Max #6

To follow on from Milky #10. Max, Sweetie & I are at the Union hotel, all drunk & dancing to the crazy DJ – if you remember from Vesty. It’s the first time in weeks that I’ve seen Max, however, I am having a good time. I’m still trying to get Milky to come to the Union in the hopes that I will still end up with my MFM, not sure what will happen with Max & Sweetie being they are staying at my house tonight if Milky doesn’t come back to my house. I am not sure I am ready for a 3sum with a woman, but I guess if the opportunity arises, I might do it. Milky is determined not to come to my house or the union, ok well there goes that fantasy… Probably for the best anyway, he & Max did not get along – it was a weird dynamic. I would be very surprised if Max even agrees to Sweetie seeing him outside of this evening too. But I’d also be surprised if Sweetie wants too see Milky anyway.

Getting drunker & drunker, Max is walking between Sweetie & I, kissing us both, oddly, I don’t feel weird about it, even though this is a very straight laced pub. Well maybe not, there is a crazy DJ here. Hahaha. I end up kissing Sweetie too, which is my first ever girl kiss. Yep, I’ve never kissed a girl before now. Whoo, tick that off my list – if it was ever on my list. Interestingly, women do kiss better than men. Her lips were softer & she was probably a little bit more gentle, if that’s a way to describe it – less sloppy. However, I don’t think I am about to jump the fence anytime soon!

We are on the way back to my house in a taxi & I know where this is going to go. Max is in the back with me, Sweetie is in the front. I don’t know if they organised that with some secret look or if that’s just how it worked out. There is going to be a 3sum here tonight, just not the one I wanted, but there is going to be one. I know Sweetie is bi, I am not, while I liked kissing her, I am still not interested in women in that way. I like penis! (Obviously) However, the opportunity for something new is there, so why not. I feel comfortable with her – she’s a normal chick, normal size, not intimidatingly hot, I feel like she wouldn’t judge my lumps & bumps… Plus I’ve been seeing Max for almost 3 months, I know they’ve have 3sums together before, I know this isn’t new for them, so I know they will help guide me though this.

052816 (24)

I don’t know about you, for those who’ve thought about 3sums but my biggest fear with a 3sum is that I will be the odd one out eating a sandwich like Ross from Friends while people have sex in my bed. I guess that’s the thing about being the guest star in a 3sum, you are the play thing, the one they both want because they can have each other any time they like.

We get to my place, I am acting awkward, not knowing what to do. I obviously have never done this before, I don’t know what to do or how to get this started. Or even if I want to get this started, or if it’s up to me to get it started. Max is the dominant one, shouldn’t he start this off? I’m walking around the place, getting drinks, feeling awkward, Max is eating chips he was eating before we left, Sweetie is sitting at the kitchen table just having a drink. I am so fucking awkward! I wonder if it would be like this with anyone or is it just like this with this couple who aren’t as social as me?

Max grabs me as I’m walking past & kisses me, before bending me over the kitchen bench pulling down my pants before he spanks me in front of Sweetie. I have to shut my eyes because I feel weird, but I also don’t want him to stop because I like this too. He spanks me for a long time, I am not sure if this is something Sweetie likes, but assuming she knows the ins & outs of our sexual relationship. Maybe she’s even told him what she wants to see tonight. I don’t know. Neither have really talked about what will happen tonight with me.

Max takes me into the bedroom, I am not sure what Sweetie is doing, I am now naked & on the bed. When I see Sweetie enter the room & get undressed herself crawling up the bed towards us. I feel self-conscious, like I need to include her, but I also don’t really know how. We start all playing around, Sweetie & I kiss more then as we’re all lying down, Max announces that he feels sick & jumps up to go to the bathroom. Sweetie & I lay there, a bit worried but also this is the first time I’ve been with a chick so we keep kissing & touching each other. Max comes back into the room but says that he’s been vomiting & doesn’t feel well, he lies down on the bed & we kind of stop everything. Next minute Max is lying there with the covers up & looking like he’s going to sleep. Well FUCK. I can’t even get this right… I decide that I am going to keep playing with Sweetie to try to perk him up, but he literally lays there asleep while I kiss & finger Sweetie.

The next morning, Max wakes me up & starts to have sex with me as Sweetie lies there watching. It’s a bit weird, but I actually kind of like it. We have a proper 3sum in the morning, it’s a tad more segmented than I expected, as in it doesn’t flow as well as I pictured in my head, Max going between her & I, rather than is all involved at once… but it’s fun & I can definitely cross a MFF 3sum off my list of things I’ve done!


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