Noodle #17

So Noodle is back at work & the first day back, guess what, he’s at my house, fucking me! He’s working at a store about 10 minutes from me, but only for a few weeks then he’ll be moving to a store far away from me for a few weeks till they find him a store but we’re not sure which store. He says it’ll still be southern, I suggest my local store but that’s when he tells me that’s where she works….. Are you fucking kidding me dude…. He knows I shop there!! Why would he wait this long to tell me… What a fucking idiot! Time to change stores…

I hope that his permanent store is still close within a lunch break drive away or something will have to change, I guess. I don’t want it too, as much as I want to be with this guy (Errr, where did that come from!?) I am worried what it would be like for us if we were together. I do have a little fantasy of being with him all night, spending the whole night, sleeping in his arms… UM WHAT? I am not a cuddly sleeper, but fuck I want to be in this mans arms all night! To wake up next to him, would be a dream come true… I kind of wonder if he snores or how he sleeps, would he be a cuddly sleeper or would he want his own side of the bed? Would we wake up to have sex in the middle of the night? Or would we just be boring & sleep… I guess we would if we slept together every night, eventually…. Or would I want to fuck him every day for the rest of my life… What the actual fuck… I thought I didn’t want a boyfriend, my heart was closed?! But I can’t help but wonder if there is ever going to be a time when we can do this? I really don’t ever want to tell him about this fantasy… I mean he’ll probably freak out… I am in way too deep to freak him out at this point!

The Monday morning, we are in my bed when we end up in front of my mirror with me on my knees sucking his cock again, while he videos it, of course… I love how much we video & take pictures of us. It’s super-hot. It’s also hotter how much more dominant Noodle is with me too… It took him a while to get there, mainly because he has this fear of looking like an idiot in front of people & I know that he thinks I am this very experienced kinkster that he didn’t feel comfortable with me. Now it’s been almost 2 months since I fucked another guy & he knows that… That fact, I know makes him happy – I know he has relaxed with me a lot more! I have relaxed with him a lot more too… I’m too fucking relaxed, I am not really thinking of a future, which scares me, but I’m also not thinking of the day this ends… This will not end well for me, men never leave their partners especially when they have kids. I need to disconnect.

I am always telling Noodle about a fantasy or two that I’ve thought up, I am constantly thinking of stuff, I mean just read my Erotica series to know how my mind works. I do start to worry though that Noodle doesn’t ever ask for anything, like he tells me he wants me, but I am always suggesting things we should do, how he should tie me up & stuff, when Noodle says ‘You pretty much blow me away with the shit you ask for. Your super kinky & make my fantasies come true without me even having to ask.’ I guess I need to stop worrying about it, but I want him to suggest things he wants to do, but I guess I beat him to it? He tells me “Ummm, you think any chick will let me fuck their ass? Cum on their tits? Walk in on them using a vibe on the pool table? Let me tie them up & have my way with them? Your fucking amazing & fucking hot. & Even our vanilla sex is like something out of a movie. I do not have low standards. Your just sexy af. & you do more than just lie there… you suggest some pretty hot stuff… moan.. kiss me… suck me… touch me…” Ok wow, when he puts it like that, I guess I am pretty good in bed?! Hahaha… But it also makes me wonder, but not ask him, does his partner not touch or moan with him? I mean I guess she’s recently stopped kissing him & she’s never cum with him, so perhaps she doesn’t moan or touch him… I have no control over it… I find him too sexy to stop.

During the week, Noodle suggests coming over in the morning because he can’t come over this Tuesday night as it’s his first night at this new store. Fair enough, so a morning visit is a our usual compromise. As he goes to sleep that night he doesn’t confirm that he’ll come over, but I wake up early at like 5:30 am in case he does, I lay there for ages getting more & more pissed off… I don’t hear from him & I am fucking pissed! I don’t know why I message him first, is it my turn or do I just want him to know I am awake at 6:30 am waiting for him to come over.

“Morning ass face” The longer it takes him to reply, the more angry I get… What the fuck is wrong with me?!

“Morning Gina Face, Joking” I seethe…

“I’m not joking”

“What did I do?” He asks

“You did nothing. That’s the point!! You were supposed to do something… but anyway”

“Oooh was I defiantly (yes he spells it wrong all the time!) meant to fuck you this morning? You said you had to get to work on time & was busy, wasn’t sure you were still keen.”

“Yeah Douche, you were. If you remember correctly, I said I’m free but need to make sure I leave on time & I believe I even said 8:15 – 8:30 at the latest.” He never stays that late anyway, as he has to be at work by 8:00 am usually, so don’t know why he thought me leaving on time was a problem.

“Oh whoops, sorry. Your poor pussy needed a fuck this morning.” I calm down a little bit… but I’m still angry… I get so angry when I don’t get sex & I thought I was going too… He doesn’t really know this yet, this is probably the first time that I am really pissed with him.

“All good, I figured last night you weren’t coming, so I sorted myself out & am home now sorting myself out.” Hopefully that thought makes him hard! I have made myself cum several times this morning & when I got home from work.

“Hahaha, of course you will… You could of just asked me to come over last night to fuck you”

“Yeah maybe, it was your suggestion… Assumed if you wanted to, you’d confirm” This is our problem, I hate asking him over & I never ask… I don’t want him to say no.

“Well I did want too but also wanted sleep” Are you kidding me, what guy wants sleep over fucking their mistress? Makes me think that his partner fucked him so he didn’t need me… FUCK!

Noodle lack of sex.png

“Pretty sure you said in the group several times sleep is overrated… you hate sleep, waste of time”

“I do hate sleep. Doesn’t mean I don’t need it” Who hates sleep? I guess someone with a partner who sleeps 15 hours a day, you’d resent it. I snap & I am aware I am being a bitch…

“Jesus, I’m even further down the priority list than I thought. I’m off to the gym to burn off some excess energy. Chat you later if I’m not interrupting your precious sleep”

“Hahaha na your above sleep, but I struggled getting up this morning so bad! Now now don’t get bitchy” I go to the gym for an hour & ignore him for a change! Fuck you Noodle, see how it feels when I ignore you. After the gym, I finally reply to him…

“Sex only once a week makes me bitchy” He’s offline, of course, so I wait for his response, which pisses me off more.

“Hahaha does it? So I have to fuck you twice a week minimum eh?”

“No you don’t ‘have’ to fuck me at all” Fuck, I don’t want him to think he has to fuck me…

“Stop you getting all bitchy? I actually thought I had seen you twice this week”

“You don’t have to see me twice a week.”

“Haha, I don’t have to see you at all… But I do enjoy fucking you for some reason”

“No you don’t. Hmmmm, not as much as sleeping, apparently!”

“OMG I’ve been up to like 1 am like every night chatting to you this week”

“You don’t have too, you know. I don’t want to be an obligation for you” I remember Max telling me that he didn’t want me to be an obligation but kind of implied that I was making our relationship an obligation for him. It made me feel like shit when he said it, when all I wanted was to know was when he’d make time for me & I don’t want Noodle to think that he has to do anything, just because we made that stupid agreement.

“Your not an obligation you twat“

“Well… Hmmm… Yeah, I don’t want that” I’m actually a little cut from this… I don’t want to be an obligation to him, I want him to want to see me.

“I want to fuck you just as much as you wanna fuck me don’t forget”

“But to get that, you don’t have to chat to me till 1 am” He doesn’t need to talk to me to get sex, I guess.

“I don’t? Yaye… Hahaha, you’re not an obligation, stop going all weird… You shitty?”

“Only cos I was horny & thought I was getting sex this morning” I hate that I’m like this sometimes…

“Oh I see… Sorry” I bet he’s not actually sorry, I know him, so I ask

“Are you actually even sorry?”

“Not really, I feel a tiny bit bad for getting you excited & not following thru I guess. Guess I better fuck you soon.”

“Douche. Not following though is my biggest pet hate.” He agrees that he should’ve said something, but I am so surprised that he is still talking to me after that… Fuck I’m am actual bitch! I could’ve also said something…! But I’m too stubborn… Although, all I’m asking from this guy & even Max is for them to message me & fuck me regularly… I don’t think that’s too much to ask… Maybe this is why I am single?


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