Chatting in the groups on the chat app a chick who we’ll call Leblek started chatting to me, we’d been chatting as friends in the groups, we were in multiple groups together but then she started messaging me privately seemingly to hook up me up with her partner Shark… I don’t always get that dynamic, but I haven’t been with a proper partner for like 10 years at this point, so I have no idea what couples do. In the real scheme of things, I am still fairly new to kink & swinging worlds so I am not sure what people do. I mean this was before I had the 3sum with Max & Sweetie when I first started talking to them.

I chat with Shark too, we’re all friends from the groups so it’s not weird but to be honest, I really put in no effort with him… I feel bad now for that, being that he’s become a very good friend, but I never message him first ever, I still have Max & Origin in the mix at this time & I am getting closer to Noodle, I’ve finally said goodbye to Rob Rob before the infamous Switch. I don’t want to add another complication into the mix. I am also not a bi-sexual, I know women don’t turn me on, I have since been labelled bi-friendly, meaning I don’t mind playing with couples, however at this point I’d only really started toying with the idea of playing with Max & Sweetie, so I am not sure if I even like that?

Leblek decides that she wants to meet me for a drink with Shark after work one day & after much talking with her & putting it off, I agree to meet them for a drink, a drink can’t hurt can it? A drink only… I’m not going home with them. It’s actually the evening of the day of the first time I ever met Noodle (These stories all intertwine! Sorry if it’s confusing!) I’m on holidays so we decide on a drink. So after meeting Noodle & having that wow lunch with him, I really want to bail on meeting this couple. However, I don’t, they know Noodle from the groups only & I tell them that I met him earlier, even though it’s a big secret in the groups that we’re chatting (I’m still not sure why we do that, but we do, probably because he has a partner & kid, I’m not sure. Avoid the judgement maybe) But I can’t shake the amazing lunch I just had so I am not really into this meet & greet really.

I walk into the pub & find a chick with long curly hair, she’s super tall & a bigger build than me that I feel so short & tiny. Also she’s not what I expected from her pictures she shares in the groups. We hug hello & look for a place to sit down, we wait for Shark to arrive but the first thing Leblek asks me if I have fucked Noodle, I laugh & don’t lie, I haven’t fucked him but she doesn’t believe me, so I tell her that I only met him today for lunch, she seems more excited than me, telling me that our chemistry & banter in the group turns her on. Others are noticing my chemistry with Noodle… FUCK! Shark rocks up & we have another drink, we all talk easily & I enjoy their company despite not really wanting to be there.

Next time I see them is at Switch, the infamous one where Max kisses our friend from the chat app. I end up kissing Sweetie, Leblek & Shark. It’s a fun night besides that, but I remember the look on Shark’s face when he saw how much is bothered me that Max was off kissing other women. His expression was like ‘don’t worry about it’ but he knew that it bothered me, in fact everyone was consoling me more than Sweetie that night, she didn’t seem to care. I cared because I was there with him & wouldn’t expected more, he’s there with 2 women, does he need a third? Also Max had been in the groups & he was hard to get along with in a group setting, so I think Shark didn’t really like him… After this evening, he sure as hell didn’t like him.

Shark dating bisexual threesome.png

Afterwards, I talk less to Leblek but more to Shark, he is constantly asking me to come play with them, I am not as attracted to them as I was with Max & Sweetie, but I want to know if I even like playing with couples – the elusive unicorn.

I never tell Noodle that I am going to play with this couple, I’m not sure why, but I suppose no one knows about Noodle & I fucking, so I don’t need to tell him others I’m fucking… I’m not exclusive with anyone at the moment, so I can do whatever I want!

I arrange to see Shark & Leblek at their house which is an hour & a half away from me on the other side of town, I give myself an afternoon with a time limit due to meeting a girlfriend for dinner so I have an out if this doesn’t go well – I even set an alarm so I won’t be late to dinner. They invite me in & we all sit down to have a drink, it’s pretty easy chatting to them, mainly about people in the groups really, we have a couple of drinks before Leblek says “Alright you two, get in the shower” Um what? Get in the shower? I showered before I came here, because this morning I was actually fucking Max & having my ass spanked till it was red raw. She tells me Shark likes to shower, but when I see the size of their shower, I wonder how the fuck were going to even fit, let alone play in there…

I am awkward about this, but Shark takes me into the bathroom, turning on the shower & we get naked & get in there… We’re kissing & touching, I’m wondering the whole time about what Leblek is doing when I look to see her looking around the corner like a weirdo… She looks like the ultimate creep & I feel uncomfortable. I don’t know how to relax when I can just see the top of her head & eye ball staring at us… We get out the shower & go into their bedroom, Leblek strips off her dress & they both take turns on going down on me before I roll over & because we’ve talked about my pain threshold, I offer up my butt for them to spank because I am not feeling this, I am not a bisexual & I don’t think I want to play with couples. I’m not sure if it’s them or me, but I know this isn’t what I’m about. I also can’t stop thinking about Noodle, what would he think if he knew where I was? I know he doesn’t particularly like Leblek but I don’t know why I care about that, but I do!

They spank my ass so much & Shark tries to hit is as hard as he can, but it doesn’t hurt – well it does but I like it, it turns me on just lying there & being spanked, Leblek uses her nails up & down my back which causes red lines, they are both enjoy making me & I do enjoy being their toy, but I definitely know I don’t want something more sexual with them. I never have sex with them, I don’t even suck his cock, Leblek does & makes him cum, but I basically don’t even touch them.

My alarm goes off & while I have enjoyed myself with a few awkward moments, I have also been counting down the minutes, Leblek has made things a bit weird for me, I don’t know if she’s too eager or what, but it’s made it a bit awkward. I head out to dinner.

The next day chatting to Shark, he asks me if I want to see them again. While I’m happy to be their friend, I definitely don’t want to play with her again. So I tell him part of the story, that I don’t want to play with couples again, which is partly true. It’s not entirely my thing at all. But I can’t tell him that she weirded me out.

A few short months later, Leblek leaves Shark for someone else she found on the chat app, this chat app kills relationships… I have become great friends with Shark & he confides in me about his feelings, I message him though the debacle. I feel sorry for him & have no idea what to say. I don’t catch up with him but I do offer to meet with him. We have become good friends & I never knew how close he & I would become.

Now Shark has an lovely partner, who I’ve met, someone who isn’t chatting to a million blokes online, someone that actually loves him. I’m so happy for him because as much as I was friends with Leblek during that time, I actually realise that I didn’t like her… It wasn’t until they broke up that Noodle also revealed that he despised her – I knew he didn’t really like her & just kept the peace as she was in the clique we are in, not that that matters but it surprised me that Noodle didn’t like her that much.


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