Meeting someone on the second to last night of the cruise I went on, was not at all what I expected, especially since I hadn’t even seen this guy around the ship at all, other people you just constantly bump into. I was happily sitting in the ‘nightclub’ having a few drinks with my travel buddy when a very drunk guy asks if he could sit down. I said yes, not really interested in him but we chatted as much as you can with someone so drunk you can’t understand their words. His friend came & sat with my friend & they started talking. When the guy next to me got up & left, probably because I wasn’t talking to him so I turned to talk to my friend & the other guy “Cruise”.

When Cruise got up out of his seat & came & sat next to me, my friend must have gotten a little pissed off. Cruise asked if we wanted a drink, while he was at the bar my friend turns to me & says “I’m going to go back to the room” of course I was a little pissed off myself as this guy was at the bar getting me a wine, I hope it doesn’t look like to him that I asked her to go.

After she left, he came to sit next to me on the couch, where he put his arm around me telling me all about his room, he & his mate had a balcony suite, which I really wanted to see because I was interested in the different between our porthole window. He kissed me on the couch, it was a good kiss & I wanted more. I’m not even sure how we got back to his room but his friend & his mattress were missing! We searched the room & found him on the balcony, asleep on his mattress! He so could have fallen overboard, but it was so funny. I locked the balcony door (including locking his mate outside) & Cruise pounced, however neither of us had a condom so we didn’t do anything. –This was becoming a thing for me! Cruise asked his balcony sleeping friend, but he also didn’t have any either.

The next day, reading in the kid freebar, I forgot my reading glasses & so I go for a walk back to the room to get them but I bump into Cruise, which is bizarre since I’d not seen him once before & this was the last night on board, I took him back to my room with me & we kissed but there was no point getting excited since neither of us had a condom. 20 minutes later, I say I better get back to my friend, which he comes to say hello, then leaves for a nap.


Later than night, we bump into each other again, (what are the odds!) he buys me some drinks & whispers in my ear “I’ve rectified the situation we had last night if you are interested” of course I was, but how will we ditch our friends? Somehow his friend disappears again & mine retreats back to our room, therefore we again have nowhere to go.

We kiss for a bit at the bar but we go back to his room & we find his friend snoring his head off in bed, my heart sinks, I turn & say “we’re just going to have to do it on the balcony” I sit out on the balcony as he goes to the bathroom & when he pops his head back out he says “we’ve got 30 minutes,” I crack up laughing but step inside & his friend is walking out the door. ‘How romantic’ I say, he open the curtains of the room & turns off the light so we have moonlight streaming in & he asks if that’s romantic enough. It’ll have to do, we’ve only got 28 minutes now!

We have pretty good sex for being on a time limit, I think I’m still putting on my clothes with his friend comes back in asking how it was! Cruise walks me back to my room & asks for my phone where he puts in his phone number & email address, but I don’t think there will be much future to it as he’s from Canberra!


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