Let’s go out dancing, she said, just a few drinks, she said, a quiet night out, she said. Famous last words! We drank glass after glass of wine, we danced dance after dance to the craziest DJ I have ever seen, he played ‘Paradise City’ by Guns & Roses, standing on the window sill hitting his chest, then at the request of my friend he played Barry Manilow. It was a crazy  crazy night. My friend had gone outside to kiss a boy she’d hooked up with & I sat inside with the crazy DJ as the place cleared out.

I think I fell off my chair & my friend started drinking someone’s beer they left on the table, somehow out of nowhere Vesty appears & we start kissing, then the ‘ugly’ lights come on, all the while I’m still kissing this guy. The bouncers kick everyone out & I’m in the street kissing this guy, he apparently asks to take me home, which I agree, putting my friend into a taxi on her own. WTF?

Vesty & I get back to his place, he’s got not taxi money, so I have to pay for it, lucky it was only $15, but I was pissed. I don’t know a lot about that evening, but I must have had enough sense to take off my earrings, necklace & sockettes & put them in my handbag before getting busy with this guy I don’t even know his name, yet I remember asking him many times if he knew what my name was. Again WTF?

Vesty was quite good in bed, up until then I would have put him in the top two, now he’s probably slipped to top five, however I thought this could be the start of my ‘fuck buddy’ roster but as I woke up hungover & soberish, I hear my phone ping with a text, it’s Cruise! I had drunk texted him last night while a song from the cruise was on, I rolled over & looked at Vesty, he is a good fuck but it so not boyfriend material, I look around his room, this is a teenage boys room, the bathroom of this share house is disgusting, like no one has cleaned it ever, I feel like I should be in my early 20’s, apparently this boy was 31. Cruise really could be a boyfriend, I didn’t want to ruin things with him and so I decide then that I will not to ask for Vesty’s number, I don’t know what I will do if he asks for mine.

I text my friend from last night asking where the hell am I & who is this boy I’m in bed with, she writes back his name & suburb! Wow what a good friend for getting all that off him before I leave her to go home with a random guy.


I wake him up to take me back to my friend’s house, which he reluctantly agrees too (I wondered if I was going to have a moment like Travel Agent!) I don’t know if I should lean in & kiss him goodbye but I don’t & as I get out of the car he does the Shooter McGavin fingers to me & says my name, proud that he’s remembered it & I get out, scurrying inside to my friend’s house hoping that her mum isn’t there, while I do the walk of shame.


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