Noodle #7

Noodle & I talk so much that I am worried how invested I am with this guy. He’s got a partner, don’t worry I never forget that fact – but somehow I don’t care, which is weird for me & hard to explain… Usually when a guy tells me he’s married, I write him off… I know I’ve spoken about a few married guys but there have been hundreds I haven’t written about that I just delete…. But with Noodle, there is a pull with this guy, a pull of chemistry & passion that I seriously have never had before… it’s undeniable. He also feels the same, no games, no waiting to message me, no being “busy”, it’s straight up honesty, even when he pisses me off. I have never felt this way about a guy before, I have never been this invested, I mean I have liked guys a lot before but not like this…I am in deep trouble!

But only 2 days later after our last encounter, I am waiting for him again at my house for our usual Tuesday night ritual. I am glad that he’s been able to change his location so he can fake it on his phone, pretending he’s still at work instead of turning it off, hoping she doesn’t notice or by leaving his phone at work & hoping she doesn’t call. What a fucking effort this guy goes too to fuck me! He also tells me later than he always drives back to the store after being at my house to change his location back on, so there’s nothing suspicious if she happens to be looking where he is when he is changing it back. Really, that is a lot of effort, but he tells me that I am definitely worth the effort & he also says that I am worth the risk of losing his family… WOW! That was unexpected…

He gets to my house, I have the front door unlocked for him while I am in the bedroom with my ankles tied to the bed with the restraints on my wrists but not tied to the bed so he can do what he wants to me. He enters the room & says ‘fuck’ as he sees me, naked & semi tied to the bed, it makes me smile knowing I have pleased him, I look at him as sexily as I can (But I think I might come across as injured, not sexy! Hahaha… I don’t know how to look sexy to be honest!), leaning back against him as he comes behind me to cup my tits & kiss my neck. Fuck I love my neck being kissed, his beard tickles my neck while he rubs my tits & gets me excited. I expect him to push me down & tie my hands to the X restraint but he gets rope out of my draw & roughly ties my hands behind my back, pushing my head down to the bed so my ass is in the air. He spanks it hard; I yelp but also moan with pleasure. He fingers me from behind which feels different, I am spread wide in another way which gives him easy access. He makes me cum pretty quickly (of course) before he is sliding into me from behind while also spanking my ass. He picks up my phone – we have been discussed him videoing & taking pictures of us fucking because I think that sounds pretty hot… but I also said he can only use my phone because I don’t want her to find pictures of me in his iPhone trash folder & also so I have veto power if I look like shit! Hahaha.

He starts taking video of him inside me, fucking me… I always complain about not being able to see, because I don’t know if you ever watch a guy when he’s fucking you but they get to watch their cock going in & out of you & they love to watch it… But women of course don’t have the same vantage point so we can’t see what is happening, so I want to see what it looks like. He also spanks my ass again & in the video you can see his hand print come up quickly on my ass, it looks so amazing! I know that’s not for everyone but I loved it so much that I was able to use a setting on my phone to turn the video in a gif file that repeats over & over… Fuck, why is that hotter than the video, him spanking my ass & the red handprint coming up instantly over & over… After that day, I watch it a million times & I seriously love it & tell him we need to video more! He agrees & is pretty happy that I want to video us fucking, I mean what guy wouldn’t want the hottest video of him fucking someone?

Noodle cheating porno video

This is completely fucked up but I feel like I can tell you guys this, but my favourite part with Noodle, is us laying down afterwards & just talking, me hugging him with all my whole body, lying on his chest, legs over him, arms around him tickling his chest hair, while he tickles my back… FUCK I’m in so much trouble here! It’s bittersweet when he gets up to get dressed, we’ve talked about our healthy eating, work, his kid but one of the things we laugh about tonight is how much I want cheezels, he makes a joke about bringing me some & I tell him that he should buy me some! He leaves kissing me goodbye, like 10 times before he goes & I set about tidying up my bedroom where the sheets are completely in disarray. The room smells like our sex, I love that smell… I’ve never liked it before, usually cracking a window as soon as the dude leaves, but this is different. It smells sexy & I can’t get enough of it. I jump into our sex sheets , messaging him but not getting to much of a reply back, which is weird for him.

When I hear a knock on my door, my heart starts pounding & I think, who the fuck is this at my door at almost 10:00 pm. I go to the door as I hear a car drive off… His car? What the fuck is he doing back at my house. I open the front door & on my doorstep is a box of cheezels – no sign of Noodle. OH MY FUCKING GOD, that is so bloody adorable! I send him a picture straight away with a heart eye emoji & say to him that he is not the hard ass guy that he makes out to be, I call him a big softie! He tells me that he that he “May have a tiny weak spot for you… just a small one tho!” I smile like an idiot, what the fuck, this is too cute… This guy usually isn’t like this with me. I eat the cheezels smiling like a tool the whole time, chatting to him again until we go to sleep.

The next time I see Noodle is a Saturday morning, he tells his partner he has to be at work early so he can come over at 5:30 am, but not actually starting until 8:00 am. It’s fucking early for me on my weekend, but I get up & unlock the door & get back into bed, waiting for him. He gets there & I know we have a few hours together. We have sleepy wake up sex for me first before we lay there hugging one another. When I decide to show him a little dominant side of me, I ask him if I can tie him up today & he agrees with a huge grin on his face. I tie him to my X restraints, his arms & legs spread, I come up between his legs & suck him so much that he begs me to fuck him. I giggle & kiss his chest to then kiss his lips, he’s begging me to fuck him, his eyes are filled with that look of pure desire for me to climb on top of him. He’s tied, I’ve never really tied a guy before, I actually quite like this, he’s pulling on the restraints so much that I think he might get out of them soon. But I sit on his lap, just rubbing myself on his cock, never actually letting it inside me… Man this is harder than I thought, I just want his cock in me but fuck I love teasing him!

I just rock back & forth on his cock making it wet before I get a vibe & make myself cum while sitting on top of him. He begs me to fuck him, to stop making myself cum, but I am enjoying this way too much. I am so wet & really want him inside me again, he’s groaning & begging, so I whisper in his ear “How badly do you want to fuck me?” he stares at me intently & says sternly “Just fuck me” I even think he uses my real name, which is unusual for him, when I look at him with a look he says “Please” I chuckle & rub my clit back over his hard cock a few more times as he keeps saying “just fuck me,” before I finally slip him inside me & ride him while he groans saying “thank fuck for that.”

I also let Noodle do anal with me, when I untie him & we’re fucking again, he seems genuinely surprised when I ask him if he wants to fuck my ass, but he says yes instantly, pulling out of me & sliding slowing in my rear. I cum again with my fingers rubbing on my clit. He seems to like that too!

That was a very fun couple of hours & I look forward to being more dominant in the future. It was really my first real experience being a switch & I really liked it! I tell him later how much I liked seeing his face struggling to get me inside him (now I know why men like to see women struggle!) & he said “You enjoy it way too much”, I say “Yeah of course, it was fucking hot!” he says “You’re fucking hot” Jesus, that was unexpected!


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