders as he grabs my hips with both hands, riding my orgasm though to his own.
He cries out & I feel his warm cum fill me up deep inside.
His hands rub my ass & then he smacks it causing me to jump, he always catches me off guard.
He pulls me up against him, while he’s still inside me
His hands run up my belly to my nipples which he take in his fingers tugging them.
He kisses my neck and works his way up to my ear and growls
“I can’t fucking control myself with you”


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