Max #8

Max & I don’t talk a lot online anymore. But I chat to Noodle daily. Noodle is also really good friends with the chick that Max kissed at Switch. I decide that I am pissed with her just as much as I am with Max, so I ask Noodle if he’s told her about us fucking & he says that he trusts her & told her, but she’s the only one he’s told. So I tell him the story & why I don’t want her knowing my life story. However Noodle tells me that she’s showed him messages from Max saying things like ‘Hey cutie, it was great to meet you, I liked what we did on the dancefloor’ etc but she’s been ignoring him – approx. 8 or so messages, because of Sweetie & I. FUCK! This upsets me, why?! I mean, he’s barely seen me for weeks & is pursuing another woman? I mean at least end it with me first before you start chatting up people I am in a friendship group with – I wouldn’t say I’m friends with her, but if Noodle trusts her, then I do.

I message Max immediately, heart pounding in my chest because I’m so angry ‘I know you’re busy but we need to talk tonight, can I come to your office? I wouldn’t ask but it’s important’ He responds straight away, which is unusual for him, saying he’s at work & can be at mine right away. I don’t want him at my house but maybe I need the upper hand of being in my own space, to do this.I am oddly calm even though my heart is pounding but I didn’t want to end it with him over text or the phone, so I will do it person like an adult. I mean I am not really ready for this to end, but this is just fucked. He gets to my house, I can see he’s nervous, he doesn’t hug or kiss me, like usual. I offer him a drink, I’m drinking southern comfort for some liquid courage & we sit down on the couch. I start by telling him that I know about the messages to the other girl & that I while, I don’t want this to end with him, I can’t keep being a 17565 priority to him behind, his wife, kids, work & now other women, I know we’re not exclusive but I deserve better than this. I want & deserve to be treated with respect.

He asks me if he paid more attention to me the week prior to switch, would it have been ok if he kissed her? I say that I am not Sweetie & I am not ok with him kissing another women especially when he’s not even giving me what I need. He seems to get it & also agrees that he doesn’t want it to end with me but his wife has given him permission to see other women so he wants to be a slut. He then spins me what I know is bullshit about making a change & making more time for me. But it works… I mean I don’t want a boyfriend right now, but I don’t want to lose another FWB – I had 5, now I’m down to 2 being that I haven’t seen Origin for a while. We don’t usually kiss a lot but he kisses me tonight, we cuddle on the couch & I realise why I am in this position… He leaves later in the evening all seemingly well with us. I am angry at myself that I wasn’t able to end it but I am now do not care what happens. If Max doesn’t put in any effort, then I don’t care anymore.

The next day I wake up with tonsillitis. I call in sick & go to the dr’s for antibiotics. This is probably because I have been neglecting myself while focusing on married men who treat me like an option. Max knows I am home & feeling like shit, sitting on the couch when I see his car pull up, I think what the fuck is he doing here, I also look like a fucking homeless person what the fuck is he doing here… I see him walk down my driveway with a shopping bag & knock on the door… I answer, inviting him in, with verbal vomit about how shit I look but he says that he doesn’t want to get sick but he went shopping for me because he knows I don’t have a lot of food. I open up the bag to see soups & other soft foods & I smile like a dickhead. He doesn’t stay but I am stupidly impressed by the gesture. For Fuck Sake, I didn’t realise I was this type of woman! He can be sweet, I mean I’m not sure if it’s Sweetie’s doing or if it’s actually him, but I appreciate his efforts in trying to make me more of a priority. It’s really sweet, but I also can’t help but wonder if it’s also because the other chick never replied to his messages…?!

Max dating 2019 relationship.png

Well that was short lived! Hahaha… I don’t see max for another 2 weeks, what the fuck is up with this guy, but I don’t even care to be honest… I have checked out of this relationship or whatever it is. He comes over the morning that I have something on later in the arvo (Story to come) & we sit outside chatting before he bends me over the back table & spanks my ass so hard that I almost have to safe word him – this is probably the first time ever I have even thought about a safe word, but luckily he’s in tune with me enough to stop when I am at that limit. I don’t know if it’s because of where I am going later today or what, but he messages me a lot that afternoon. I can barely sit down in the car on the way to my next date that I wonder if that is also Max’s game… so I don’t forget him?

A week later Max asks to see me & I agree he can come over, he tells me he can’t stay over which isn’t a problem, but we just hang out at my house. Later he looks at his phone & asks if it’s ok if Sweetie comes over, they’ve got an older girl staying with them at the moment who has agreed to look after the sleeping kids. I don’t really feel in the mood to have a 3sum with them, especially with the recent weeks being as they have been, but I also don’t know how to say no, so I say she can come over but I am going to act in a way that they know that I am not going to fuck them together tonight.

Sweetie comes over & we just hang & chat. It’s actually quite a nice evening, before Sweetie says goodbye & Max hangs back saying that he’s going to stay the night. I say that he doesn’t have too not wanting to make a big deal of it, but I had been banging on about the fact he never stays over anymore.

My favourite thing about a guy staying over is waking up in the middle of the night to have sex & then having sex again in the morning. Literally the best sex I ever have! I love it… Which of course we do, he wakes me up in the middle of the night, which is usual for him, however I guess he’s only stayed over a few times really. But he wakes me Up & we have normal couple sex for the first time ever, I think… No kink, just sex…


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