Noodle #5

Noodle & I constantly chat every day, still taking it in turns – I honestly thought that would be the end, it should’ve been the end, this is stupid… We have even started to make sure we say goodnight every night too. What fucking losers! The next Tuesday we’re planning to meet again, he’s permanently changed his shift but not told his partner, so he can be at my house for 2 hours while she visits her parents. I ask him if he wants to try something a little kinky & he says yes. We’ve obviously talked about a little bit of kink before but he’s not done a lot so I don’t want to scare him, like I did Elvis. I mean I am by no means an expert but with the sound of his sex life, it’s just been doggy style & missionary with no cumming from her & few blow jobs but nothing too exciting (See I’d fucking hate if I knew my partner was telling another women about my sex life – that would kill me actually). Remembering this only the second time that we’re going to have sex & the third time that we’ve actually met in real life but it’s been 2 months of chatting daily so I already feel comfortable with this man, I want him to be kinky with me, I somehow trust him & who knows how much time we’ll have before she finds out or before one of us ends this – but I want to be his first for these things. I send him a message before he leaves work, ‘the door is unlocked,’ then I send ‘Choose your own adventure...’

I put my phone down, light some candles for mood lighting (I really need a lamp in my room so it’s not so romantic with the candles but I don’t like it pitch black but don’t like the overhead light on to make it too bright), I tie my ankles to the bottom corners of the X restraints on my bed & leave on a small towel, a flogger, a wartenberg pinwheel, a vibrator & a condom then lie face down on the bed, tying my wrists to the other corners of the bed, then I wait (This is my trust exercise with him, I can get out of these restraints, so if anything happens, I’m still safe!) My heart is pounding, I’ve never done anything like this before. I am so scared he won’t like what he sees when he finds me. I worry about what I look like, how fat I am, if he’ll even want me like this… I know he doesn’t like to feel stupid so I am worried this is too far, but I can tell he’s a natural.

As I hear my door unlatch, I suck in my breath thinking this is it! This is the first time I have topped from the bottom. I have no idea what he is going to do, if he even knows what some of the things are. He draws in a breath as he walks in & sees me lying there naked, tied up, face down. I hear him strip quickly, then starts there inspecting the toys I’ve left out before sliding his body up mine to kiss my lips.

Noodle Texting sex dating.png

Fuck this man makes me wet… he’s so not the type I usually go for, I don’t usually like a hairy chest but I love the feel of his chest hair lightly grazing on my naked back. I love his beard rubbing against my face as we kiss. Or as he kisses down my body, I can’t believe how sexy I find someone that usually isn’t my type.

He stands back up & plays with some toys, I know he feels stupid because he doesn’t know what to do, so I encourage him, he whips me a few times & I whimper, loving the feeling of him doing that to me, he runs the wheel up my leg a few times, across my back & I shudder. Next he has the vibe on me before he slips his cock in behind me, fucking me easily until I’m cumming, again so quickly… So quickly I couldn’t stop it even if I tried… (I don’t know how his partner does it?!) He doesn’t even have to try, it’s almost like the chemistry between us is enough for me to self-combust as soon as I am within metres of him. This is insane. I don’t know how I am going to recover when this is over! He says after that he wants to be inside me so badly that he can’t play with those toys long. I agree, I want him as close as I can when we’re together. I beg him to be inside me.

It’s only week 2 of fucking Noodle, but I can’t seem to get enough, he offers up at 6:00 am visit that Friday morning, just a few days later… I have been using pre workout so have barely been sleeping anyway, plus I wake up early to make sure I get some proper chat in with him before work, so I immediately agree. I am of course awake when he messages to say good morning & that he’s on his way. I leave the door unlocked & jump back into bed, trying to rest my eyes & go back to sleep. I would love to be woken up by him one day, but I’m a light sleeper, so I doubt I’ll get back to sleep now. I hear him come in, he’s never quiet & I wonder if he does that because he feels a bit weird & wants me to know that he’s there? I’m naked when he jumps into bed with me, he’s in his boxers, clearly not sure what he should be wearing, but they’re quickly taken off. We have mind blowing amazing sex, even though he has a signature move of my legs on his shoulders to make me spray squirt us both, it’s not boring like Milky’s signature move, I am cumming within seconds, saturating the bed, with absolutely no way of stopping him or my orgasm… I actually have to wonder how it keeps getting better every time we fuck.

The next Tuesday comes quickly, I am off work when he mentions that he should fake being sick, go home early but come to see me. He was coming over later that night as planned, but when he suggests that he “go home sick” & come see me, I agree that he can come over whenever he likes. He leaves work 1:30 pm, we immediately have sex when he gets to my place. Then because it’s a big joke on the group chat about having a bath with me after having redone my bathroom a few months earlier & I am always in it while chatting in the groups, Noodle suggests a bath with me & I jump at the chance. I am so excited about this – he says that my face lit up when he suggested it, I deny this! But I want a bath with him, but this is intimate. This is a very couply thing to do. But I literally am jumping out of my skin & I want more than anything for him to tell people in the group & make them jealous but we don’t. I’m not sure if I should face him or lean against him, so I opt for leaning against him. He gets bored after a short time & wants to get out, but all I want to do is relax in there all day with him.

We fuck several times, lying in bed cuddling… His hands constantly running up & down my skin, so much so that I ask him if he can keep his hands off me, so he stops touching me, but within seconds his hands start running up & down my skin, I laugh at him & he makes me aware of the fact that my legs are entwined with his & I am hugging him with my whole body, FUCK… I instantly try to roll away but he grabs me & we are as close as we can be without him actually being inside me. He stays at my house till when he normally leaves about 9:30 pm, the time goes so fast, I am I feeling things I’ve never felt before. Things I shouldn’t be feeling. This man has a partner!

Yet, I bloody well see him again on the Saturday for an hour for a lunch break quickie at my house. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get enough of this man? This feels so good yet it’s so wrong & I am hating that I am not even thinking about his other life.

I get a little possessive, having a small fight with him, that I don’t like that he might be trying to fuck other people. I figure that if I am willing to put myself out there with him that he should make me a priority, he says ‘so a married guy pretty much has to put you first after his wife because of his limited availability’ I say yes… I mean if I am willing to do it with him, he says the sex is amazing, he shouldn’t want anyone else right? I think that about Max, why would he want anyone else?! But Noodle puts my mind at ease by telling me that he loves fucking me & really wants to fuck me again, so if he’s free & I’m available he’ll only fuck me. WOW. I didn’t realise I was so needy!


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